1. @Johnny Wallop You like aggressive people?
      The conservatives I talk with are rather aggressive, when they talk about turning the other cheek. Some want to start a civil war!
      Of course many are posturing, but they have a greater disdain for lawyers.

      Popular joke, “What do you call 200 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?”

    2. @Cheecher Chonger Fox News subscribers: 9.38 million
      CNN subscribers: 13.8 million

  1. I was so worried about Chris’s health, it’s been few days he hadn’t made a video on Trump. I wonder if his dreams are all about Trump.

  2. It’s like watching a bitter ex fall apart but they lied and abused u so much all u can do is smile at their rabid psychosis and they can’t move on

  3. In English common laws, the losing party is paying for the legal fees for BOTH parties. May be there will be less nonsense and frivolous suits if the US is adopting this practice.

    1. @James Bookman i know my sister got all her legal fees paid back so hate to tell ya it’s already part of the system. Thinking you want it as a standard part is a god awful horrible idea as poor people would be excluded as the now it’s a money game. Better to teach people law and ditch the lawyer

    2. @Some Dude just it happened to your sister doesn’t it apply to everyone else. The court can decide to get the loser pays for winner but it can also not decide to do so. Only in British common laws that the losing party will pay for the winning party.

    3. @James Bookman get real. She’s a nobody do if she can anyone can. Thus it’s already in the system. Be real.

    4. @James Bookman it’s a horrible idea anyway. Just one more way to poor people couldn’t win on court. Why would anyone want that.

    5. @James Bookman if I had money and you don’t I can simply drag it out 8 years I win you pay. Bad bad system. Makes sense it would be English then doesn’t it.

  4. “Why CNN loves talking about Donald Trump every day.” He really lives rent free in your heads lmao


    1. You lot can talk about hurt feelings lol 😆 How many times did Trump hurt your lots poor little feelings on what’s now Elons Twitter 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Everyone should watch the film Where’s My Roy Cohn? This twisted mind was a mentor for Donald. It gives 1 a realistic feel for his dishonest way of thinking.

  6. This video should instead be titled: “Why the government loves trying convict Trump … and never wins”

    1. @Joe Marcucilli Good idea deleting your comment little guy. Your anger issues were on full display.

  7. TDS is real. Regular ppl are busy living life to care about those people. 🤣

  8. I hope he wins the lawsuits. I hope Kyle Rittenhouse also wins the lawsuits! Suing mostly for the same reason, afterall.

    Unlike most people, Trump is holding you all accountable. He will take legal action, not stand by and watch

  9. As Sir Leopold Amery admonished Neville Chamberlain…”Depart, I say,
    and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.” Amen.

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