Why Is Fox News So Obsessed With Vladimir Putin? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Why Is Fox News So Obsessed With Vladimir Putin? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Does the old adage, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend,' possibly explain why Fox News is talking about Russian president Vladimir Putin in such glowing terms? MSNBC's Brian Williams takes a look. Aired on 03/20/2021.
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Why Is Fox News So Obsessed With Vladimir Putin? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Thank you for the education…follow the money…corrupt people always lookung for people that can be bought..oligarchs code for rich criminals…

    2. Anyone who had a soldier die or a family member die in WW2 is not gonna be down with this (no complicity)

    1. Remember When fake news MSNBC was focused on Putin and trump Russia collusion lies for four years? What changed?

    2. If you point out that the Media is taking everything Trump does or says OUT OF CONTEXT, the democrats Voters attack you by saying you do not even know what the Word ” Context ” Means. This is what the left does instead of being honest,

    3. Build Back Better?

      RECAP – of the Biden/Harris administration –

      – A loss of 70,000 jobs in oil.

      – Over 100,000 ‘secondary’ jobs lost in private sector jobs dependent on pipeline jobs

      – Ended energy independence for the United States.

      – 21 states are now suing Biden.

      – Created the massive invasion & growing daily on our Southern Border now in crisis, with a 1000% increase in illegal migrants crossing, dismantling Trumps Border security & ‘Stay in Mexico’ Policies

      – The invasion crisis so bad that China Joe Biden Just BANNED ALL REPORTING from the Mexico border. ZERO ACCESS!

      – Gas Prices skyrocketing up 40%
      (Experts predict OVER $3.50 by summer)

      – Russia’s Putin mocking Biden & threatening nuclear war & demanding a debate : Biden hides

      – China & North Korea threatening Biden seeing a weak frail man

      – Biden falling down steps multiple times on Air Force One

      – Continues to refer to Kamal Harris as “President Harris“

      – Repeatedly forgets the name of his own cabinet appointees

      – Unemployment Numbers RISING again

      – Antifa (just an idea right), continue to riot and burn down Portland and Seattle.

      – First President in history to go this long without holding a news conference

      – Sent our troops that were in DC to sleep on the floor of a parking garage, in freezing temps, with cars parked there and one bathroom. But the WH made them cookies

      – Created a new glass ceiling for girls to hurdle, ruining so many chances for scholarships with his “progressive” transgender programs allowing boys to compete against girls.

      – Created a new federal property mask mandate, which he broke countless times already.

      – Is now allowing illegal immigrants to be counted for representation in congress.

      – A complete halt on student loan forgiveness that he promised.

      – A complete LIE on the $2000 stimulus check he promised.

      – He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of insulin.

      – He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of epinephrine.

      – Rescinds Trump order banning Chinese Communist involvement in US power grid

      – $1.6 billion in gross wages now lost.

      And – 8 Chinese bombers, 4 fighters, and 1 sub-hunter just breached Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, crossing the Taiwan Strait

      But HEY, at least China Joe Biden hasn’t tweeted mean words.

      And, we have a woman Vice President.

  1. there’s being a fan out of spite, and then there’s compromised, and I have to say fox news is acting a lot more like the later.

    1. @#Notapartisan I take it you’re a spam commenter, and this was supposed to be a response tailored to a standard partisan attacks comment.

      But my point isn’t that fox news is acting partisan, it is but that’s not the point. The point is they are acting more like Russia had found one of there MICE, and is using it. Which is a much scarier prospect.

    2. @roguedogx Murdoch is an internationalist who makes complex deals around the world. How hard would it be for him to plant spies at Fox ? Propaganda channels are a thing that traveled during WW2. Tokyo Rose for one. German broadcasts for another. I see Fox as a useful tool for somebody with sinister intentions. Who that really is, is unclear because they work through replaceable surrogates, and stay behind the scenes.

    3. @#Notapartisan you’re a spam bot aren’t you? For some reason they tend to leave spaces between the end of a sentence and a question mark.

    4. @roguedogx Everyone who comments and disagrees with me is a spammer, hurr hurr. Is that the best argument you can come up with? A spam bot doesn’t directly reply to someone. What a tool.

    5. @Josephus S no they do. Their designed to drive engagement on a particular comment. So they will even reply to themselves to drive engagement.

      You can usual tell it a bot when it sounds like Alexa on when she’s having an off day.

      But given the space between the question mark disappeared I assume I’m talking to an actual human now.

    1. @Combat Central ty, perhaps with dem leadership “intelligence” won’ be oxymoronic like it was with repub “leadership”.

    2. @Jesse Bianchi fair enough. But the Senate Intelligence Committee came out with bipartisanship and said there was no direct evidence of collusion.

    3. @Combat Central uncle vlad isn’t stupid enough to leave tracks. collusion was never the real issue, obstruction was and there is blatant evidence of that.

    1. @Demo Crusher Well done and congrats. You’ve proven me wrong If you haven’t figured out that Fox News is propaganda I’m amazed that you’re able to put complete sentences together. But it looks like you can. They must be doing great things in special ed classes these days.
      Fox is the US equivalent of RT TV.

    2. @Scott Ryals The left hates anyone that has a different opinion but I do not watch Fox, I am not a Republican. I voted for Obama. MSNBC reminds me of Yahoo News and their old Comment section.

    3. @Scott Ryals — Recently ABC showed America a Clip taken from a Gun Range in Kentucky and told Americans that the Footage was the Turks slaughtering the Kurds. Lies, War Propaganda,, Media corruption. Pushing War as a Means of Smearing our President… This Is a High Crime and Treason.

    4. @Scott Ryals the irony of you sayin Fox is propaganda while watching MSNBC.
      MSNBC is in love with China and the inhuman treatment that is being done over there. Biden and China are far worse.

    5. @Mitch Garbeno Let’s see . . . you are watching MSNBC while claiming their programming is propaganda. Yeah, that makes sense. Where’s my Troll Be Gone?

    1. @DefineMeAsOne How far do you want to take the logic. I simply pointed out a well known ‘fact’. If you or anyone else took that as an insult then you are worthy of your own comments. The old saying is : You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Insults are vinegar, and they sour the message – was my point ! An insult is often taken when none is given. You just shot the messenger. The point is still valid. Deflection tactics make you a Deflector, not a Contributor to discussion, dude. I can write as good as you can, and I know how to deliver a message that is based on logic. Deflection is not a valid counterpoint, it’s a decoy, and that makes it a dummy. I prefer the real thing. Define me as un-impressed.

    2. @#Notapartisan I never insulted you or implied anything so try again. There is nothing for you to argue against because my arguments are sound while yours are flawed by definition. “I can write as good as you can, and I know how to deliver a message that is based on logic. ” Then you should have. Your point was soured by you insulting him. You are not the messenger, you’re just like him. Your statement had the similar structure to his “insult, followed by argument” therefore it should be treated the same. Here let me help you out a little. Change your comment from “Only morons begin a conversation that way. It negates everything you say dude.” to “Starting a statement with an insult can negate what you say dude”. That’s how you deliver a message without insulting them. Do you think he will listen to you after implying he’s a moron? or was that not your point, to make him learn? or were you just trying to insult him? If you think what you did is any different than what he did, that’s textbook hypocrisy. It’s better for you to change and grow rather than deflecting from criticisms.

    3. @#Notapartisan I can’t believe I missed this part of your comment “If you or anyone else took that as an insult then you are worthy of your own comments.” If you truly believe this then him calling them a moron is also not an insult (by your standard). Therefore there was no reason for you to even comment. However you did, and you said “Only morons begin a conversation that way” which is implicitly stating “you’re a moron” if you’re starting your comment like that. How did his comment start again? that’s right he started it by saying “you’re a moron.” If after all this you can’t see how your comment is similar to his, then Idk what to tell you man. You may not be able to change and grow as a person.

    4. @DefineMeAsOne Grammatically correct thinking would note that the word moron was not introduced by me. My comment expressed an ‘opinion’, of which there are more, than grains of sand on a beach. In an attempt to ‘educate’ , perhaps I mis-spoke. Condense it to : More flies are caught with honey than vinegar’, and my point is made. Your attacks on me are ‘beside the point’ and you don’t seem to get the ‘gist’ of the message, which is ; Be nice to people and they’ll be nice to you. To believe otherwise would be moronic. Save the insult for the very end, dude. It works better that way. Define me as ‘so advised’ mr. one. I get your drift but don’t like it. Cheers !

    5. ​@#Notapartisan Wow! you really need to do some self reflection. Where have I insulted or attacked you? You can’t even come up with it. I gave you some criticisms. Your opinion was also shared by his opinion, you both were stating one way or another the same insult. It doesn’t matter who introduced the word, my logic still stands. I don’t know if you can ever logically deduce the logical fallacy that you made. I even gave you a revised version w/o the insult but you seem to want to double down. It would be pointless to continue this conversation.

    1. Joe Biden is going to get us into World War 3 he doesn’t need a mask he needs a muzzle before he gets us all killed

    2. I want peace. We all want the same things, even our extraterrestrial beings who are our ancestors. They are watching us. Nature is watching us. All is for the Glory of God. What do you want? Up or down? Let people live. Everyone is just trying to live. We don’t get born to die instantly.

    3. lord knows the Republicans can’t get elected on the merit of their policies

  2. If Putin doesn’t like the message he kills the messenger. Distract and deflect comrades. That’s your game.

    1. @Ken Albertsen so your dad betrayed America. CIA are all traitors, they experiment on innocent AMERICANS and call it progress. They subvert and destroy and when they’re about to be exposed, they create a tragedy or attack to distract and subvert even more. They turned their sights on keeping their Bureaucracy long ago.
      “We will know our disinformation campaign is successful when the American people believe our fiction as fact.” -Director of the CIA, 1981

      Kennedy was going to limit or dissolve their umbrella of powers after the Bay of Pigs, they killed him for it.
      The US government was going to audit them, so they put charges in the base of the towers, firebombed tower 7, and detonated the financial section of the pentagon.
      Traitors now wear uniforms and patriots resist. We’ve been losing a war for 40 years and have reached and passed the final president to be elected legally, constitutionally.

    2. @Scott Ryals no I actually think for myself and don’t draw conclusions from ignorant corporate lackeys. Independent journalism is ALWAYS more honest than corporate, legacy media. So try Tim pool, or China Uncensored.
      Some of us see the real threat from the CCP. You probably have a TikTok and send all the spy data to China they want. Ignorance is just your excuse for inaction. You’re too lazy to look though. Real knowledge isn’t given, it is guarded and hidden by those who control.

    3. @Ken Albertsen the colluding illegal federal Bureaucracy that attempted and then commited a coup against a sitting and duly elected president.
      For being raised in the land of the free, you sure like those chains in your head. I bet you didn’t know DRIVING on public roads is a right not a privilege but they trained you, indoctrinated you to pay for your rights and allow law enforcement to violate your rights because “its standard procedure” or “its the law”. When the law becomes unjust, freedom becomes illegal.

    4. @Glen Johnson you don’t think then. You just parrot the lies of the party you choose. Calling your opponent the boogeyman is counterproductive.

  3. Fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch. A rich Australian. He has no interest in a unified America.

    1. The federal government has no interest in a unified America, if they did they wouldn’t trample rights and violate the document that gives them authority. Stop blaming foreigners for the problems our grandparents and parents created. If you want to know who’s responsible for the current situation go look in a mirror.

    1. The entire GOP is pretty much Trump’s cult these days and Putin is Trump’s master so it’s not so suprising.

  4. funny how the “git yor hands off my feedhum” people are always so infatuated with totalitarian dictators.

    1. These comments Are nothing but far right Q-hard on conspirator that don’t even care about this country and talking trash plus Fox Fake News Promoting these traitorous replugs dogs on their news network promoting Putin that voted himself in as a President for life a.k.a. dictator what a bunch of cork suckers Shame on you replugs dogs thx.you put this country down less than 21 months to go for the primary keep up the good work do nothing Repugs dog

    2. It hasn’t always been that way. There was a time, decades ago, when the GOP had a bit of decency and self-respect.

    3. California is a totalitarian state. There is 0 opposition to the Dems’ lunacy. I remember liberals carrying around Mao’s little red book. Not fonda jane cavorted with the communist Viet Cong.

  5. I thought that I was the only person who noticed the 4th of July that Republicans spent in Moscow waiting for Vladimir Putin to , to meet with them, and he never showed up.

    1. Both then and now the Republicans have shown where their true loyalties lie and they ain’t with America.

    1. Laughing. Which, is which, appears to be a matter of opinion. Hate is bad karma. Don’t you hate that ? Still laughing.

    2. @#Notapartisan — Remember when Yahoo Banned using Clown Face emoji’s on their Comment section. And they also Banned Happy Smiley Faces. What kind of people ban Happy Smiley Faces ?.. Yahoo had to shut down their comments..They lost CONTROL. LOL..

  6. This makes me think of the silence of the lambs when Clarice says “the lambs just stood there. Confused.”

  7. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” You’d think that our past dealings with the likes of Ho Chi Min and Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti would have taught Fox something. But history simply isn’t their strong suit.

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