Dr. Fauci: ‘Don’t Declare Victory Prematurely’ | All In | MSNBC 1

Dr. Fauci: ‘Don’t Declare Victory Prematurely’ | All In | MSNBC


“We’re not going to be this way forever. We just have to hang in a bit longer, because every day that goes by, you get 2-3 million more people vaccinated,” says Dr. Fauci on the importance of continuing to follow Covid guidelines. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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Dr. Fauci: ‘Don’t Declare Victory Prematurely’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Dustin Crawford your opinion counts just because and anybody who disagrees is wrong because they dont have a degree, while yourself not holding a degree.

      Pot meet kettle.

    2. @pdgeman not surprising you cant understand this. The scientists are the ones who have done the research, my opinion is irrelevant. If you disagree with the science you need to show your science and studies that you used. Your individual opinion is meaningless

    1. “When this all goes away”

      Viruses don’t go away. That’s why all this vaccine crap is utterly stupid.

    2. So, I’m reading all of your comments, and I agree with you all. Anyway, I want to clarify what I mean “when this all goes away”. Do I think the powers-at-be will ever relinquish their newfound totalitarian control under the guise of public safety? No.
      What I’m trying to convey (quite clumsily) is that it is possible this goes away, BUT ONLY if the sheepdogs convince the sheep this is all a farce, and to stop believing in the charade.
      There are many sheep among us. It’s not an easy ordeal- maybe even close to impossible- but we have to keep on them. As the charade continues on, there will be more and more sheep starting to [finally] question things.
      If (big IF) we all start seeing this for what it is, and we coalesce around making this our generation’s cause, we can overthrow the elites.
      We are at a turning point. Generations after us will be greatly impacted on what we do now. If we fail to take action, humanity will be drastically worse off. It’s not just important to fight back for our own short lived existence, but it’s imperative if we want our grandkids to see the light of freedom.
      Don’t be selfish. Now is the time to take action.

    3. Actually, pandemics have been happening every 4 to 7 years since 1990s. The next pandemic is not too far away in the future.

  1. How is this guy still on TV when literally everything he has said has at some point been contradicted either by himself or the CDC?

  2. Dr Fauci next March: “We still haven’t won!” Well yeah if your unreachable unrealistic standard is 0 cases, we’ll never be able to declare victory.

    1. @Jalen Walker I agree…but the work thing is getting closer. Government contractors (think suppliers for Defense) are being told to get them. They can’t mandate it (yet) because the vaccines were only emergency FDA approved.

      Currently, you can’t leave or get back into the country unless you have a negative covid test. I hope they don’t make the vaccine mandatory for entering and leaving the country

    2. @Jalen Walker Well it wouldn’t be a problem considering there are some states that do require certain vaccinations before a child enters different grade levels. Or for travel restrictions. Like myself for example, I had to get vaccinations when I went from elementary to middle school years back. And I had to get a few vaccinations required to travel out of the country to visit family.

    3. @echung168 yes, but those vax were properly tested over ten years and not rushed with skipped steps like these covid vaccines that are killing people.

    1. @Peoplelie Freethemen ok i thought of a joke but it’s kind of… only understandable by electricians, so here we go..

      question: “what did the neutral wire say to the ground wire in the main disconnect?”

      answer: “i think we’re bonding”

    2. @tee vee They also have planned this and it has started in Israel. There is also a need for digital solutions for contact tracing and control of citizens. There are 24×7 command and control centers for Covid-19.
      The public distribution efficiency monitoring is also taking place. There will be blockchain-based citizen tracking for misuse and hoarding prevention. The citizen risk monitoring and access control will have app color codes for citizen risk factor such as red, yellow, or green. We will see a world evolving that will be much more smarter and digital place in future.
      Thanks Dassault.
      Containment zones??? If you do not think they are not going to try this around the world, think again.
      Dassault Systemes showcased a “Planning Pandemic Emergencies” solution that can enable public authorities and city administrators with thorough preparedness and response planning for a large-scale healthcare crisis. It offers a single window for “Area Referential for Pandemic Emergency Planning”, “Citizen Sentiment Analysis for Improving the Services Rendered” and “Mass X-ray Analytics for Testing and Segregation of COVID-19 positive Patients”. The 3DEXPEREINCE Platform enables digital referential for city, planning the hotspot clusters and containment zones in 3D context, planning the access to essential services, generation of heat maps based on data sets and analytics.
      From a healthcare perspective, a digital twin of the human could be built organ by organ. If successful, it can enable comprehensive digital twin tracking of an individual from birth to death.

  3. Now Europe is seeing thousands of people protesting without masks freely

    1. @THE REAL YANN you are incorrect. Anyone who stands up against the global agenda miraculously dies. Why don’t you go look what happened to Carrie Mullis two months before the agenda 21 conference? Inventor of the PCR test and a vocal critic of f a u c i saying that he was dangerous and knew nothing.

    2. @THE REAL YANN go do some research on what they call the CIA heart attack gun. Why do you think Trump was cutting funding to the CIA special operations?

    3. @THE REAL YANN if you’re not aware of what our shadow government does around the world, it’s not my fault. Keep sucking down the pizzas and watching Netflix.

    1. Don’t die before you successfully rig the election and make sure everyone has voted for Trump.

    1. Right? Then we wouldn’t have to listen to them – it would just sound like a babbling brook, something to put you to sleep…

  4. “The second round will get their attention” –Bill & Melinda Gates (while laughing like the psychopaths they are)

    1. Did you here the latest he wants to use mosquitoes to inject the vax into people? I am not kidding. He should quit messing with stuff he shouldn’t!

    2. Go to brighten.com . On 3-16-21 it’s listed the coming catastrophe of Covid. The guy is a doctor of viral medicine and he said we should never vaccine during a pandemic. He explains it in layman terms easy to understand. Check it out!

    3. @Patty Augustine donr forget that he wants us all to eat soy burgers, since we’re sooooo rich, and yet he said his favorite food is hamburgers

    4. How
      Gates is going down, along with all of the other Global Cabal Elites. Their time of Free Reign here on Earth is drawing near. He’s easily in The Top 3 of The most Hated people on Earth right now.

    1. @Little Mr Pinkness
      Read the message printed on your box of masks pertaining to the efficacy of masks in stopping viruses. After that, try to find a single scientific study demonstrating the efficacy of standard masks in preventing Covid 19 transmission. The masks are nothing more than a symbol of fear and can stop viruses no better than a chain link fence can block mosquitos.

    2. @Andy Sure, masks don’t stop the virus completely, but they do reduce the droplets that contain the virus from spreading more readily. The point is to reduce the R value below 1, or reducing the rate at which one infected person infects another. If one infected person infects fewer than one person, the disease will disappear/be greatly reduced over time.

    3. @Andy You keep going maskless, I will continue to wear mine. I’ve had the vaccine, you will probably skip it. We’ll see which one of us is still alive a year from now.

    4. @Andrew S
      Unless you can reduce transmission to nearly nothing as will eventually be acheived with herd immunity, all you can do is “flatten the curve”. Remember that one? Do you also remember what that means in terms of the longevity of the pandemic? I’ll give you a hint. It’s the opposite of “beaten this thing by now”.

  5. I love how every single comment is from someone who is awake. I think the sleeping giant has awakened.

    1. @THE REAL YANN I suggest you put your trust in the CDC and Dr f a u c i and see how long you live? Go for it.

    2. @THE REAL YANN there are no conspiracies, yet there are no coincidences. There are 140 plus bodies around the clintons. Anyone who knows them might want to be paranoid.

  6. Why not declare victory when you’re advising to send our most precious and valuable to school. Now the cdc are conveniently changing the social distance to 3 feet.

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