Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton On DC Statehood, Capitol Hill Fences | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) speaks on statehood for Washington, DC, removal of the Capitol Hill fences, legalization of marijuana use in DC, and more.
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Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton On DC Statehood, Capitol Hill Fences | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. Definitely. “taxation without representation” (I spent my high school years in DC) doesn’t make sense.

    1. @Bat Boy you can not replace electoral college because states joined the union in exchange for guaranteed political influence through preservation of EC. That is why America is called United States, not Federal Republic (like Germany or Japan).

    2. @said hossain – Amendments. This is a key part of the US Constitution. The ability to upgrade the software, as things change. Also, there is a work around to effectively null the EC, with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

      PS: not replace it, remove it. And allow real democracy to exist. See CGP Grey YouTube video ‘Trouble with the electoral college’.

      I hope that helps.

    3. @Bat Boy No. I know you can change it with amendments. But it will be against the trust with which the states joined the union. Respecting each others’ needs and priorities are a first step toward more perfect union. You can learn it from Lincoln’s example. He wanted to abolish segregation through setting an example to southern states, but I think he should had just rooted it out like slavery instead of waiting for natural maturation of peoples’ principles. Different discussion.

  2. Making D.C. a state also means it gets to control its own National Guard instead of having to rely on a President who may be… say an infantile sore losing traitor?

  3. The Republicans passed no legislation, because Malicious McConnell wouldn’t even send bill to committee, much less to the floor for a vote.

    1. @T. R. Campbell They did another vote w/ %55 percent of the people voting %53 of people voted in favor of of statehood.

    2. @Cedric Mitcgell perhaps so because right now the island is in crisis. The corrupt political class runs so deeply on that island that I guess if people feel that anything would be better. The pandemic didn’t help because much of the island depends on tourism and the crew ships have stopped coming.

    3. @T. R. Campbell Honestly, I just want what’s best for the people of Puerto Rico. If they want to become a state then let them. If they don’t then let them be independent and help them when a crisis hits them.

    4. @Cedric Mitcgell Agreed. We have to tell Northerners that Puerto Rico is a wonderful place to go to during the cold winter months of north. It is well worth the money to spend a week to 10 days recovering from winter, eating good food, looking at a great deal of history and enjoying warm hospitality.

  4. Breaking News:
    A wax museum in downtown San Antonio, Texas, removed its wax statue of former President Trump after it was repeatedly vandalized, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

    LMAO only in Texas. Hey there’s Trump… PUNCH 👊 🤕
    Trump: That bandage messes up my hair. Did anyone get a pic of the antiwa that punched me?

  5. First of all do not interrupt Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton when she is talking…. And I say with great respect to Madame Representative you are one cool chick. Love to hear you speak, so clear and knowledgeable!!!!

  6. DC has 712,000 residents, more than Vermont and Wyoming and comparable with other states including Delaware, Alaska, North and South Dakota.

    1. Totally irrelevant. DC was specifically created to be a neutral site. It should be given back to MD before it should be granted independent statehood.

    2. @Brian The area that contain the White House, Congress, the National Mall, and a number of federal buildings would continue to be this “neutral site” or federal district which would remain the formal District of Columbia, the rest of DC would become a state. Nice try but it might have been better had you known WTF you were talking about.

  7. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  8. Rep. Holmes , w/ age sometimes comes negativity . You have a positive , well-earned common sense .

  9. The founders specifically wanted Washington DC to be a national city. Those people who live in DC can vote for local issues.
    We like to talk about the term, no taxation without representation, but if you own property in a state that is not your domicile you do not have the ability nor the right to vote. We have owned property in several states to include Colorado, Kansas and Texas. We paid very high taxes in these states. Larimer county in Colorado taxes unimproved vacant property at a commercial property rate. We were taxed heavily yet we could not vote where we owned property and we’re tax.
    Let us stick to the wishes of the founding fathers and leave DC alone.

  10. If they get statehood the NFL team should be named the Washington RedStripes. Named after their state flag.

  11. D.C. wasn’t meant to be a State, just a location where the government could do business. If it wants to be a State, D.C. can give the land back to Virginia and Maryland.

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