1. It is also important to recognize that the use of violence or the threat of violence to achieve political ends is not acceptable in a democratic society. Political leaders have a responsibility to denounce all forms of violence and promote peaceful discourse, regardless of their political beliefs or affiliations. Make Accountability Great Again.

  2. The amount of 24/7 free publicity that trump is getting is insane , this is truly humongous advantage to his 2024 presidency

  3. A man in a coma since 2015 wakes up miraculously and watches the news. After several days of disbelief he asks the nurses what has happened to our country. They reply ” Donald Trump and his criminal cohorts happened to our country.”

    1. Newsflash almost no one in the country is watching nonstop Trump coverage due to the fact that they have
      moved on and are looking at much more current and relevant information.

  4. “Trump’s speech is almost all lies or deliberate misinformation.” Is hardly earth shattering news. 🤣

    1. @Wearethedivineone Earth You realize there is 0 evidence to that effect? So sad, it’s hard to
      believe anyone still believes that. Yet here you are lol.

    1. @LotsOfFun well, I’m an independent so I try to stay open minded, but as long as it’s not trump I can deal with it.

  5. Let me set your record straight this country was a liberty after every war people that was fighting each other came here on vacation and some stayed here and they still trying to figure out I don’t know why we was fighting each other don’t forget this country was a country of Liberty until you I don’t know how to explain it I’m so upset so upset😢

  6. When it comes to the world of investing,most people don’t know where to start. Fortunately, great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance.

    1. Here is your guidance. Invest in America. Invest in Democracy. Invest in the Truth. Invest in facts. And stop doing anything and everything else.

  7. Iam so sick 🤢 of this system…Al should b left to handle court case, criminal cases and grand jury matters bcuz human r prejudice not to b trusted

  8. You could save us all a lot of time by only reporting true facts spoken by the deposed defector, if that ever happens.

  9. All of these “facts” will be coming out in the debates! Can’t wait for the action! Pure entertainment!

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