Why a Disney movie about Ruby Bridges is under review by a Florida school district

"Ruby Bridges," a film about a Black first grader who integrated an all-White elementary school in the South, is under review in a Florida school district after a parent objected to the movie's use of slurs and argued it could teach students that "White people hate Black people," according to school officials and documents obtained by CNN. CNN's Leyla Santiago has the story. #CNN #News


    1. @turnne  hardly the point. Racism isn’t an American issue. You just make yourself sound ignorant by saying that. And as if things like this movie don’t happen to every race, by every race in America and around the world. Yet we only focus on what white people did to black people. Keep that division coming. Almost every historian has made the conclusion that teaching the brutal past in history to children only makes them learn hate in another avenue in their life. If it isn’t taught at home, they learn it at school.

    2. ​@James EstelleThe sad thing is adults and children absorb stories differently. The adults like to interpret the stories one way which isn’t what children see in the stories. Adults may get sexual connotations from something where children may just see it as friendship. If things aren’t pointed out to them in certain ways the kids may not ever see it. Just like the Barbie doll and body shaming. What kid, unless the ideas are given to them, would worry about the shape of the Barbie? They should be having fun changing her clothes with different adventure and not worried about if their body looked like her’s. It is all on what the parents and society dwells on that kids will have to deal with, instead of them figuring out their own path, with love and compassion.

  1. I grew up watching this movie in school for every Black History Month. It’s an important part of learning. & it’s definitely a good movie for kids of ALL ages. I went to FL public schools all my life. This is getting ridiculous. I don’t care. These book and movie bans are getting a little 1933 for me.

    1. ​@Sean McCartney well apparently there are some parents in Florida that want the movie this video is about banned. Of course you’d know that if you watched the video

  2. How are they gonna whitewash and spin this one about the little girl that their grandpas and grandma harassed, all because she was trying to go to school


  3. Hello, my name is Malik Cain, and I am 14 years old. I was wondering if you could mention my school, Philmore Academy for Science and Arts. Because I was bullied at a school that I will not name and was failing as a result. Since attending this school, I have received good grades and have not been bullied. Please give this school the recognition it deserves.

    1. You might try to contact NBC Nightly News journalists’ team. They usually end their broadcast with an “Inspiring America” segment. They might be interested in your testimony. Good luck. ✌

    1. @Bridget Kielas-Fecyk Not sure in afew years of school I could actually been taught how the African Nations sold their ppl for 1000s of years and Spain, England, etc but the ppl to travel to a new land. America never was born yet. So I guess I miss understand your question about American history? Do you mean pre America? Civil war killed 100thousand plus in America to end slavery. Quicker than any country in the known world. Think that should be a teaching moment

    2. @jason fuchs ​
      “Quicker than any country in the known world.”
      The British ended slavery in 1833.
      And they didn’t have to kill each other to do it.
      “…a teaching moment”
      You obviously missed a LOT of those.😂😂😂

    3. @Acer Maximinus think u missed my point. England had slaves for thousands of years, America had slaves for about 100years before a civil war to free slaves. Just knowledge. Surprised you thought you did a gotcha, when you are literally lacking …sorry if I called you out and you feel stupid, but learning is growth, take it as a win

  4. but…Ruby Bridges wasn’t in 8th grade.
    You think it’s bad talking about it…Try living it
    then couple that with it’s literally The PG version of what happened.

  5. The thing is, unless a parent has raised their child to be a bigot, which is hard to do at such a young age, a child is going to relate more to a person of their age than the race of the person. The story is even very young people can accomplish great things.

    1. They should not have redacted the name of the person. If they feel so strongly about something, they can defend themselves, come what may.

    2. ​@David BriguglioI have been saying all along they just need individual dressing/bathrooms and you don’t have to bother with putting a gender on them. Then it’s done and they have no reason to complain.

  6. It is heinous that a single parent gets to derail not only their child’s education but everyone else’s children’s education.

    1. ​​@Aisha bint Abu Bakr you are comparing Ruby to black slave owners before the Civil War. What an ignorant analogy you PAB


  7. What is really great is that you do not even have to be a parent to object to a book in Florida schools. Actually you do not even have to read the whole thing. The book jacket should be able give you everything you need to know.

  8. This is beyond ridiculous. If the people raising all this hell had to identify themselves they might just crawl back under the pile of steaming hot BS that they call home.

  9. Oh my….these sorts of dramas are conducive to mental health for anyone/everyone who has ever faced unkindness and needed to let it go…. 🙏🇺🇸

  10. Black parents do have the same parental rights and they should use them. I’m a Black parent in California and I keep wondering why Black Floridian parents don’t use that right. Send in complaints to the school board just like the other parents. Complain about all the historical content that makes our children uncomfortable. Once you start doing that they’ll have to rethink their law because there will be no history. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  11. I’m disgusted. For the longest time, Pinellas county was a bulwark against this banning of books, etc. In a county that paved over and constructed roads on the graves of Black residents without even moving the bodies of ancestors or notifying families. Kids need to understand what happened and why, and teachers and curriculum specialists are the people who are educated best about how these lessons are taught. Parents, see to your own children. Leave other people’s rights alone!

  12. “I am not ashamed of my grandparents for having been slaves. I am only ashamed of myself for having, at one time, been ashamed.” 😔

    ~ Ralph Ellison (1914-1994), American writer, literary critic, and scholar 🕊

  13. Awe, precious baby. Unfortunately there was nothing positive about the local folks’ behavior towards this precious little girl. Shameful but an enormous teaching lesson.

  14. I’m white. I love the movie ruby bridges. Watched it in my private school when I was 6. Mixed race class, but mostly white. This movie has nothing to do with the “woke” movement. This is a POWERFUL film.

  15. The colossal levels of irony are laid on real thick here🤦‍♂️ I remember one of my first lessons on racism in English class. I’m sure there were earlier ones but the one that stuck with me was in grade 7 when I was 12. Now in fairness, I was 5 years older but it was “Mississippi Burning” and in my pre-teen memories it was incredibly violent and scary. More so than it actually is. The mind processes things that way and makes big over-calculations and assumptions that aren’t real. That’s how trauma works even if it’s just witnessing trauma. It doesn’t even come close to fazing me now but I’ve more than doubled in age. I think the jolting shock is actually good though and SO important. I’m really glad that we watched it so early on. My Mom was happy too that I watched it. She said “yeah, you think it’s scary? Try living it. You must remember to put yourself in the victims’ shoes when watching movies like that.” It has to be laid out bare what racism did to society back then and is still doing now. That movie laid a rock-solid foundation for my unflinching anti-racist mindset. It’s now one of my favorite movies. Kids absolutely must be taught how evil racism is. Do it early and do it with the appropriate amount of shock for the age group.

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