Why Biden Needs 'Discipline To Be Presidential' To Get Big Things Done 1

Why Biden Needs ‘Discipline To Be Presidential’ To Get Big Things Done

The Washington Post's David Ignatius writes in a new column that Biden knew well how to be a senator but now he must have the discipline to be presidential to get big things done. The panel discusses.
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  1. Best human skills, very few in the world has these skills.
    Be content
    Be discipline
    Be self control
    Mind your business

    1. @Yanski Arbuckle
      Is that why Trump’s businesses are down 40%?
      Then Trump must be skipping through the weeds gramps.

  2. I think Joe has this fantasy of returning congress to some magical time before McConnell showed up. Someone needs to convince him it ain’t gonna happen.

    1. Have you ever heard of the phrase “can’t never could do nothing” it’s for people that take the bull by the horns like, our President

    2. @Diana Beebe, actually no, I’ve never heard that and I’m over 60. Have you ever heard the term “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”? I would bet that you have.

    3. @foosgoalie sorry about your luck Jr, I’m a little more hopeful and confident about the future than you are “especially now that President Biden is in office” …not playing tit for tat with you I’ve made my point, deal with it ~toodles, you may have the last word

    4. Joe Manchin shares that fantasy. About this issue of ‘bipartisanship’ they are both delusional.

    1. is he good? didn’t he called fauci back and ignored when his emails came out? while joe is president, nothing will ever happen to fauci

  3. Political religionism issue still rampant in north America….does not really serve the country except to tear it apart

  4. I feel confident Joe can get it done.
    After two weeks in 2017, Trump caused me to lose faith in him.

    1. after 2 months, joe called fauci back and made lose faith in him. fauci will never be jailed while joe is president. we need the truth

    1. @Jock Young u mean like the racist farmers aid EO that discriminated based on race
      or his moratorium on deportations when he became president that cause the border crisis
      or allowing a pipeline to be hacked for $5 million causing a fkn gas shortage
      if u think thats reasonable then u aint feeling the problem yet…

    2. @Shanan Alexander “Yes we now have non racist people working for our country now.”
      except burdens farmers aid policy that discriminated based on race…

    3. @Make Racist Afraid Again I am so glad that trump is no longer in the White House because there would have been way more deaths than there already is. I have faith as well. These people mocking will sing a different tune when they go without masks and catch the virus. There’s already been people who followed trump’s opinion about it- that it would eventually go away, and one caught it. He said he wished he hadn’t listened to trump.

  5. Why is anyone trying to tell President Biden what to do? We still have Trump running rampant telling lies stirring up his cults, leave President Biden alone! He’s trying to fix the damage that Trump did!

    1. No. Infact, he is only making things worse with his inflation, his lack of transportation, his pricy plans, and his mass executive orders. He is less likley to become a good president than he is to fixing his dementia.

  6. Joe Biden also realizes that even thru a conversation of “Global Warming” we’ve been interrupted by “Global Warming. He cant use it as a sacrifice .

    1. What did braindead Joe’s index cards say about global warming that he had to read from?
      I’m just curious about what is happening now, global warming and global cooling because all the scientists agreed on both..so, which is it?

  7. Ignatius.. Know it better guy. Biden will do his job well. He inherented a mess and chaos. That is the reality. Biden is doing a great job. Little steps.. But great results for the American people.

    1. burden is causing the chaos with his EOs
      like the racist farmers aid one that discriminated based on race
      or his moratorium on deportations when he became president that cause the border crisis
      or allowing a pipeline to be hacked for $5 million causing a fkn gas shortage…

  8. What he really needs in both The House and Senate to do what’s right for the American people, not just their own needs.

    1. More people need to vote for the right leaders. It’s really that simple. The GOP is not trying to move this country forward. We need to vote them out of the way.

    2. Hopefully, the democrats will gain even more seats in the House and Senate in 2022 so that the rest of the GOP can stop kissing up to Trump. He’d be left with a handful– Marjorie Traitor Greene, Gaetz, Ron Johnson, Mo B and tuberville. Fearing their own seats and the WH in 2024, I think they’will drop him like it’s hot with the added benefit of no one encouraging his offspring from a run. Hopefully, the Lincoln Project will endorse something like this as a way to prevent yep from running in 2024.

  9. Just why is it so important to find out where the virus originated?. Over the centuries there have been bunches of epidemics. All of them started somewhere and none started in a lab.

  10. It’s really amazing how much more efficient things are running now. The difference between poor leadership and competence. The fact that we’re actually looking forward to improving our infrastructure is something I hadn’t imagined. The last administration and the GOP really set us back so far.

  11. If the leader is a disciplined person..I can only hope that the country’s people too will be disciplined enough!.Just like the verb..”Follow the lead and show a good example?”.

  12. Unfortunately the Republicans can’t really see further than their own noses, or ambitious eyes. Deny, deflect, disparage is all they know. I can’t see Biden bringing it together with Republicans. Biden will need to move ahead with those who will go with him. He should set a deadline for the bills he wants to pass.

  13. I, personally, have never doubted Joe Bidens Discipline. Regardless if can agree with him or not, Joe is an Organized Hard working Politician.

  14. Here are the top 10 pointers for Joe moving forward:
    1) Stop commenting on the physical appearance of other leaders’ wives and daughters
    2) Stop commenting on the physical appearance of underage girls in your audience
    3) Know what you’re going to say before going on camera (rehearsal may be a good idea)
    4) Take fewer questions (if that’s possible) as your answers are largely incoherent or nonsensical
    5) Don’t whisper into the microphone, the things you tell the members of the press aren’t a secret; you just seem creepy (well, creepier than usual).
    6) Decrease the length and frequency of silent pauses in your speeches and answers to questions
    7) Stop making up fictitious stories about your life experiences in and out of politics
    8) Keep to the script your handlers give you and continue only calling on pre-approved “journalists” with pre-approved questions
    9) Stop making (overtly and covertly) racist and sexist comments
    10) Take the cognitive test! You won’t be able to improve until you have a full understanding of your deficits

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