1. Another White liberal racist like Biden caught on video:

      Howard Stern is under fire after a video resurfaced in which he appeared in blackface and liberally used the N-word during a 1993 sketch.

      The video resurfaced online Thursday where a user cut together his segment on a past episode of “The View” in which co-host Sunny Hostin asked him about his past use of the N-word on-air.

      In the clip, Stern vehemently denies ever using the word and receives applause from the audience.

      The video, posted by filmmaker Tariq Nasheed, then cuts to the radio shock jock using the racial slur in comedy sketches where he also appeared in blackface.

    2. I hope so! I think he’ll spend enough time facing courts and judges that he’ll either ‘shine’ declaring his innocence or he’ll fade away into obscurity. Hopefully he’ll end up in Club Fed.

  1. *”We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!”*
                      – Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make america grate agen 2020!!!1!

    1. That’s incredibly insulting and you liberals condescension is one of the biggest reasons I want nothing to do with you

  2. No offence, we are looking forward and calling the incumbent by the present rubber stamp’s name is an insult. Just saying.

    1. Trump 2020
      I haven’t seen Dems this mad in a while. They are crying their eyes 😂 tf out!!! Get ready for dejavu mother effers

  3. When bunker boy lose this election he is going straight to prison. He is running for immunity not president

    1. @christopher bawden He has been committing crime most of his life. Wait till you see his accounts and Tax Returns, then follow the money….you don’t bankrupt a Casino three times without making it happen.

    2. Alex S can you believe what Barr said to us ” bunker boy Donald trump ” so hilarious LOL 🤔🤔🤔

    3. @christopher bawden crimes comitet by democrats and looters is the things to be worried about not Trump he will win again people whant a president who is talk the truth not a judas God whith Trump

    1. Ross M yes, vote Trump in 2020. Stop the radical left from burning down our cities and rewriting history.

    2. @Thomas Paine that’s exactly what they’re trying to do you know the Beast is using them this is true

    3. Trump 2020
      I haven’t seen Dems this mad in a while. They are crying their eyes 😂 tf out!!! Get ready for dejavu mother effers

  4. Thank you, India and Australia, for having the courage to boycott Chinese products. If only us Americans weren’t so entrenched in PC culture we would follow suit.
    Wake up, Americans!!!!!

    1. @Obama’s Ugly White Momma And the USA wasn’t founded on slavery, and genocide of native Americans?

    2. @Obama’s Ugly White Momma well you can stick with your shoddy quality, overpriced US goods if you like, China does not need you. The more you self isolate and turn on your own people the more the World looks to China….soon you will be alone

    3. What a joke! USA is manufactured in China 🤣
      Americans are the only importers who wud import their stuff, use it, like it, encourage family and friends buy it, and then say how wring China was to produce it sell it to them
      I think the majority have psychiatric problems.. at least this is how other countries would Analyse the phenomenon of buy/use/dislike

    4. I don’t know abt Australia if they have the resources for local production and consumption. India is a totally different player. Those folks have the resources money and the market, totally self reliant. They have a redistribution problem similar to the USA which makes only the rich richer. But those guys are on average better informed and diligent than the American crowd. So they CAN afford to dis China.

  5. DJT Jr. said he doesn’t want to run, and I don’t see Ivanka getting through a primary!

    1. Ivanka might be your first female president
      She’d market her way through
      I won’t be surprised if she wins

    2. Rob Lindner please tell me you’re kidding… this Trump experiment was a fluke and never again will anybody named Trump be near the White House after January

    1. @boris the bullet dodger We all usually ignore the stupidity of saying someone has ‘Trump derangement syndrome’ because correctly taken TDS would actually mean: a syndrome suffered by Trump to where he is deranged.
      But there is only so many ways to make fun of stupid people before it gets boring.

    2. @AD legion I usually ignore the stupidity of people with Trump derangement syndrome because usually all they have to offer are childish insults

    1. Absolutely agree. This is my first in a while & am immediately reminded why he’s a waste of time. Bye!

    2. @Billy Woods congrats…

      The lgblt community would like to give u “gayest comment ever” award.

      U are a lgblt icon.

    1. @dixie chicken “Russian Collusion” has been debunked. The Mueller investigation was a Coup.

    2. @Obama’s Ugly White Momma Russian collusion has not been debunked it has already been proven. As a matter of fact, the Republicans are the ones who opened the investigation concerning collusion in the first place. I don’t know why you keep blaming Liberals for that fact. Once Trump is out of office he will be facing those charges and will be thrown in jail.

    3. Trump 2020
      I haven’t seen Dems this mad in a while. They are crying their eyes 😂 tf out!!! Get ready for dejavu mother effers

    1. Good people dont want a president who bow praise and worship the devil the democrats and world news must go the only thing they are good to do is peach fake and hatred news thats why people can see threw them God whill be whith Thrump and all the good people of America

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