CNN goes to frontline city where Ukrainians remain amid constant shelling

CNN's Sam Kiley goes to Severodonetsk, Ukraine, a frontline city in the war with Russia, to talk to Ukrainians desperate for resources as they live amid Russian shelling. #CNN #News


    1. @Dom W. Did you finish a bowl of soup for your dog ? We in Russia say, “What’s the hello, that’s the answer.”😃😃😃

  1. 300 brave Ukrainian Spartans are holding back an entire Russian Army of 200,000 demoralized Russian soldiers in Mariupol. Poems, songs, movies & legends are made of such heroic men. SLAVA UKRAINE

    1. @Joe ROGAIN You better count the dead Ukrainians 😉 Bots like to talk about 20,000 dead Russian soldiers, but for some reason they are silent about Ukrainian losses.🤣🤣🤣

    2. @shah 101 I don’t know where link leads and frankly don’t care. What I see is someone who won’t write or support their own dialog. And I’ll keep doing the right thing as much as I can. Take care,,

    1. Right after this many years of lying to us now we believe everything they say? Humans aren’t that stupid

    1. Yet we allowed millions in Afghanistan and iraq perish for 20+ years and we did nothing while this conflict between 2 neighbors that we’re once one country we are giving so much attention to. Where is the double standard

  2. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein

    1. 你不是说将种族问题写入教科书非常有必要的那个机器人吗?你的机器程式翻新了。🎃🎃🎃

    1. Buddha, never make nonsense. Unfortunately, you will never understand that. Live, and let others live. You only know about violence, dollars and weapons. Never feed birds bread under the window. They bother you. There is money in your genes. You suffer from “gold rush”.An incurable disease. Much worse than cancer. Suffer, still, 1 billion of you. Let the rest of us, 6 billion, please 🙏 you, let’s live.. Wherever you “defend democracy”, the grass no longer grows. (What kind of “democracy” are you defending in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Angola, tomorrow in Taiwan … etc?). You are acting, unfortunately, like Nazis. (where are Indians, or ancient people on American Continent?😉Ban everything .. Athletes .. Even cats. Burn everything that is not to your liking (Jews in 1939). Known?). Please understand that there is not only one side of the world – the West. There is three more. Don’t play poker It’s a bully, a game full of scams and lies. Switch to chess There are no cheats and lies. Chess is a game of the intelligent, the game gets calm and smart Strategy. No violence. Poker players aren’t exactly chess players .We lived without you. We will live without you. Truth is only one. All the best

  3. Abusivos, ya Les llegará El karma y Veran lo que se siente, el ostigoso siempre llora por SUS pendejadas.

  4. Blessed be the memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy,who strived forever valiantly to restore freedoms took from our country. May his dream our eyes soon see; A World of Love and Light and Peace.

  5. Oh my heart breaks. A man lays there dying of cancer in the middle of this. Certainly a double hell. Prayers

    1. And his dying is merely the most obvious or visible. There are all kinds of people dying from things that on any normal day might have been nothing more than an inconvenience. Even diabetics could be dying after days or weeks without insulin, for example. People with oxygen because of lung issues might suffocate when their tanks of oxygen run out. Etc.

  6. There’s going to be a lot of prejudice between these two countries after this war is over🤔

  7. Absolutely shameless how they attack innocent civilians. How can this be even happening at this time and age !

  8. The delivery of weapons are unbelievably slow. Who ever is in charge they need to jail them for incompetence and replace him.

  9. When countries & NATO were engaged in diplomatic talks with Russia they were only appeasing Russia. Giving Russia the benefit of the doubt they would adhere to the promises they made. But Dean Rusk had it right when he said “Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive”. It’s certainly turned out to be true with Putin.

  10. “When it’s bad?!” – Amazing tenacity! We in the safe, unthreatened US cannot understand how folks are surviving. Our government and all free ones need to help this end!

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