Why Are Police Unions Pushing Back Against Vaccine Mandates?

“There is a shockingly revealing trend happening in the law enforcement circles that demonstrates how many American police officers view themselves with respect to public safety and the vaccines,” says Chris Hayes. 
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  1. The irony of these people hitting capitol police officers on Jan 6 w their “STOP THE STEAL” flags in their pursuit of trying to Hang Mike Pence is really lost on them

    1. @Chaos I will gladly tolerate any foreigners who chose to laugh at Biden for the horrors going on in Afghanistan. Better than when they were laughing at us because Trump is a moron, but cannot admit it to himself. Biden is just trying to make the best of a bad situation that landed in his lap after Trump’s negotiations with the Taliban last year, agreeing on releasing some 5000 Taliban fighters from prison, and handing the country over to them this May.

    2. @River’s Teeth Evidently @Chaos is another mindless troll. As though we need any comments from the peanut gallery.

    3. @Janna Carson How do you know that? She goes to church every single week. She is a tough negotiator. And she knows how to get things done in government, as she proved under Trump. She knew how to play him like a drum.

    4. @Dolores Reynolds I’m coming around to the notion that these accounts are the ‘crisis actors’ the far-right are always inventing; I’ve seen the ‘BTW I’m British’ thing a bit too much. I think ‘Chaos’ is a bit to the East of Britain. It’s why I called them a ‘muppet’.

    1. So, I’m guessing all those that refused the vaccine because it wasnt FDA approved still wont get it now that it is FDA approved!!

    1. I mean, even if I agreed with you, how is sniping from behind a barricade “courage in the flesh”? Ha ha.

    2. @robotron17 Just as the mob came crashing through the barriers armed with all types of weapons he pulls the trigger – you call that “sniping” ?
      I’d like to see you stand your ground in the face of what he was hearing and seeing – his fellow officers screaming for help, reports of officers being bashed, pepper sprayed and facing a crowd chanting death threats all in real time, no backup and all by yourself tasked with protecting others lives. yeah, you’re a real hero, what do they call you, *Keyboard Warrior* .
      What would you be saying if the mob over ran him, took his weapon, bashed him to death and killed half a dozen innocent staffers or Capital worker – it would’ve only taken one over amped rioter to do all that as the mob over ran him.

    3. @Robert Roberts Let’s cut through the poop that the world realises as fact. America has a problem with people of colour! If all those people who attacked the heart of democracy were black, every single one of them would have been shot dead. This is who America is.

    1. @Mike Pelligrino Employers are making vaccines mandatory. Sept 15 those without a wavier or vaccination are getting 2 weeks notice.

    1. Thought of a really bad joke (because my brain works that way)… I don’t normally verbalize/comment them, but it’s so bad I had to share it….

      “The House Chamber should be renamed in Byrd’s honor.”
      -Okay great idea, but what do we call that stain in the corner?

      I’m not proud of this.

  2. If this cop had just stood there and let this women get pass him he would have certainly been accused of a dereliction of duty, fired, and despairaged!!! 🙄😑🧐

    1. He would of been prosecuted. Tucker Carson would of call him the cowardly. And more. insurrectionist

    1. Trump looks at the Government as his. They should have never let a mentality ill wannabe Celebrity into the Whitehouse door.

    2. Not once, but media told you he did. They also spent four years saying bombshell, they were lying to you then too.

  3. What’s that line that the right love to use? “Don’t break the law if you don’t want to be killed. Just comply.”

    1. @Paul Wilson typical trumper with your false equivilancy. The woman was part of an armed mob attacking the Capitol and she was in a group of insurrectionists smashing their way thru a barricaded door to go after congressmen and women and the officer already had his gun drawn and displayed but she came thru the door at the officer. Blake was not attacking the police and did not have a knife in his hand as the officers claimed. The cops lied. The cop then pulled his gun out and shot the man 7 times in the back.

    1. @Python PogChamp I don’t care if you are armed or not, a woman or not, you break into my house screaming with an angry mob behind you and you are going down.
      These f’s were threatening to hang the vice president. They are lucky as s that more of them weren’t gunned down.
      Do you really think it is okay to side with White Supremacist and Neo-Nazis?
      Time to wake the f up.

  4. He is a Hero in my book to stand up for his defense and defending and to have bravery for the United States of America

    1. He is just a guy who did his job and has to live with that fact the rest of his life. He and she are neither hero nor villain, both are victims. Just two people whose lives crossed and were upended at an unfortunate time, place, and event caused by a cowardly conman who would be a dictator.

    2. I’m amazed that more of the rioters were not shot by the capitol police. How many would have been shot if they were black? How many students were shot at Kent State by the National Guard?

    3. I sort of wish he’d released a shot in the air first but those POS’s breaking that glass in meant business and he did his duty. Ashleigh, unfortunately, didn’t listen.

    4. @jonjdoe He murdered an unarmed woman protester…

      Good men don’t support shooting unarmed women.

  5. She got what she deserved and it’s a miracle it didn’t happen to more of them. Now they are mostly getting ‘slapped on the wrist’

    1. I guarantee that Lt. Hero Byrd warned all of them to stop numerous times. It is on camera. It will be in the history of policing and teaching tools that HE WARNED THAT MOB AT LEAST 3 TIMES AND I BET HIS VOICE WAS HEARD THRU THE DOOR THEY BROKE INTO. IT WAS A WARNED, Not sure if you noticed that the door was barred from people coming in. It was Babbit who dove thru the THRESHOLD OF THE CAPITAL AFTER THAT TENURED OFFICER HAD WARNED BEFORE THE GIRL JUMPED. SHE WAS NOT COMPLYING WITH HER SHOUTED ORDERS. 45i*i* had her killed on his brainwashing trap that these law breaking, window breaking people are going to get away with murder of his VP. That homeless guy Pence, he should be glad the trouble was diverted or we may have seen actual hanging on the Capital steps.

    2. @Switch Back Image Hero’s don’t shoot unarmed women.

      If you’re fine with how Byrd brutalized an unarmed woman then you should be fine with how Chaivin necked Floyd. After all, comply or die, right?

      Or you could recognize your hypocrisy.

    3. @Python PogChamp Unarmed women don’t jump thru windows at a gun. DUH! ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE HAD ORDERS TO COMPLY WITH AFTER BEING WARNED. WACKADOODLES don’t win, when jumping over furniture literally barring the glass and being to STOP! Seriously though, she didn’t have to dive thru a broken window at a bunch of armed officers who has warned the crowd and aiming at you. Try that in TX, jump thru a window that someone broke for you and see if you don’t get on the wrong side of a gun. Seriously, smart people don’t jump thru broken glass, DUH! Who dared her? Why didn’t the big guys in helmets do it 1ST? Bc it was planned and she was WILLING TO BE giving her life THAT DAY for 45i*i* (2x impeached) Geez! POOR HOMELESS PENCE. Is he still squatting in the Gulf Coast on a yacht? WACKADOODLE! Karen must not think she needs to move the yacht. She is from indy, and doesn’t know what a hurricane is…

    4. George Floyd warned the OFFICERS THAT HE WAS NOT COMFORTABLE AND WAS COMPLYING, IN CUFFS. IT WOULD BE GREAT IF ASH got some hand cuffs instead of jumping into a broken window towards a gun, after being warned to STOP! Huge difference and video clips for both. Not a faux talking point there compared to Pleading, hand cuffed prone position. Duh! WACKADOODLES.

    1. So if trump got ashli killed then why was he not found guilty of this?…. I mean his speech is not secret…

    2. @Gxy Jr Donnie is a masterful con artist, who generally chooses his words carefully so as not to incriminate himself directly. His followers believe his lies… Not necessarily too intelligent though. He will eventually face the consequences of his corruption.

    3. @Kay
      Allow me to elaborate.
      It was said that trump incited the jan 6 “insurrection” where ashli was killed.
      But that bit of info was proven to be false in the sham impeachment trial.
      Therefore since he didnt incite ppl on jan 6 why try to hold the man responsible for ashli’s death?

  6. When the looting starts the shooting starts trump said this during blm protests. Now he is singing a different tune. Typical hipocrate.

    1. Yet he sat in the Oval office and watch as the Capitol was under attack by his supporters and do a darn thing to call of his dogs. That and him instructed them to march to Capitol Hill should be enough to Convict him Rudy Giuliani Mo Brooks and Trump jr.

  7. I am truly beyond disgusted by Tucker Carlson and Fox “news”,they take gaslighting to a divisive extreme,Byrd is a hero,we all saw he had no choice to do what he did.

    1. @tnbrfller We must have a boat load of freaking trailer parks in this country. Note to self: Avoid them at all costs. Take Care.

    2. @tnbrfller You are so right. It’s banned in many countries because of its extreme right wing hatred and racism.

    1. Abe Lincoln was first Republican president. You guys seem mad that he freed your slaves. Why do democrats like masks so much, like those, white hooded ones with eye holes

    2. @Greg King If you knew your own country’s history you’d know that 1) Dixie Dems are now the Republican party 2) If Lincoln was alive now he’d be a Democrat. As for those hoods with eye-holes? They’re not fashionable with Dems.

    3. @Greg King wrong script!!! I didn’t see a single “what about” there. What do you think we could have done differently?

    1. @Python PogChamp nope not “brutality” in Babbitts case,that cop was the last line of defence,all other non lethal tactics didn’t stop the angry mob up till that point,you are so willfully ignorant of the facts the whole world witnessed its rather amusing,like watching someone punch smoke,you clowns entertain me.

    2. @jp heeney They didn’t employ any non-lethal tactics. The officers and FBI let them inside the building.

      Shooting unarmed women is murder. Choking unarmed men is murder. Shooting unarmed teenagers is murder. If Babbitt deserved it then so did Stephon Clark.

    3. @Python PogChamp listen you can’t gaslight people and expect to be taken seriously,we all saw exactly what happened on the 6th,the attack on the building,cops being brutalised,the whole world watched it n you are stupid enough to think you can convince anyone who isn’t blinded by partisan hate like you of your false equivalences,just silly & waste of time,seriously try fox news or newsmax or some other propaganda outfit,the adults are talking here.

  8. When a white man shoots an unarmed minority the right-wing either stays mum or blames the minority, but when a minority officer shoots a white woman insurrectionist, then the minority officer is a monster.

    1. Any ‘man’ who shoots unarmed women isn’t a hero, they’re a tyrant.

      If Ashley deserved it then so did Floyd.

      Or you can recognize your hypocrisy.

  9. Trump meant to say “when the looting of the Capitol starts, the shooting starts. Funny they wanted black looters jailed for 20 years and run down in the road for a Target, but the Capitol INSURRECTION was all LOVE.

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