1. I don’t get it. Don’t understand the money. However; I adore….Loki. Therefore, all is well. 😛

    2. TRUMPs got 2020 !!!!
      I’m focused on 2024, I’m thinking Nikki Haley, Tom Cotton or Ron DeSantis.

    3. Abby Broyles
      Mark Kelly
      James Mackler
      Jaime Harrison
      MJ Hegar
      Steve Bullock
      Sara Gideon
      Cal Cunningham
      Jessica Scarane
      Mike Espy
      John Hickenlooper
      Barbara Bollier
      Al Gross
      Raphael Warnock
      Jon Ossoff
      Paula Jean Swearengin

    1. Hank THE Patriot politics is the best money in town, why work for a living when they can lie, cheat and steal it plus retire and get permanent healthcare on our dime. Nice huh?

    2. The Senate will remain in republican control,
      The House will turn republican
      Trump will win the White-house.
      The American’s people have always and will again reject democrats neo-communist socialism. The only thing unknown is how many democrats will jump out windows to their deaths after Nov 4.

    3. People tried to get big money out of politics, but the liberal majority
      (at the time) Supreme Court decided no.

  1. It’s easy, do you want “Trump Republicans” running the country??? Any Republican running is a “Trump Republican”. That was easy to explain.

    1. Just Your Average Introvert well said my friend , let alone the bigley tax break they gave to corporations or the 1%. They have forgotten the back bone of America. It is not corporations or Wall Street ( ?% of of stocks owned by foreign interests) oh forgot the fn trickle down lmao.

    2. You must be out of the loop. Trump is not a Republican and previously was a Democrat. Republicans let him run on their ticket in 2016 because they felt he would split the vote and they wouldn’t win anyway. The Republicans don’t like him because they can’t control him, and he is not beholding to any donors. That’s what makes him a great President. He is considered a populist President.

    1. KY politician Charles Booker stated Amy McGrath was a pile of bull💩………and he’s a Democrat. If that doesn’t speak volumes about her character, I don’t know what does.

    2. @Pam Schobelock
      I pledge allegiance
      To the old man
      ruling the 50 States of America
      and to the kleptocracy for which it stands 50 states under a dictator with no liberty or Justice for minorities

  2. Whether or not McConnell will lose his seat is not the question.
    Whether or not he will lose the majority in the Senate is very much in question.

    1. @bryanatwku That extra amount has been used to make COBRA payments that provide the medical benefits many lost when they were laid-off. These payments are costly…then there is food, auto insurance, rent, and other necessities.

    2. Matt Grant, my point was Amy McGrath seems to be more pro-Trump than Mitch by her own words. So if you are anti-Trump, it would seem to make more sense to vote against her. If she is being deceitful, then that is a terrible way of starting a political career. Isn’t lying why we are supposed to hate Trump to begin with?

  3. Mitch McConnell might be the worst republican in America but he’s the most successful human turtle hybrid ever produced.🐢

    1. Kentuckians are smarter than you think. They know Mitch is on their side and any Democrat voted in will sell them out to Communists.

    2. James Johnson 150, 000+ and rising people dead from mismanagement and lies about COVID is not pro-life. I imagine there were good Christians among them. Let’s not pretend we know what Gods plan is, that is just prideful. If you think evil can do good, it can’t.

  4. Am I the only one who’s uncomfortable with the fact that a senate or any race in a democratic republic is so dependent on big money ?

    1. It’s not big money we’re talking about here. There are individual donation limits, used to be $3700 each for primary and general, or $7400 per individual per candidate per cycle. But in general, each candidate gets maybe a few hundred of these max donors which add up to like 20% of their total, with the next 50% coming from people giving between $250 and the max, and the last 30% from people giving less than $250. Each candidate here likely has 100,000+ individual donors. But Big money IS a problem, created by the Citizens United ruling where it was decided that corporations are guaranteed the right to political free speech, which then created Super PACs of dark money, no need to reveal donors, and donor contributions are unlimited. These groups typically spend as much ans candidates themselves, but nobody know who’s behind them. As least for candidate financing, you can do research on their donors, and believe me, we do. Hint: greedy businessmen who want sprawl but want the local communities to pay for it rather than the developers donate to Republicans.

    2. @Major Minor My history degree is reality. Get literate if you want to pretend to know more than educated people.

    1. @TheInternet0987 Ok said I was done but are you kidding me?? What are you 5? Is that all you have after this is “I know you are but what am I??” LOLOL I already know your answer – No you are 5! lol And you still have not admitted you read my comment wrong or that you quoted facts out of context and then accuse me then accuse me of doing that?

      Typical trump supporter. Not interested in facts, just spouting false narratives and when caught all you have is elementary school comebacks and even dumber comments. Thanks for reaffirming just how right I am about people like you who voted for bunker boy. You are all indeed dumber than rocks. LOL Peace out!

    2. @James Ludwig You made the comment to Stephen Brand “our problems were caused by a virus the came from you guessed it a liberal socialist country” Are you comparing China to the Democrats in this country?

    1. MVVpro there not gonna let there man fall at the last hurdle. They clearly are thankful he got the sanctions lifted off their men


    2. It’s corrupted them because there is no term limit. Term limit in the sense that you should be only be able to hold office once or twice and that’s it.

    1. @Master Temple Neither Hillary nor Bill are president.

      Meanwhile, you ignore the BILLIONS that dRumpf has received from the Russians

      Hypocrite much are you ?

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