1. Guys, he was just inspecting the ramp like he was inspecting the bunker. He’s in great health. Momentum!

    1. If Trump ran down the ramp, CNN would be doing a story about how racist it was to run or walk briskly down a ramp, and how Trump used the ramp to crush Illegal immigrants and destroy the environment. You can’t win with these people– anything Trump does is evil, and all his supporters are supposedly klan leaders, or something, you know– because the mainstream media hates him and regular Americans who voted for him. Trump is a childish egomaniac, but still had better worldviews for real American citizens than Hillary or Biden– which is sad. Trump, for all his faults, is still taking on real issues that real Americans, who foot the bills, care about. The leftists are more concerned with putting men in women’s bathrooms, open borders, “free” everything, communism, cultural Marxism, destroying the family, replacing dads with a check and nanny state, emasculating males, silencing free speech, looting businesses, giving kids hormone blockers, taking your guns so they can run over you in the streets, and climate change hysteria, etc. Nothing on their platform makes any sense, but it makes people feel morally superior and is parroted by the fake media daily.

  2. Judging by what some involved with his “Apprentice” show have said, that may be public intoxication more than just bad health.

  3. If “mental and physical stamina” is a requirement – what about IQ, and a conscience?

    1. @santa fe, bantayan island life No. You are very confused. It’s TRUMP who is an incompetent, unqualified, malfeasant looney toon.

    2. HAHAHAHAHA I see mentions of Trump’s IQ being 156, do some people actually believe that? Yeah right not only a genius, but a very stable genius, indeed! Also of note, NOBODY even bothered to argue that he had a conscience…

  4. great video, can’t wait for the next one, “Why Presumptive Nominee Joe Biden’s health matters”

    oh wait..

    1. mister kluge don’t start man Hillary’s health wasn’t allowed to questioned. No one made up anything about her health she had a massive brain injury and was caught on video fainting and being carried to her SUV

    2. Exactly! Doesn’t matter! Anybody but Cheetolino! He can keel over after inauguration as far as I’m concerned!

    3. @mister kluge the one who passed out and has medical devices hidden under her butt ugly pant suits . And you mean ” killerly ” right ?

    4. @Gas Johnson plus her maniacal laughing and uncontrolled head rolling around like a dash bobbing toy .

  5. Meanwhile joe “can we have him sit down for the debate Biden.” Over here is in his peak clearly right?

    1. They try to hide Biden from the cameras and audio devices, as much as possible, as he doesn’t even know what year it is, or what he is running for. He is just the face and name recognition they need to get older voters and moderates. Once he is in the White House, they can further their agendas through the nutty new age progressives that run the VP spot and cabinet.

    2. You mean the Biden that RAN UP the same ramp and has never suggested anything as remotely stupid as injecting disinfectant?
      That Biden? Or the one in your fevered magat dreams?

  6. I love how people make fun of trump for taking hair growth medication when my friend has alopecia and probably takes the same thing when nobody can say anything about transgender surgery

  7. …..Hey, CNN—-When you gonna do a segment on “Leaders with Dementia”—-and the Dangers of Electing Them??

    1. What do you think this video was lmao. A man who thinks airports existed during the revolutionary war or forgets his own children.

  8. “…slippery,” my aunt sally’s shoes! He wasn’t holding on to anything. Grandpa is OLD – as is reflected in his THINKING! NEXT!

  9. And then he, of course, had to lie about running the last ten feet, which is clearly false.

  10. Correction : we also know he had ‘bone spurs’ which prevented him going to do his patriotic duty which of course he was itching to do 😐

    1. You do know that Biden also avoided the call to draft five times, the first through claims of asthma and the last four because of attending college? He admitted to doing so. Also, in his memoir “Promises to Keep” he talks about having an active childhood, a job as a lifeguard, and being an excellent football player during high school. That doesn’t sound like someone with asthma.

  11. TRUMP 73 in second term, JOE ALMOST 80 first term, do the math🤕♿😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆✔

    1. I rather have Joe at any time. I do not see them coward of Rep men running for President why because they are scared of him. But Joes not. And I give Joe credit for that.

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