Why did Finland’s PM lose? Reporter explains the key issue voters cared about

Finland’s left-wing Prime Minister Sanna Marin conceded defeat in the Nordic country’s parliamentary election as the opposition right-wing National Coalition Party (NCP) claimed victory in a tightly fought contest. #CNN #News


  1. My best wishes go out to the People of Finland, that they find peace and harmony in their beautiful country.

    1. Ok thank you. I guess Finland is already one of the most peaceful and harmonious countries in the world but of course, we can always do better.

  2. As a Finn living in Finland this is quite interesting – will our government shift to the very right? I don’t think so. Finland always wants to have a consensus government. We have 8 ‘major’ parties but in this election for the first time there is some indication that we would have ‘Blocks’ as in Sweden, i.e. right wing and left wing.
    But in Finland I don’t think it will ever happen as we have a relatively strong Centre, Green and Left parties.
    So in the end – consensus.

    1. @Tom S I just assumed it was the nato thing if ww3 is just around the corner Finland needs someone who will fight

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  4. Could be the blatant “rules for thee, but not for thee” leadership style that so many are found if nowadays.

  5. “Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river. ”—Nikita Khrushchev

  6. I said this many times: American “right wing – left wing” thinking does not apply to European parliamentary system where you can have 10 different parties and things that are unthinkable in America (like Christian conservative socialists) are perfectly normal.

    1. It is interesting that at the parties that came first and second in the Finnish election are both on the right, so you would think that they would ally with each other in government. The party that came first is pro business and more like the pre Trump conservatives. They like the EU (EU rules simplify doing business across the continent), NATO (cooperating with other countries on defense makes you stronger), and are pro immigration (with a highly educated but aging population, immigrants are needed to take on lower paying less skilled jobs, like care work and greenhouse farming). The party that came second are more like Trumpian nationalists. They are anti-immigration, and originally anti NATO (because it feels like putting defense more into the hands of other countries), and they have cynically picked up the votes of rural Finland claiming they support farmers against the EU which they claim are foreigners that threaten Finnish farmers and forest owners with strong net zero climate change policies. Two nominally conservative parties with opposing policy outlooks are going to find it hard to work together in government. Which is why the somewhat racist/xenophobic Finns party might be excluded from government in preference to working with others, and possibly even Marin’s Social Democrats.

    2. ​@Tom Broderick The vicechair of the National Coalition already came out in an interview saying that it would be hard to work with the Finns party because they are so starkly opposed in immigration and other social issues. While the Social Democrats have said that because the NC softened their stance on some social support issues, they see the possibility of working together as possible and just in need of some negotiation on where the government would stand on some issues, but quite willing to work together.

  7. Her Hornet discussion promise was a bit over-revving because those matters need to be first agreed with the relevant domestic instances, but she went completely solo on that, and just before the election. Now with the “loss” in the election it looks even more silly.

  8. In Europe right and left are not American right and left. The right in many European countries matches Bernie Sanders.

  9. I guess the people don’t really want to eat bugs 🤷 maybe they want better for themselves and their country.

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