1. Youtube also needs to be responsible, since they are blocking me from deleting hateful and rascist comments. Thank God for Apple integrity. 👍. Not always about the bottom line. You need to vet your employees for bias

    1. Half of the medications and the materials needed to manufacture them come from china…just like Trumps stupid red hats and flags are made in china….thrump and his kids managed to obtain over 100 trademarks from China during his term…if you looked into the process of getting just one it takes quite a while..months to years

    1. And trump and his kids they managed to obtain over a hundred trademarks from china…that’s where his stupid red hats come from not to mention his flags…..kinda sad when you hear him push this America first thing…he hates others dealing with China but when he does it it’s ok? Then again you probably don’t realize the cr you own or the device you use to troll youtube has components from china…

  2. They care more about their employees than republicans care about the citizens they represent….with the way covid is spreading it sure would be nice for some airlines to stand up and limit flights into the states with high Infections and the hospitals that are out of space in their icu’s…

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