1. Plot twist – they were actually trying to destroy a building on the *southern* side of the DMZ but, as usual, the range of their missile was less than advertised.

    1. @RMK You can take the Onion with a grain of salt, CNN expects you to swallow with no option of “spit.

    2. trump’s love affair with kim should had been in the onion when the world read this tweet from trump
      ….Chariman Kim has a great and beautiful vision for his country, and only the United States, with me as President, can make that vision come true. He will do the right thing because he is far too smart not to, and he does not want to disappoint his friend, President Trump!

    3. @socal rocks You mean fewer, not less. Countable quantities use “fewer” while non-countable quantaties use “less”. “Less water”, “less time”, “fewer lies”, “fewer dollars”, “less money”, etc.

  2. “It’s in the hands of the army now”

    *army borrows explosives from construction workers to symbolically demolish a building in their side of the border.*

    Is Kim’s sister holding him hostage somewhere or what?

  3. Imagine wanting in on the madness going on in the world this year when everyone who has experienced it wish they didn’t. Smh.

  4. 2020- Coronavirus, police violence, worldwide protests and clashes, civil unrest, murder hornets, Arctic fuel spill, tensions rising between the U.S and China, North Korea now getting more aggressive, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten something else that’s happened. We’re only halfway through 2020🤦🤦

    1. Yes, You forgot Jan 202 started with Trump directing killing of Top Isis leader, w everyone fearing WW3!!

    2. Lisa Stephanie If you’re going to remind people of events, get it right. He killed the top Iranian general and in their eyes, a national hero. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t a great guy, but neither are some of our generals.

  5. Great. I’m going to tell my Neighbor that if he doesn’t lower the music, I’m going to burn my own car😂

    1. Fulcrum Fulcrum you stupid. For this to apply the car needs to be inside the neighbors house

  6. They didn’t demolish the building, it just collapsed because it was poorly built.

    NK adviser: *”Sir, the tooth picks won’t hold.”*

    Kim: *”It’s okay, this will be sending a message.* 🥴 *Hopefully.”*

    1. First half of 2020: “what do you think about that”?
      Second half of 2020: “Hold my beer”.

  7. In United States Congress the term “blowing up the room” means ending talks in an explosive or contentious manner in order to avoid reaching a conclusion in negotiations. These mfs REALLY blew the building up

    1. Yea, first China poisoned the entire world, now they are going to make the moves planned 20 years ago. 1. Destroy the USA protection of Japan and Guam and take Taipei. Yup. That’s the plan.

    1. @Dark Meta – Nope. Don the con stopped military exercises with S. Korea to “calm” things down. First time ever by a President. How did that work out? He’s building up his nuclear once again. He’s flipping us off. He’s not afraid. I’m a pacifist … but I am also a veteran who served when donny got bone spurs. I’ve seen just how crazy the world really is. If you don’t hold a knife to a wacko, out of control maniac’s throat … he will cut your throat. It keeps the peace. That’s reality.

    2. north and south korea: we dont need to talk anymore *blow up the building*

      india and china: Hold Our Beer.

  8. iran execution of sulemanie
    covid 19
    worldwide economic collapse
    goerge floyds murder leads to protests and rioting
    north korea blows up laison office
    2020 is turning out to be a smashing year

    1. @Dejon Dix aha id say armageddon remember crazy trump has a bigger button hes not going out without a bang with the rocket man…

  9. No Kimmy you can’t blow South Korea to the ground.

    Kimmy: “Then I’ll just declare war on this building that we built then!”

    1. @Tim Murphy yep…the only american president to capitulate to the north’s demand that they end….but then again , trump did that because he thought he was going to win the nobel peace prize for doing so…

    2. @Tim Murphy The Joint military exersizes held by the ROK and United States are not held in the Sea of Japan (The East Sea) They are held in The West Sea (The Yellow Sea)

    3. @Tim Murphy The War games are generally always held on and around Yeonpyeong Myeon (YeonPyeong Island in the West Sea, or Yellow Sea. It is just below the border of the DPRK (North Korea) and this is why the North Koreans get so mad because they think the Island is theirs even though they know it is not. War games held on and around this island piss off the DPRK because it is like (they see it as) other countries showing off their military power.

  10. North Korea: I don’t like you anymore.
    South Korea: but why? What did we do? Let’s talk about it. Meet you at the usual spot
    North Korea: blows the spot….

  11. 2020 is like a game, every stage we go through gets crazier and harder 😂. By the end of 2020 earth will be at war with the transformers.

    1. Rn the world is like half-life… but without the aliens. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually it’ll be half-life WITH aliens

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