Why It's Time For The DOJ To Criminally Probe Trump's Effort To Overturn The 2020 Election 1

Why It’s Time For The DOJ To Criminally Probe Trump’s Effort To Overturn The 2020 Election


Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney, and Devlin Barrett, national security reporter for the Washington Post, discuss the increasing amount of information in the public sphere that suggests Donald Trump and his supporters were acting out a plan to overturn the 2020 election and the point at which a criminal inquiry into Trump's actions is warranted. 
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    1. @jon armstrong So, you’re saying that you aren’t indoctrinated? You can’t speak for everyone, so pipe down.

    2. @Fritz Haselnuss I would want Americans to understand what a huge danger the Democrats and their Administration pose for our country as we know it. I would want to…

    1. @Donald Schaefer Both me and you know nothing will happen… You can believe in God as much as you want, but you have sinned, and you will burn for it.

    2. @Søren K Jessen Don’t include me in your cult. I believe in Jesus first. God, country, and guns. That is what has made America

    3. @Kent Talsma your still stuck on Trump and “Q”?
      They are living rent free in your paid troll(or fbi) head I guess…..
      I guess it’s hard for you to get over them when you make a living pushing a narrative against them, huh?
      It’s too bad you couldn’t stay on subject. Have a great day!

    1. To all Trump supporters: This is what is known as evidence. Letters, first-hand conversations, etc., and not somebody’s opinion.

  1. “How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”
    ~ Samuel Adams

  2. if we cant get trump in prison or at least a prosecutor with enough balls/ovaries to EVEN CHARGE HIM then its really shocking we got this far as a Democracy and it was a good run while it lasted

  3. Any other individual in this country would gave been charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced. So, there is two laws in America.

    1. @Søren K Jessen they see and hear only what is convenient for Donolf Trumptler, but call the dems sheep. Falling down the ledge blindfolded for the orange dictator wannabe!😉

    2. @AirleadJoe Miranda True, it’s impossible to have a debate with people not living in reality.

    3. False equivalencies no longer hold any weight with me THE EVIL 45’$ the sorest loser on the face of the earth and if you don’t think so perhaps your living in that alternative reality that’s been written for the slim chance the earth is flat and he isn’t a demented self serving Traitor along with the authoritarianism he represents 👎 He’s like Dennis the Menace on crack with the blood of innocent victims on his tiny paws

  4. Finally! Never again, we must make sure these behaviors never enter our highest job in the land again.

    1. Finally huh.. are you sure that this time they really got him.. even though there was evidence in plain sight that he was a spy for Russia.. no. this time for sure….

    2. @Tom Varela have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe you aren’t getting all of the facts? You know that uneasy feeling you have? There’s a reason it’s there.

  5. “Whats done in the dark will be brought to the light” Johnny Cash: gods gonna cut you down

    1. @Craig S Tell me…. Did we create the universe or did the universe create us? It created us. What did it create us out of? The same stuff it is made out of or for the sake of the conversation, itself. You are as much a part of the universe as it is a part of you. Do you have a consciousness? Yes and if the universe is a part of you then it has a consciousness

      You should always question your existence and the world around you for there is more to life than meets the eye.

      Live the best life possible and may the force be with you.

    2. @Craig S or at least that is how i have come to understand it or believe it to be….find your own truth but always keep an open mind and heart. The moment you assume you know everything is the moment you might as well assume you know nothing.

    3. @spymaine89 Actually, as Trump’s lawyers admitted in court, (yes, it’s in the record) there is no evidence of massive voter fraud. Which is why they were chastised for filing frivolous law suits.
      If you could read you would know that.

    4. @spymaine89 Hmm interesting. You all say trump should be president and we all say Biden should be president. Thankfully i have a simple solution for this problem…..we should all take a vote. Oh wait we did….and i hate to be the bearer of bad news but Biden won. Now stop being a snow flake and move on with your life we the people have more pressing issues to deal with. I.e. climate change which you probably dont believe either.

      If you trump loyalist disagree with the election then maybe we should all take a vote lol but i doubt youd accept the results for they will not be in your favor. If you cant accept any results then maybe you should clear you head and come to the conclusion that you just simply cant accept results that you dont agree with….like trump. Cant accept something you just cant accept…its sad you have allowed liars to mold your reality to fit their malicious needs and wants. If you only knew you had the power to free yourself from the lies you have been taught

  6. TY for calling it an insurrection!!
    This was so much more than a “riot” and I think it should be called out for what it actually was….an insurrection!

    1. Yet nobody was charged with insurrection and no shots were fired by the “insurrectionists”. There were 500k conservatives there….if they had wanted the Capitol they would have taken it. Why were police letting them inside like a tour?

    2. MAGATs,are so brainwashed. Poor souls,it’s going to take quite awhile,to get them deprogrammed.

    3. @Jon Kelley I worked for a long time,so I’m enjoying my socist,Medicare and Social Security. If you’re not yet,retired, you’ll be getting it too. Unless you’ve never worked in you’re life. So YEAH”! I’m a Socialist.

    1. @Aliza Kessler Oh.My.God. Really? Can you read? Do you watch the news? Have you read the Constitution?

    1. The FBI know exactly where he is.. no need to be on a most wanted.. if he was the would have already arrested him.. mean while he has the United States Secret Service protecting him.
      Im pretty sure the secret service would know if he is guilty of treason as so many of you are so certain..

    2. @James Smith Yet he is protected by the United States Secret Service.. are they now also collaborators?.

  7. The evidence is sound, can some one in the justice department do their job. For the most sake, he’s a citizen and should be treated as such.. he must be stopped from spreading Lies. THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM.

    1. dont need DOJ state people power decertify 2020 election state by state we have evidence and the peoples votes

  8. Never have so few gotten away with so much at such a high cost to the nation. There is no law against prosecuting a sitting president. There is nothing in the Constitution. It was just a memo in Barr’s office to allow Trump to commit criminal acts with no constraint. No one is above the law.

  9. I believe everyone around must have felt a dictatorship when resignations started then the idiots whom did not know what they was signing up for

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