PC MPP defies Doug Ford, says he won’t get vaccinated | COVID-19 in Ontario


  1. Moderna stock price on January 1, 2020: $19/share.
    Moderna stock price on August 18, 2021: $400/share.

    1. They all have “stiff requirements, health laws'” AND yes they did the required safety trials. But wait for another 2 or 20 yrs. before you can get your brain around it.

    2. And that’s why Gates is part of Pharma……..he said many years ago that profits jump 20 times in pharmaceutical companies. Go back and check his ”TED TALKS”

    1. @Howdyah Workthisthing? can’t say you have a right to bodily autonomy and be pro-life at the same time, those positions are inherently contradictory.

    2. @Howdyah Workthisthing? if it’s his body his choice it’s also her body her choice, you don’t get to have these double standards.

  2. Inflation rate spikes to highest level in a decade. CityNews reported:
    Only in one month, July inflation:
    Gasoline up 30.9%
    Car and trunk prices up 5.5%
    furniture up 13.4%
    Food prices up 1.7%
    Restaurant prices up 3.1%
    Meat up 3.1%
    Dairy up 3.5%
    Vegetables down 7.5%

    So annual inflation we expected:
    Gasoline up 370.8%
    Car and trunk prices up 66%
    furniture up 160.8%
    Food prices up 20.4%
    Restaurant prices up 37.2%
    Meat up 337.2%
    Dairy up 42%
    Vegetables down 90%

    Trudeau is the worse PM in history, also Liberals raised taxes at the highest level.

    1. Trudeau has pumped all his money into a b.c drug company that sold all the current vaccines he is pushing the mnra tech…the vaxx is a bio weapon!do your own research!

    2. @John Freedman
      yes, housing prices increased a lot, 40% increases in small cities in 1 year.
      Liberals party made the highest inflation in history, how worse is this Liberal party. Vote them out !!

  3. Yup, this isn’t about covid it’s about control. Because the conservatives entertained this stupidity for eighteen months we are at risk of losing jobs. NOW they are coming out? To late, the damage has been done

  4. What a refreshing individual. Gives one hope for future politicians who may follow his example and put honesty and principles before politics. Thank you sir.👏👏👏👏👏

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