Why investigation into Proud Boys was one of the ‘most complex’ DOJ has ever taken on

Attorney General Merrick Garland addresses the seditious conspiracy convictions of four members of the Proud Boys. CNN's Jake Tapper breaks it down with his panel of legal experts. #CNN #News


    1. @Emm Peterson  You don’t want to discuss your God anymore? Is it that you’re happy to force your beliefs onto others but too scared to defend them when challenged? Or were you offended when I shared my beliefs about your God with you?

    2. ​@Old Ben KenobiThe fictional character works in fantastical and mysterious ways, it’s not our role to question yet, merely to acquiesce, play along with the charade and most importantly…..dig deep into those pockets and give 10%

  1. The bureau of prisons needs to be careful to keep them from becoming heroes and recruiting in prison.

    1. @PJE Tucker: “So after years of dedication and service, it’s so long and good luck?”
      Fox News: “I don’t recall saying good luck.”

  2. J6 choir are about to add new members. And their lead singer will be there soon to make their new hit “Stand Back and Stand By in the Prison Showers”!

    1. @Carlos C Lara not much. over two years and not a SINGLE higher-up even charged. pitiful.

  3. Congrats to the Justice Department for doing their job at a high level.
    Stand back and step into your cells-Enjoy your time! 👏🏽

  4. Our generals have been brain-washing our recruits since Bush declared war after 9/11. I remember the last thing one of the ‘Chief of Staff General’s’ giving the commencement at West Point on CSPAN around that time. He told the gradutating officiers, “Don’t worry boy’s, our God is much bigger & stronger than their God!” OmG! Those words sent warning shivers down the backs of those kids. This was our top general sounding like a Sunday morning preacher begging for money.

  5. I would charge anyone that walked through a broken window, downed door or over broken glass. If someone walked in through an open door and they just walked back out, they should probably get a pass.

  6. IMO- good conviction – serves as precedent to future followers; they are the doers of the architects’ master plan of the coup, the architects & those complicit should be next. All rounded up.

  7. I’m so glad these evil people were convicted. If this had not happened, the behavior would be repeated in the future.
    People need to be responsible for their actions. No mercy should be given to anyone participating-in and/or leading this type of wrongdoing.

  8. The funding around the Jan 6 groups should prove to be very damning and alarming. We will eventually see money and organizational support from outside of the United States to have been a huge part of this and the overall Maga movement, with the people on the ground being a mixture of willing conspirators and unwilling dupes.

  9. Great news on these verdicts! 🥳
    Long sentences and more convictions to come, hopefully 🙂

  10. “We used space-based satellites, 10 fighter jets, a team of 40 ninja assassins,, and 30 Chinese spies, but we still couldn’t figure out who Ray Epps is.”

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