Why Are Some Tennessee Republicans Defending The First Grand Wizard Of The KKK? | All In | MSNBC 1

Why Are Some Tennessee Republicans Defending The First Grand Wizard Of The KKK? | All In | MSNBC


Nathan Bedford Forrest traded slaves and massacred union soldiers. And some Tennessee lawmakers say he deserves a place of honor in the capitol. TN state representative London Lamar weighs in. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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Why Are Some Tennessee Republicans Defending The First Grand Wizard Of The KKK? | All In | MSNBC


    1. In fact MANY slave holders did in deed receive REPARATIONS from the united states government for the loss of their so called property (black people) freed during after the civil war funny enough( not funny at ALL) those same black people were promised 40 acres & a mule after the conflict so as to work their own land to achieve self sufficiency……. Still waiting!

    1. Unfortunately, that artistic abortion is privately owned on private property. The pink paint that was thrown on it a few years ago is an improvement, but I wish lasers would melt it from space.

    2. @Stephen Hawking’s Football Boots Youtuber Styro Pyro has lasers that could melt that thing from of the highway…

    1. @KOP 786 really I missed that, farm it . Anyone notice the guy hasn’t replied to anyone in a bit, can’t think of anything to say I guess.

    2. @Deborah Szczesniak i suppose you missed Sidney Powell saying ‘No reasonable person would believe the statements she was making about the elections’ the trumpturds will go into legend for the there levels of stupidity!!

    1. @Howard Moon yet all the Democrats voted for Biden forget he fought against intergration of the schools and Trump is the racist??

    2. @Lift More
      Your confusing two separate issues*.
      The issue is the Confederate Insurrection against the US.
      Not who did or didn’t own slaves nor who was pro-slavery or who was anti-slavery.
      * though both issues overlap w/Cancel Culture. One is a Moral/Human Rights issue [slavery] & one is an Insurrection/Sedition issue [political].
      Maybe you’re incapable of identifying the difference because, contrary to many post here, the fake Confederate Flag is indeed a symbol of racism in the US.
      The original statement is clearly one of a political nature.

    3. @Daniel Hempel
      Remember*… that’s was in the 19th Century; it’s now the 21st Century!

      * things change.

    1. @RED Mercury Yes they are democrats are the real racist so true dude .not to mention child trafficking..and his son Hunter leaving gun’s in trash after crack binge..did he shoot his dealer’s.. yea proper sick crime’s against humanity..

  1. She has to walk past a clansman who didn’t have anything to do with governance. He never served in the U.S. government.

  2. The bust should definitely be moved.
    And the history needs to be taught accurately. About every thing that happened in our history.

    1. Part of me was thinking that it’s a great irony, in a way for Nathan Bedford Forrest. His bust overlooks black representatives coming to the State capital, something he would never have dreamed would have ever been possible, I’d hazard a guess at him hoping it would never happen. He’d be turning in his grave, you could say.

      Don’t get me wrong, they should remove it and put it in a museum, however there is a slight ironic positive to it, in a weird way.

    1. Republicans en masse defending Grand Wizards, Proud Boys’ and all sorts of white supremacists/nationalists = … Cuomo?

    2. @Navon Myhand lol Republicans trying to point towards bad Democrats doesn’t change the fact that Republicans SPECIFICALLY are by and large racists bigots lol. You’re a clown

  3. And they say with a straight face and conviction “we the farthest thing from racist.”

    1. @Jason weitzel and let’s be honest, Democratic politicians guarantee African American voters just because they win 85-90%. Your hostaging your own voters so they won’t think freely, just like you guys did when you did the poll tax, adopt Jim Crow laws and lynchings of African Americans. Democrats are hypocrites of their own word and aren’t prioritizing their own matters. The African Americans who vote democrat should form their own party so they could teach those Democrats how powerful they are to the party and force them to concede.

    2. @Chris Wilmott meanwhile, Republicans are doing everything they can to make it harder to vote across the country. Smh

    3. @Jason weitzel oh shut up, I want to prove a point. Let them form their own party so they learn.

  4. I propose for this bust to be sent to Mar O Lago. There is someone there who would be happy to display it.

    1. He can hug it , and kiss it ,and tell all his big boy problems too ol’ uncle Kentucky Fried Chicken pappy.

  5. Republicans -‘The kkk were Democratics ‘
    Democrats-‘can we take down kkk statues ‘
    Republican-‘ThAtZ oUr hIzToRy’

  6. “…I have to walk past a Klansman every time I go into the peoples house….”
    Does anything more need to be said?

    1. As someone who loved in the Middle East, anti-Christian racism is alive and well too. don’t be fooled into thinking that all racism in the world is by white people only. Lookup the case of the black guy who was refused treatment and died in China last year because of his skin color. The liberal US media is obsessed with showing that all racism is by white people only and that every other country, ethnic group and religion is superior and promotes peace when it can’t be further from the truth in this day and age. We’re not pre-1865 anymore and haven’t been for literally centuries.

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