Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC 1

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC


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Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC


    1. If Trump would have received the disinfectant he spoke of it would have eliminated covid in him and many of his followers.

  1. “live together in this one country we’ve been given”: given? By who? Rather stolen from its original inhabitants

    1. @Andre Desrosiers that’s generally what I would tell racist…Native Americans called they said there is the door…like me walking into your house and being like this is my house now and then trying to kick a 3rd unrelated person out of your house…so yea don’t know what to say as meh fighting over something they don’t own…

    2. @ReiHinoSenshi You speak for Johan? Are you a Native American? They voted for you to speak for the whole nation did they? Sorry, no sale. Good luck in your phishing trolling endeavors. Have a nice day.

    3. @J H His statement whether true or not, is to inflame that of the past. Ask the current tribes if they wish you to speak for them and remind them of that which they already know. The statement by the news anchor was more in line with ecumenical sentiments, not meant to minimize our history towards native Americans. Are you a religious person? Do you believe in god?

    1. if the virus stays active in republican regions, it would stay active in the country. the more activity, the more mutations will happen over time. Basically the whole world has to get vaccinated.

    2. @Ethan Walker nice doomsday fiction, but if that were true the Spanish flu would still be around and mutating.

    3. The entire south and Republican party get the Darwin Award, we just have to wait till they dodo themselves, not getting the vaccine means less of them, more of us

  2. My father told me as a child – You can take the horse to the water but you can’t make it read

  3. I can’t believe some of the ignorant people they interview. “I ain’t never got none” Holy cow what happened to the educational system in this country?

    1. I SUPPORT THEIR NOT TAKING THE VACCINE! It makes more vaccines available for others and it contributes to reducing the massive numbers of stupid people in America.

    2. @cc 1k Dear CC; yeah who knows what that ted -neck said for sure. Even if we understood his words, we likely wouldn’t be able to understand his meaning!

    3. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Good teachers move to states where they can make more money, namely blue states. Republican don’t want regular people to be well educated so they can pull the wool over their eyes. In Okla. they call public schools government schools. Republicans don’t want to pay to educate everybodies kids, only their own.

    4. @Pendejo indeed liberals encourage people of certain races to speak and carry themselves in an uneducated manner. They are now brainwashing people of color to believe that speaking properly, reading, being educated is trying to be white. I was accused of it myself. By someone who is still a busboy at 65 years old. White liberals want to keep us stupid.

  4. You cain’t fix stupid. You can fix “ignorance” with education but only if the ignorant are willing. Sigh.

    1. Education is not main stream/s5ocial media narrative.
      Produce the data/science and let the people determine for them-self’s the risk.
      Fact: The medical professions are the 3rd leading case of death globally…so I can understand why people have a hesitation trusting this vaccine.
      Insider Reports: Sweden joins Germany, France And 15 other countries in suspending AstraZeneca’s over possible side effects. Are these countries stupid?

    2. @Frail Bones Biden Putin is just angry he’s lost his orange puppet. Don’t worry, he’ll get over it.

    1. @Kate That’s just not true, there are plenty of after effects, yeah you won’t die. That’s really all you care about? Good one. Get educated, please.

  5. Republican racism is like COVID: just because they don’t admit it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    1. @Mary Lee You may conclude she is condescending, but I still want to note that she is only stating facts. She arranges the facts in a way that makes it a joke. I’m sorry if you find this condescending implicitly.

    2. Admit what, quit picking on those Rep. people, they need time to recover, hasn’t really started yet, from the deep brain freeze they suffered or currently suffer from.

    3. @fred lybarger They have had all their lives to listen. They need to recognize good from evil and they can’t seem to go there. Wonder why?

    4. All you have to do to confirm what the OP is saying is go browse some hard core right wing social media. Thats a sickness you cant cure unless you shut down the source which becomes a slippery slope. At what point is freedom of speech and media so toxic it should be stopped to stem the division and erosion of democracy. Can you protect the 1st amdendment without crippling it?

  6. “One outlet says this, one outlet says that, just don’t know who to believe any more.”

    Believe this, Cowboy, your CheeTurd HAD the virus, AND got the shot!!
    Why would he get the shot, AFTER having the virus, if it’s “Just a Hoax?”

    If that doesn’t say Don’t Listen to The Man Who Stared At The Eclipse, well, then, you’re beyond my abilities.

    1. @Lord Mitchell God helps those who help themselves. He shakes his head at people who run into fires and plague zones.

    2. @Time Surfer I meant that those you were talking to are beyond your abilities because they are ignorant due to their predisposition to the GOP, God, patriotism etc. I have registered here in Canada for the ‘jab’.

  7. Why do people go through the trouble of wearing a mask, if they are just going to wear it wrong, and not cover their nose ?

    1. @LivelysReport So obey, already. A “culture of obedience” is another name for a conscientious society. If the US had been as “obedient” as the South Koreans in their response to the COVID crisis, we would have saved 56 lives out of every 57 deaths.

  8. Social Darwinism on full display in the South and they conveniently ignore that Trump got the vaccine.

    1. Rupert Murdoch was also vaccinated here in the UK. He even used the NHS to be vaccinated and praised our socialised medical system afterwards.
      Yet in the USA, not in the UK, he then continues to instruct he media outlets to cast doubt on the vaccine because it is politically expedient to do so.

    2. Why do you assume anyone who lives in the South supports Trump and that anyone who supported or voted for Trump will obey every thing he says and does? Just because you are in a brainwashed media cult it doesn’t mean everybody is brainwashed. Social Darwinism is on full display when a bunch of mindless morons believe corporations and the pharmaceutical industry along with people who have been known to lie cheat and steal. Wearing a useless mask, taking an untested injection that is in no way by definition a vaccine. People allowing themselves to be human Lab rats for a Krispy Kreme donut or to be able to post a sticker on social media. People dropping dead from bacterial pneumonia from wearing a stupid face diaper all day long….

    3. I’m from the south and I quite agree. However, I don’t think it’s just the south. The Fascist Josh Hawley is from Kansas. The KKK Grand Wizard, Ron Johnson is from Wisconsin. But, yes, we have an overabundance of low IQ trailer trash here who wrote the book on stupid. That’s why they’re dirt poor, not because someone took their jobs away. No one in their right mind would give them a job with responsibility. I never hire them when they apply.

    4. @Pablo Silverstein well they did storm the capital at his request….. And also tried to hang someone at his request…. And refused irrefutable proof the election was valid at his request… And ignored certified doctors who are masters in their subject at his request… Sounds kinda mindless doesn’t it..? Also, I’d like to know your definition of a vaccine, if it isn’t a form to prepare the human body from an illness that can be lethal by adjusted the human immune system.

  9. “I ain’t planning to get no Covid-19 shot” says the 300 lb. man. Obviously he is very concerned about taking the shot, but not the daily chicken fried steak and gravy.

    1. Many in U.S. hesitant to take the shot? and didn’t Biden say that if there is surplus of vaccines in U.S. he will then help the rest of the world? Well, as an European, what can I say? If Americans don’t want the shot, fine with us, just send it in Europe, we are dying for more vaccines…

    2. Come on man, he’s just big boned and his waist-tire is due to a thyroid problem and genetics, not that big-gulp of coke, bag of Doritos, half-a-fried-chicken, mash, gravy, second serving and no workout.
      We shouldn’t fat-shame that ignorant piece of tainted Murica lard.

    3. @Karen Piotte I’ll just share this with you: Jesus is calling you out of darkness into His wonderful light. God’s blessings.

  10. “These people are crazy!” “Even good old country boys can get COVID!” “Really these people are just stupid!” “I don’t want to die of this crap so get a shot!”

    1. I SUPPORT THEIR NOT TAKING THE VACCINE! It makes more vaccines available for others and it contributes to reducing the massive numbers of stupid people in America.

    2. @alfredo vazquez Some people have gotten sick, some people have died. People need to do research and make educated decisions. These folks are dumb

    3. Sandra Hart, You’re making some dangerous assumptions about this shot. You probably won’t contract Covid, but you will likely

    4. @weantoine I totally agree. I got my two shots of Pfizer with no side effects. Hopefully, I can also get the Johnson and Johnson single shot.

    5. HomeRussia & Former Soviet Union go to “”
      Ukrainian soldier DIES after receiving Indian-made AstraZeneca Covid-19 jab, as army warns against drawing ‘premature conclusions’
      24 Mar, 2021 09:29 / Updated 6 hours ago
      Military medics in Ukraine have announced the death of a servicewoman who reportedly received a dose of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine, which has been the subject of a fierce row over claims it may be linked to blood clots.
      In a statement released on Tuesday night, the country’s armed forces medical command issued a statement on Facebook claiming that an off-duty officer serving in a military unit in Odessa, in the south of the country, had received emergency care after losing consciousness.

      They use the constitution in such a twisted way AS A RULE…
      As a convenient SELECTIVELY anti social tool…typical~!

    2. Why do those that don’t want to be vaccinated need to stay away from you? You will be vaccinated right? You’re immune right?

    3. @V Atlanta …obviously YOU don’t know the answer to that now do’ya?…
      … I got the 1 shot vaccine
      which JUST CAME OUT~!
      …no statistics yet especially with all the variables. We still wear Masks for a reason…wisen up…you can’t look around the world and think you are safe on a gut feeling…the “Gut” is your brain filled with a lot of BS personally opinionated garbage without the slightest bit of knowledge or research ..

    4. I’m with you let the ignorant basturds find rheir maker sooner, maybe he can explain to them about common sense.

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