Migrants At AZ ICE Facility Given Rotten Food, Forced To Clean Without COVID-19 Protection | MSNBC

NBC News has exclusively learned that detained migrants at an Arizona ICE facility are saying that they are being forced to clean the detention center without coronavirus protection and are being served rotten food. Aired on 06/10/2020.
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Migrants At AZ ICE Facility Given Rotten Food, Forced To Clean Without COVID-19 Protection | MSNBC


    1. @arrow sarikoski Do you support gerrymandering districts? Do you support voting by mail? Why do republicans want to prevent black people from voting?

    2. @Some Person
      U didn’t say black but u compared the slavery of black people (which was obviously what I was talking about) with the slavery of prisoners like they were even close to as bad things. I am not against forced labour of criminals and their not so nice living conditions (which are still much better than in the old times). Of course if one views everything through the 21st century prism then what I’m saying may seem cruel given that modern prisons in most Western countries are like budget hotels but I recommend getting rid of the assumption that our generation is the wisest in every aspect and all the old beliefs used by past generations are inferior). Criminals should be punished properly.

    3. But I guess I’ll stop this debate since

      a) I didn’t come here to argue but rather to post a jabbing joke and

      b)This clearly won’t go anywhere from here

    1. I can believe that someone is billing the gov big bucks for rotten and old stale food that didn’t sell elsewhere….who is responsible for feeding then? A contract with whom??

    1. Just think how better off they would be if they didn’t try to sneak into another country illegally.

    2. @Nero How many illegals do you share a one bedroom apartment with? Do you work with them at Wendy’s?

    1. Davey Haleys Comet : Davey, if i haven’t grown up by the age of 60 then I’ll never grow up to be the kinda tRump turd you want me to be! C’est du mage!

    1. Look what you do to your own??? Have you even seen your own homeless problem?? What a joke you are.

  1. Not surprised. Let’s get real. If convalescent or skilled nursing facilities are having extremely high infection rates it only stands to reason ICE detention centers would, too. As a matter of fact I guarantee it will be higher than in a skilled nursing facility.

  2. Over the past few years I’ve learned that the American dream is just that, a dream.
    Liberty and justice is only for those who can afford it.
    It’s the greatest country on earth for the rich.
    We need to vote out the McConnell’s and Pelosi’s that ruin, not run, our country.

    1. **“They call it the American Dream…because you have to be asleep to believe it.”
      _George Carlin_

    2. Is what I try to explain. All of it starts from the top. Doesn’t matter much who you vote for. Both matters in order to have a chance of a better America… people educated yourselves, basic government lessons. Google it.

    1. @kare more “everything he’s done” ?? 🤦

      C’mon Karen, you can’t even give an example of why he should be “charged”? Do you know what charged means? 🤔

    2. What have you done for your own. Look at all the homelessness you people have created. Why don’t you leave?? You’re not wanted here.

  3. ICE is rotten to the core & needs to be dismantled & de-funded. Let them ICE Agents try to go get real jobs!

  4. I predict the Republican/Russian response will be along the lines of: “Too bad. They shouldn’t have fled their violent homelands and they should have stayed in poverty and despair where we believe they belong.”

  5. I’ve long been an atheist (because I’m not convinced by the claims of religion anymore) but I wonder how all those Republicans who think of themselves as great Christians can not be outraged and protesting.
    Maybe it’s time they read Matthew 25:35-36 again:
    _For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me._
    I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t have rotten food in mind when he (supposedly) spoke these words.

  6. Where just days ago F. Trump bragging to be a religious person and to be like living his live by GOD teachings.. what a hipócrita

    1. get it in your head…..trump just spews things, he is not what he says he is, he does not do anything that he needs to do, at least good things for everybody………..he takes credit for things he has not done, and so on…is his strategy, he manipulates words, by now, can ‘t you read his strategy ???

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