1. Yesterday I saw pence tell them to stress it’s because of more testing! How do they discount the lives of people who have and will die? Just because they want a strong economy? I guess Darwin was right, survival of the fittest.

  2. How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

    None, Trump just says it’s fixed and the rest of them sit in the dark and applaud.

    1. the marxist party whom focus on gaslighting can no longer cover up the frauds and one of the frauds is to control the way we think by controlling the narrative and disallowing libertarians and conservatives a platform because cnn equals cia

    2. @ANTHONY R.C. liberals and cnn do not care for our flag. They would like to run up the cia as a flag that Is who they serve

  3. Doctors and nurses say wear a mask. Politicians say who needs a mask ?
    I think I will stick with the medical community and dump the political hucksters.

    1. @Obama’s Ugly White Momma So you listen to the guy who lies every day of the week, cut his own taxes, obstructed justice, corrupts the DOJ, tried to strongarm allies, approves of concentration camps in China, did squat with Kim other than be a sucker, betrayed the Kurds, tried to sic the military on American citizens (though thank God the military leaders/generals said that was NOT right), and shot pepper chemicals on peaceful protestors so he could pander to his religious base with a Bible he never reads. Okay.

    2. because your eyes are exposed then do not touch anything because god forbid you touched something that touched something covid then make the sound bahhhhh baahhhh so we know your a lame stream media go along get along

    3. @Freebie Babe medical professionals like in new york that our people on ventilators that did not need them to kill them so they could collect $40,000. I dont think doctors and medical professional are trustworthy at this point.

    4. @Dave S hey dave save it Donald trumps people are lovers not destroyers. These are people responding to Antifa and that is an admittingly fascist organization and bLM which is a shell company for DNC. Trumpsters want to build the economy. We believe everyone should be prosperous and have a good life. Nope that the mainstream dnc gaslighting

    1. @fasteddie don’t waste your time on these sheep….they want everything handed to them on a silver platter…..no critical thinking….thats why judging by all of these comments, they believe all of the BS MSM feeds them. Bunch of media puppets.

    2. @Keith Mc heres another sheep example of going by MSM and the ST Hopkins fear porn map. Good luck living in fear.

    1. @TheDCGuitar13 Hey DC when they inject you with crap which you have no idea what the evil and corrupt government might do it might be covid. Covid gets killed with wormwood and other things so chill out. Do not promote vaccines because gates is being indicted right now in africa for his experimental vaccines. Did Cnn report this?

    2. @Judy Ives How did you feel about the riots? Did you voice such objections then? The ship has already sailed after that point. Time to live life, you can’t hide from this disease (which BTW has a low kill rate). A vast majority of the dead are old and sickly. Very few people outside these categories die. So instead of bringing things to a screeching halt for everyone maybe the vulnerable people need to think for themselves and avoid these types of gathering? You know, like in life you have to make your own decisions about what’s best for you unless you are a child or mentally disabled? Also did you notice we had a shutdown for 3 months and we ended up with those 120K dead anyways? States that have had loose rules did better than the states with draconian measures such as New York, NJ, MI, Connecticut, PA etc.

    3. Are you aware that the death rate has been falling consistently since the beginning of May and is now only 32% of what it was at the peak?

  4. Good God, imagine that – science remains the same, disease remains the same, mathematics remain the same, magical thinking remains the same.

    1. fasteddie: if you dare you might take a moment to fact check this blog! You might be surprised!

    2. real science deny cov19, it not exist its a hoax, paid “scientist” are lying to sink US economy

    3. @— Yiekster Realize the President is trying to have a really in Jacksonville and now all of the sudden there is supposly a rise of deaths in covid-19..? Forcing Mandatory mask? Yet when the protest happened there were no cases or attention by the media? This is to obvious.. Every American should not fall for this scam! Who here knows anyone having covid-19? The hospitals are not even full! It’s Election year, wake up they are trying to strip our freedoms.

    4. @— Yiekster It’s my blog. The article has over 60 links to academic literature, scientific reports and amended legislation. Please specifically tell me what source is inaccurate and why?

    5. @Alla Veles if you could, PLEASE, for the rest of us….explain the EXACT REASONS WHY “they are trying to sink the economy “????
      First, who, exactly are “they”…give us a list of names
      Second, tell us why it benefits ANYONE to “sink the US economy ”
      This is your premise, this is your platform. We’re all out here, waiting, for you to give us some, really ANY, basis to back up your “logic”….

    1. Realize the President is trying to have a really in Jacksonville and now all of the sudden there is supposly a rise of deaths in covid-19..? Forcing Mandatory mask? Yet when the protest happened there were no cases or attention by the media? This is to obvious.. Every American should not fall for this scam! Who here knows anyone having covid-19? The hospitals are not even full! It’s Election year, wake up they are trying to strip our freedoms.

    2. @Art Work the pictures a seen from jacksonville…at least 90 percent had mask on

      chances are that the non wearing mask people were the trump supporting “boogaloo boys” that have been getting arrested across the nation for inciting the protestors to riot and some have been busted for killing cops and plotting to kIll cops ( california …texas and JACKSONVILLE FLA….) to blame on the protestors

  5. I happen to live in Miami-Dade florida, where we lead the state in COVID cases, and i can tell you that the leading cause of transmission here is stupidity. nobody respects social distancing.

    1. look I am 3 hours from you guys. I am on the space coast and what you are saying is true. It is like something is pulling them. This is no joke. I sent this video to our family group and told them now you all play with it

    2. Obama’s Ugly White Momma …your English is incomplete sentence, it’s not understandable. 😛😛😛😛

  6. The countries that have the best record in dealing with the virus all do the same thing…………………Social Distancing,improving personal hygiene, testing and then isolate people who test positive.

    1. @Jane Queen Yup. And thus far enough of the public, those who frankly, couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag, have fallen for it. It’s just tragic

    2. Yeah. We are also making everyone wear a mask in hospitals. Nobody can go back with patients, they have to wait in the lobby. The chairs were removed, then placed 6 feet apart to force social distancing because people are idiots and don’t care. They have a system in place where you have to call when you arrive at the hospital and get checked out, for when things get bad.

    3. @fasteddie There is one tiny problem with your idea…This is a worldwide pandemic. And there are many countries that are dealing with this pandemic smartly and are safely starting to open their economy without having the spikes we see here. They are getting their lives back in stages and doing well with reviving their economies
      So, your misinformation strategy idea you have is full of crap. What we have here are dumb people listening to terrible leadership who don’t seem to understand that the health and safety of the population plays an important role to regaining the economy.

    1. @fasteddie Your article has an authoritative voice rather than that of a scientist. But you do write well.

      You seem to have drawn some conclusions about how a viral infection should be detected. Recognizing a full gene sequence of Covid-19 would be too expensive and the assay would take too long. For efficiency the lab tests focus on the neucleotides that differ from the SARS virus (CV-19’s ancestor). But to do that they need enough genetic material to begin analysis – that’s where the PCR comes in. Once there is enough material they cut it up using restriction enzymes like CAS-9 and isolate the pieces of interest. The wikipedia article : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_testing is a good place to start.

    1. @Ozzie Filmlover “How’d he even get elected?”
      Two things happened:
      Far too many of We The People thought that nobody would actually be stupid enough to vote for a former game show host that bankrupted a casino.
      The poll numbers said that Clinton had it in the bag, thus too many people become lackadaisical, thus either didn’t bother voting at all, or made the mistake of voting for third party candidates as they thought that it was safe to do so.
      We know better now, so those mistakes will not be made again in November.

    2. Because Trump already had a plan that is within 200k death. So he got 90k death remaining. R.I.P 90k more to go. That’s so wrong.

  7. It is amazing. My wife and I didn’t expect a pandemic, but we were shopping for a month or a few months. I had masks due to sometimes working in my house that required them. We didn’t go out much unless a Hokkaido buffet. So I am saying we are old and by the grace of God. We were only doing what we do and it helped us, in this pandemic. It was not pre planned, but we know how to survive and had been preparing and didn’t know it. I was sick for 2 months. If covid19 I don’t know. I was sick , constant coughing and just feeling horrible, temperature was only 101.5 covid19. I don’t know. But we had all we needed to help me. All I am saying is this is not over. Do not believe Trump nor Pense or FOX. Be safe. I survived. Will you?

    1. @IcedMorning We are not blaming Trump or anyone. Things happen . It is how people take care of and handle it.

    2. @socal rocks thank you. We were just doing what we do. Old as we are. We shopped for a month or two and just went to get what got low. I feel sorry for all of the young and older people who were not prepared. Not just shopping as in case. We didn’t know, but was somewhat prepared. It isn’t over yet. 16 young women went out to party together. All 16 got Covid19. That was stupidity. How many of their family members did they infect? They said it. They knew the possibility, but partied anyway. Please stay safe.

    3. @IcedMorning like HIV? They have something to stop it inside you, to stop people from getting it, but no cure? Just asking. If there was a cure. Would they tell when patients and insurance pays at least $ 5,000 per month per person? If they told look at the billions they would lose. Not concerns about complications, bit monetary losses. All medications have side affects / complications.

  8. Is “therapeutics” the new word of the day trumpty dumpty learned today in his bunker?🤣😂

  9. Protecting the economy will end up prolonging the pandemic and inflicting more damage on the economy

    1. it’s been 4 months of this….

      You’re going to stay indoors for another 8 months? We’d all die of starvation if we all thought like you.

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