Why Activists Say Police Unions Stand In The Way Of Meaningful Reform | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Brittany Packnett-Cunningham and Ronald Davis – who were both on Obama's 21st Century policing task force – discuss the reactions from police unions in the wake of the fatal arrest of George Floyd. Aired on 6/9/2020.
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Why Activists Say Police Unions Stand In The Way Of Meaningful Reform | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Whenever you say we need reform they’ll change the narrative that you’re Anti-Police. Just because I’m Anti-Police Brutality doesn’t mean that I’m anti-police but it’s an easy sell to people that aren’t affected by that brutality on a day to day basis

    1. @frictionRx9 well that would justify not giving any funding to the police at all. If they refuse to do their jobs and are just a group of bandits, why should we fund them or allow them to call themselves the police for that matter?

    2. jan sommer there actually is a lot of people saying they don’t want police. I believe they are the confused ones with what’s going on, but I thinks it’s due to the confusing nature of all the media coverage and some coverage saying we need to redo ally change our protection system and give it to the community. To many hands in the cookie jar type of thing? Down with police brutality, yes…….down with all police…….no.

    3. SorbusAucuparia actually the rallying cry to defund Police doesn’t mean to get rid of funding all together but to allocate some of those funds towards education, and other programs. Right now in some Cities Law Enforcement takes up 2/3 of that budget. I do agree that holding up signs that just say Defund The Police is confusing and can easily be used against them because I too at the beginning thought it meant to get rid of the whole institution

  2. The Police Union culture is going to stand by the cops even if they abuse their privilege to serve, protect & race equality goes out the window! PD’s internal culture all around the US is rotten & needs to be pulled out by its roots & then sow with a new balanced system & protocol, just like the Police union culture is rotten!


    2. Scotch Morrison blaaah blaaah blaaah u are just another triggered Karen gtfoh & back to your Faux hole lap dog

  3. I thought Capitalist Repugnant RepubliKKKlans & tRump don’t like Unions so why have Police Unions?

    1. Because historically the unions have been supported and given financial support to the Democratic Party. They are the ones that pay for Hillary Clinton to speak. They are the ones that have funneled money to campaigns of democratic fund raisers. The only time ever seen them back a republican was Hoffa has such hatred for Kennedy he through support to Nixon. Other than that Democrats support unions and vice versa

  4. We have similar problems with Police Unions here in Canada. The Toronto Police Union for example has no interest in discussions that will lead to a drop in membership. Cops in Toronto make upwards of $100K and they don’t want to mess with that at all let alone have a mental health nurse or social worker accompany a cop on a call.

    1. If a mental health nurse or social worker went on a call, they could be killed. The officer would not only need to try and protect the caller that asked for help, and protect him or her self, he would be having to protect the nurse or social worker too. There are people that are out there, like Manson, drug dealers, etc that are very very dangerous. Although I did a ride along with the police, and you need to stay in the vehicle. That was over 40 years ago. It seems a lot more crazy these days, with pandemics etc etc.

    2. @kathi This is what I would expect a white supremacist to say. Do nothing. Accept this as the status quo.

    3. @Covfefe and that is what we’ve learned to expect a brainless bleeding heart communist to say.

    1. @S EE
      Those are Antifa BLM terrorists not activists ! Anarchist marxists nazi racists. See something say something. ANTIFA BLM ON MSDNC 👎

    1. James Carter : While I agree with your comments, I have to say, “all lives matter,” is the equivalent of saying, “I don’t get it.” The point of saying BLM is to say, “We know all lives SHOULD matter, but the fact is, they don’t.” The unspoken addendum is, “Black Lives MATTER as much as everyone else’s, but they DON’T when they meet a cop.” I hope you see my point, as I’m NOT attacking you. Just hoping you get it? ✌️

    2. Paul : So, presumably, you’re against police unions then, son? Good for you. Tell them that at your next Klan meet? I’m sure they’ll be fascinated to have a lively discussion with you about that, kiddo . . . 😁

    3. @marvin urmenita Do you actually give a crap why I support Trump, or do you just want to have a pointless exchange with me?

    4. James Carter please poor people and dark skin people are in the same boat. Police are the issue race is only part of the problem. Stfu blacks arent the only ones mistreated.

  5. At last! That’s the core of the issue. The police unions foster the culture. They have the money to hire politicians. They aggressively defend their own right or wrong. They have too much power and too much MONEY, and most of all, they should not be allowed to get involved in criminal matters AT ALL.

    1. Velociraptor 1961 : That’s exactly right, son. The point is, you DON’T, “defend your members,” by helping to cover up murders, or getting into politics. Your members get disgusted and scared, by a culture that says it will ostracise you, if you try to do the right thing. They should, like a DA, only defend members where there’s cause to believe in them. Not for ANYTHING AT ALL? Where is the union’s disgust? Their horror at what these men did? WHY don’t they, “back their members,” by making it clear that they oppose degrading, public, slow, psychotic murder? You don’t seem to grasp what, “backing it’s members,” should BE?

    2. Rod : That’s literally the biggest PROJECTION I’ve read in a while, son. None of what you said has ANYTHING to do with the matter in hand, and it adds up to just one more Trump Troll, on his, “Make America Divided Again,” mission, with a big fat, “Whaddabout?” so far as I can see. Let me know if you find the balls to talk about the topic, son? . . . Smh

    3. @Ash Roskell Indeed I understand.. My hope is that in making all police killers of one particular race is going to fall apart big time. Good unions in any line work have their roll to protect their members..No doubt a union involved public safety is different. You still protect your members. You have a officer who committed murder..Now what all police unions did it..All officers did it.. Hahahaha…In hindsight as this situation moves I’ll assume after this murder by this officer all the other deaths are of no value…. Hahahaha…The saga continues…..


    1. Why idiots in the UK are rioting for a murican drugged up criminal and destroying their own history over it is beyond me.
      This is murica’s problem, another export that needs to stay solely in the UK.

    2. Cornell 😀 it’s divide and conquer , we meddle to your election is a payback for meddling in our election in cold war, eye for an eye

      Now enjoy trump

    3. @Gambit771 toxeth and Brixton disagree with you. Thanks for speaking for the whole of England though….

    4. @Drinky McDrinkDrink Ah you’re a pedant.
      So tell me, do you speak for everyone in Brixton and toxeth?

    1. Theres more of us…. than them
      We have power in numbers
      Lets reform the police system and make a new doctrine to augment the Constitution
      That makes cops serve immediate jail time for police brutality and worse offenses like the Derek Chauvin case
      And allows citizens to intervene and save lives, if police are using excessive force in any way
      If they don’t do what we say, we will make them change via riots and if bad cops get in the way, they deserve what they get

    1. Being a Dem, you don’t see anything. You are a puppet living on the Dem plantation as their slave.

  7. That’s what happens when you give the police unions power over citizens they’re supposed to serve…

  8. We Native Americans have experienced this abuse for more years than I can count we have always been in a police state. I truly hope Americans of all races will stand and support these people who are in the streets protesting against all of the injustices that are bestowed on the American people. Stand up and be counted.

    1. Well Said, Sir! Giving thugs with no respect what so ever a gun and a badge helps noone. Rather the opposite.

  9. Not just activists. Anyone with eyes or a brain can see the most fundamental reason for the police unions is undermine police accountability.

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