1. O’Toole should do exactly the opposite if he is a true leader. I mean, if political leaders should always just follow suggestions of scientists, then why not get rid of thIs middleman and just have a scientist committee rule over ppls lives.

    1. Well…I would say that you should have scientific advisors as well as economic advisors, and other advisors from various fields. As a leader, you listen to what they all say, then you consult with your cabinet about what they all feel is in the best interests of the country, and then you, as leader, decide on a course of action.

  2. Brian should try telling him that pandemics violence homelessness starvation and pollution never really produces happy happy afterlives in the sky.

    1. @john15008 I was there and I know why Brian had to bring in the GST. Just like a future gov’t will probably have to raise taxes for Justin’s mess.

    2. @Darlene Aitken Why do think the GST was introduced? If you believe it was purely for revenue generation, you’re quite naïve. Bottom line, it works for Canada and no party has suggested its abolition since 1993.

  3. That implies no MP can ever disagree on any topic which makes their party useless if they boot out MPs who disagree. Definately not a democratic suggestion.

    1. No, not at his hotel. Brian Mulroney already learned his lesson from Karl Heintz Schreiber. Remember the Olyphant investigation?

  4. Terrible, let’s vote independent. I will vote for those booted out of caucus, because they would be independents already elected

    1. And still he was elected a few more times than Erin O’Toole has! What does that says about the Present CPC party?

    1. It’s not about antivax crap, it’s about leadership.. One rule and everyone must follow the same rule.

  5. The last time I voted Liberal was when he was the leader of the Conservative. Went for Turner instead. I would ignore any advice from this guy.

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