Why Kevin McCarthy Is Opposed To Bipartisan January 6 Commission

“Given Kevin McCarthy's title, his role in the insurrection and his call with the President, one can imagine he does not want to be a principal subject in the inquiry,” says Chris Hayes on why House Minority Leader McCarthy is now against the bipartisan January 6th commission.
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  1. He’s afraid that half of the Republicans will end up in jail that’s why he opposed to the commission

    1. If these extremists/”representatives” are not voted out with the sense of urgency it demands, no one is to be blamed for the Country being completely lost but We the People/Americans.

    2. I know by stating that the insurrectionists and insurrection were/are unbelievably misguided is an understatement but I think it is safe to say, what happened on the 6th should have been reserved, meant and exactly what should have happened but to a government attempting to go the way of the Republican-Party/Republicans?

  2. Orange Mango Mussolini and his Karen army suffered the quickest defeat in the history of quick defeats.

    1. @Asi Shn Okay, let’s get this all out in the open. If Biden is guilty, let’s prove it. Put your money where your mouth is.

    1. I don’t think Ro forgot the Democrats. It’s just that the Republicans have been fire hosing the lies at us for years. Democrats May lie now and again, but it’s not nearly the same.

    1. @Brian Jones I live in Seattle near what was called the CHOP zone. I imagine you would say my city was also “held hostage” but here is the difference between those protests and Jan 6. If the BLM protesters had smashed the windows of Seattle’s City Hall, hunted down our mayor Jenny Durkin, zip-tied her, installed a new mayor of their choosing, and declared themselves to be in charge of the city, they would have been doing something comparable to what Trump’s rioters did on Jan 6. But they did not do this, or even attempt to do this.. And the Capitol rioters weren’t just attacking a city, they were attacking the entire nation. Do you see the difference?

    2. @Brian Jones pathetic reach to equivocate peaceful protests of the systemic killing of black people by cops for sport, to an attempted overthrow of our government

    3. @Brian Jones just curious, are you what the right-wingnuts/Republicans commonly refer to as a snowflake? I would really like to know, because beyond ridiculous, I believe YouTube/Google follow me around continuously nuking my replies for fear a snowflake’s fragile sensibilities might be offended? Offended to the point the snowflake might not only immediately melt but get the urge to go out to “exact” some sort of “snowflake-insanity” upon an unsuspecting individual/citizen/American?

    4. @Brian Jones more than a sneaking suspicion, it might have something to do with snowflakes, snowflakes under Alphabet’s employ?

    1. Imagine an investigation ordered by Hillary Clinton based upon faked evidence that she paid for. Imagine leaders in the Justice Department conspiring to charge Donald Trump with that fake occurence and falsifying evidence presented to the FISA court. Imagine MSNBC going along with that fake investigation for purely political reasons. And this stretches on for 2 years. This is why MSNBC has such horrible ratings and has zero credibilty. MSNBC believes they can get away with this because social media censors the truth. I hope you are happy siding with BLM and ANTIFA murderers.

    2. @CL I know. Apologies if I came across as offensive. Sarcasm is often lost in these politically heated forums and tumultuous times.

    3. @Gary Willis but what about benghazi? We investigated a non story there for years because American nationals dead, but Jan 6 was just another tourist day like any other. We’re coming for your guns and bibles too after we take all of your corrupt politicians down

    4. @CL This is not Stockholm Syndrome, this is guilty people positioned on the inside of an invistegation they should bee kickt out of.

  3. Love that picture of Trump felcher McCarthy holding a right hand up to his head like he is making a cell call to one of the insane voices in his head.

  4. There needs to be an investigation into the biggest domestic terrorist attack on American soil since the Oklahoma City bombing.

    1. Big difference between civil unrest and terrorism. Different philosophy, different objective. Read a book or two.

    2. @Marvellous132 Oh do tell, you hypocrite? What was the difference? Oh that’s right, there isn’t any, it’s just you being a hypocrite, as previously stated.

    3. @Deron Harper Really? Okay. The summer riots were investigated. You can’t handle the truth. If you could, you’d have already read the FBI reports on Minneapolis. I’ll give you a hint: BLM didn’t riot. Neither did Antifa.

      The president and political figures didn’t directly lead the violence in Minneapolis. Also, the insurrection isn’t the first time President Trump tried to over throw the government. The Million Maga March started off as peaceful marches, but as the day turned to night, the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois, and white supremacist groups turned violent, just as they did in Minneapolis. They burned black churches, businesses, cars.

      The same groups in the Million Maga March were in the insurrection.

      Why not allow Congress to investigate? What are you so afraid of?

  5. If I were 20 years younger, I would become a history teacher “JUST” to make sure every student knows exactly what Trump and his traitors did Jan 6th.

    1. Joe biden walks into a bar and sees an attractive woman sitting there. He sits next to her and asks her, “do I come here often”

    1. @cwall rollins : Agree. The Republicans are not interested. Deflect, deny, delay is all they will do. Ignore them. Have the commission convened anyway or have the DOJ do it.
      They don’t want to play ? …… Fine, take your ball and go home Kevin.

    2. @Zed137 Those antifavand BLM protestors/rioters/(failed) insurrectionists must be of Navy Seal Quality because not a one has been apprehended out if 400+ indictments, so far!

    3. @hpqz hpqz That’s what I say — McCarthy is in the minority. So, the democrats should just run with it and have an investigation regardless of McCarthy’s wants. The investigation doesn’t have to be conducted on a bipartisan basis any more than the current Arizona audit is bipartisan. HEY! Maybe the Ninjas can investigate, yoo. Haha. The reason Kevin doesn’t want to participate: –> We all heard what he said DJT told him on the phone during the failed insurrection. Let’s hear him say it again to congress, under oath during a televised session. PERFECT.

  6. Sounds like somebody doesn’t want to get subpoenaed and have to speak truth under oath…which I would say he already is under oath.

    1. That is the true basis of objection: the commission would deliver a subpoena and take his testimony under oath. He would have to explain the content of his call to the Orange Faced Mendacious Flim Flam Man and his flip flops thereafter.
      Even the most willfully stupid constituents who put him in office would notice the contradictions.

    2. McCarthy will perjure himself for sure. The truth under oath? McCarthy has the same pathological liar gene that Trump has.

  7. My opinion about him being a part of the negotiations was to see what they would be looking for w/in this scope. Some of his Republican co-workers may have been involved and they don’t want to be unearthed!

  8. Of course he does. He will be held accountable for his own word’s and actions .
    He is running scared.

  9. Kevin is like the Karen. No matter what happens, just pitch a hissy fit if it doesn’t fit your narrative.

  10. When I was a teen, I objected to my mom looking under my mattress for dirty magazines. Makes me wonder what McCarthy is hiding about Jan 6.

    1. ‘ my mom looking under my mattress for dirty magazines. ‘… Was it to throw in the bin… or was she going to use it?

  11. Macaroni McCarthy is opposed because he knows he’s first in line when the subpoenas are sent out‼️👀🤦‍♀️

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