Only Two Republicans Vote To Approve Jan. 6 Select Committee 1

Only Two Republicans Vote To Approve Jan. 6 Select Committee


New York Times Congressional reporter Luke Broadwater, former Senator Claire McCaskill, and White House editor Politico discuss the next steps to investigate 1/6 after the House voted to establish a select committee.
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    1. @The D Mueller said that he was not allowed to charge a sitting president. Meaning that if Trump was anybody other than the president Mueller would have charged him with obstruction. Just the facts.

    2. @The D Well, D-bag, Im NOT about to go through over 100 comments to see what I said, so Ill just assume that youre a D-bag!

  1. Big surprise. The seditious, corrupt, GOP wont support an investigation of their crimes and malfeasance.

    1. @kissmyaass1
      You can’t possibly believe that. 500 people arrested because they were “walking leisurely “through the Capitol ? What a load of BS

    2. @Ted Roe lol….those who were involved on Jan. 6th were arrested,and are being prosecuted and investigated. Dems are just plain crazy and a bunch of wackos that much can’t be debated.Last summer was the thing ever for this country.

    3. @David Cat Watch the videos,most of the people there were “mostly peaceful”. What is a load of BS was last summer

    4. @Raptango_NA Ok. I will pretend you are genuine and suggest something to you using an analogy. Have you ever been out to a club or bar? Lets say 2000 people are in a club partying like they do every weekend. 10 people start a fight towards the end of the night when most people have gone home. Was it a party night or a riot? If the police turned up and arrested anyone they felt like who was outside the club because they attended does that make those people culpable for the 10 idiots? Now you are asking if Democrats should help to provide bail assistance to law abiding citizens who were practising their first amendment rights? Well, all Americans should want that. If you want to know if the Democrats condemn violence and looting just Google “Democrats condemn riots” to see them all saying it. Who has killed more people so called BLM or right wing loving GQP enthusiasts? I know you know the answer. I mean, aren’t you stroking your AR15 right now? Orange man could have just listened when Colin Kaepernick silently, respectfully and peacefully knelt. Imagine being an American means having to beg on one knee for a basic right.

    5. @Andrew Scott Yes I am. The democrats encouraged law abiding citizens to enjoy their first amendment rights. Not to loot and grab new HDR 65″ screens. That is a dumb talking point from the right. Search “Democrats condemn riots” in google or here to see the evidence. You know that though. You also know that dRumpf pretended that there was no such thing as white supremacy. Whilst his presidency culminated in the confederate flag being flown in the Capitol and faeces being spread on the walls within by his supporters. Those burning stores and local businesses are not Democrats they are criminals and the difference is ALL Democrats want nothing to do with those who burn and loot. The GQP however, defend those that they ran from on Jan 6th. Tell lies about the normal tourist day while we watch the footage of them barricading themselves on the floor of the Capitol and Pence running from the gallows GQP had erected with the help of the secret service.

    1. @kay grace Wow! You’ll go to any length to try and state that Trump’s supporters didn’t engage in an anti-American attack on the Capitol and American democracy on 01/06/21.

    2. @Mr. Smith You’ll go to any length to try and state that Trump’s supporters didn’t engage in an anti-American attack on the Capitol and American democracy on 01/06/21.

  2. Whatever the GOP strategy is at this point, I think it involves the demise of us all. If this is an anti-GOP echo chamber it is very convincing. I have no idea how either party would think the country could move on after what happened without more in-depth explanation and full accountability. The GOP is not interested it seems.

  3. Let’s just be honest….”I don’t want to lose my salary . It’s not about the countries well being it’s about me,me,me

    1. @Rob Eigner Agreed 100%. As long as we don’t adopt their greedy self serving attitude. As I suspected, you were speaking about them, not yourself. We’re on the same page, methinks.

    2. @Brian warshow Had to go back to what I said. I believe everything I wrote and history backs up my comments about Obama. I voted for him but he didn’t push the agenda he promised for two reasons: republicans ended up controlling the other branches and the Democratic National Committee took over and bought elections and basically told Obama what to do. Watch Progressive websites and listen to Justice Democrats as they fight the corporatist Democratic party. My original comment about the first commenter not being sarcastic sticks and people who don’t agree with what they said are not in touch with what’s actually going on in politics in Washington DC and around the country. We need to get rid of lobbyists, corporate donors, national party influence and simply let the voters decide. Also get rid of media who blatantly lies (not just giving their opinions but actual lying). We want the truth and We can handle it.

    3. ​@Wayne Allard If that’s all that’s bothering you just stop watching football it is a stupid sport anyway.

    4. @vudu8ball it’s not football that I’m talking about,,it’s the national anthem.. okay.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis of course the elected officials and the co founder of the blm org encouraging this destructive behavior on camera.

    2. @liza french NO, they did NOT encourage that. The only destructive behavior was from the far right,

    3. exactly, so – to turn your question (and for those who don’t understand your sarcasm, sigh) why are the GOP voting against this bi-partisan investigation ? They pretend it’s all FBI, Antifa and BLM, so a bi-partisan investigation is the most appropriate approach to disclose all the real facts. Many questions are open and need an answer. It is an essential investigation to reinforce the democracy that has profoundly been hurt and still divide the US citizens. In other words: If you are a strong defender of democracy you can’t vote against this investigation.

  4. i love what the lady did at the end here not saying the names of mtg and gomer. they’re looking for attention and by not saying their name it takes a lot away from them

  5. You’d think repubs would jump at the chance to prove Hillary caused 1/6. They love investigations… right?

  6. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The American people have everything to gain and nothing to lose by this investigation. Republicans have everything to lose and nothing to gain by this investigation.

    1. @Skankhunt36 Sure! The dude had one job in life, I would hope there’s a Jeopardy board up there for him at least!!

    2. Yeah, shows the Republicans are not going along with the lies of the absolute vile and Godless and evil democrats. Thank God. They are starting to stand up for American patriots and not bowing down to the absolute vile and Godless and evil democrats. I guess things can change.

    3. Out of all the choices we have had so far..the chick from the big bang theory did the best job. She had Alex’s delivery and manurisims down.

  7. The Republicans would vote to jail their spouses if it served the party and their future electability. There are no lows too low.

  8. If I was a sitting Republican congressman I wouldn’t want an investigation into my parties recent attempt at a violent coup to overturn a recently held election.

  9. Maybe we should start telling Republicans they aren’t allowed to investigate the insurrection.

    1. U’d really think so wouldn’t u lol. Imagine commiting a crime, then being able to prosecute urself. Insanity.

    2. Who cares what they investigate ? It’s just another partisan attempt to keep Donald Trump in the news , in an unfavorable light , and it won’t end till they’re certain he’s not running in 2024 . The guy is gone , get over it ….it’s interesting that there aren’t any concerns about rising violent crime , a porous border , rioting nonstop in many urban areas for 4 months and runaway debt …..Trump is history and these things are not .

    3. @tinman oh, I’m well over trump lol. It’s generally considered a good idea, to make sure your capital is safe in future though.

    4. @tinman blah blah blah blah.. People have every right to know if members of government had a part in January 6th.. End of story stop side tracking.


  11. Only two? That’s so weird, since everyone in the GOP has “so many questions about the event”

    There must be some way to get to the bottom of this!!!

  12. Republicans could not be bothered to vote for a commission or committee. They are embarrassing and aren’t backing the blue or the USA.

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