Who has the best plan to improve housing affordability? 1

Who has the best plan to improve housing affordability?

NDP candidate Jenny Kwan, Conservative candidate Eric Duncan and Liberal candidate Jennifer O'Connell discuss the housing crisis in Canada.

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  1. Trudeau said he was going to turn the shecession into a shecovery, because he cares so much for the peoplekind. And women.

  2. liberals will do nothing NDP will do something 10 years from now conservatives actually are putting something forward here.

    1. @420CRiMePaYz420 stopping immigration and capping foreign ownership to 49% would solve the housing crisis overnight.

    2. @Jumbo Me yeah, commie liberal councils in Vancouver area municipalities are very much against building and development. Fn land claims also complicate all development in BC.

  3. Simple question for the liberals would be how come housing prices went up nearly 100 % in last 6 years i.e. since they came into office.

    1. immigration and foreign buyers. If you don’t live in canada as your primary residence and you are not a citizen, you should not be able to own land. End of story

  4. I don’t think any of the plans will have a big effect. If governments would deregulate zoning to allow homeowners to change their house into a triplex plus allow higher buildings, it would increase supply and lower prices Public and co-op housing should be part of the mix

  5. “how come you’ve only spent half thr money you said you would spend?”
    “our commitment is strong!”
    classic liberal non-answer. amazing.

  6. Would love to see more new builds with liveable safe basement apartments. Makes purchasing more affordable for some with income options and at the same time creates a safe rental space. Also gives option for multi family/generation which might help some child care situations or delay need for assisted living.

  7. Government makes more money with higher evaluations. They can’t afford to bring down prices and they have a massive conflict of interest. So don’t ever expect prices to go down, we’ll just end up with smaller houses… but perhaps that’s not so bad.

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