1. nope..the government is the biggest weed dealer..they sell a ton of weed a month..let that sink in..a ton..how many grams is that..

    2. And who was in charge? The Feds. Who broke the treaties? The Feds. Who let the Catholic Church loose among the children? The Feds. Who should pay? The Feds.

    3. Canada is a corporation in the business of unlawful foreign governments and is registered in Washington D.C. – Canada is also a Commonwealth colony of the British Crown, a subordinate of the Vatican. Canada has never been, is not, and never will be a country. This corporate colony has been bankrupt since confederation and will continue to operate as such in perpetuity.

    1. They won’t be paying for it. As always the government can do what it wants and the taxpayers foot the bill. And that’s why they continue to commit atrocities globally since long enough ago.

    2. no..only the “party” who is against it..but hey..the Japanese got 20 grand payout with only birth certificate proof ..no inquiry ..no jury to judge the,story of pain..to say yea or nay..just a check .no one disputed that….

    1. You’re under the illusion you have a say..sorry…after you vote..thats it ..you’re only input was that x

    2. @J2B aka ChampionBwoy🏆 Canada has the receipts for their purchase. You might know it better as ‘Treaties’. You can always buy it back with all you tax handouts if you really want.

  1. I see no problem in paying out the “children” involved but to include parents and grandparents seems excessive….the children yes but it seems like just another cash grab by indigenous parents and grandparents,enough is enough!

  2. Thought the payouts happened years ago. Unbelievable. Just keep paying those taxes to fund the perpetual victimhood.

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