Why Nanos thinks calling a public inquiry is inevitable for Trudeau | TREND LINE

CTV News' Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos discuss the poor diplomatic relationship between Canada and China after a Chinese diplomat was expelled from the country.

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  1. No one cares what David Johnson has to say. The Canadian public will settle for no less then a public inquiry and shouldn’t.

  2. forget an inq….. lets push jagmeet for an election. canadians don’t want this govt anymore.

  3. “Hey, Nick”…. Why don’t you do a poll and ask Canadians if they would like to get to the bottom of some of the scandals that are tearing my Country apart? You can even say “PUBLIC INQUIRY”… yes or no?

    1. No one has paid him to say that, yet. Don’t worry, as he has a poll indicating 40% of Canadians are for a public inquiry and 70% against.

  4. Pollers call all the time asking political questions. None have ever asked if I favored a Public Inquiry on various Liberal scandals.
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    Environics Research Group.
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  5. lol what happened today with Michael Chong was a joke, Conservatives should not talk about public inquiries again

  6. Trudeau could ask his Uncle David Johnston for advice on this ? …You know, the Uncle from the Trudeau family cottage life ….

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