What does Bill C-48 mean for violent repeat offenders in Canada’s bail system?

CTV's Kevin Gallagher dissects the federal government's newly tabled Bill C-48, and how it may improve public safety in Canada.

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  1. Anyone have a say in these Bills? Anyone? When’s the last time you had a say in anything? This is called a democracy, if you live in Bizarro World.

    1. If the public had a right and a way to know and vote for these laws being put out it could change the landscape of politics honestly. I didn’t even know about this bill until today.

    2. You don’t get a say, you get a say in who gets a say, hopefully you voted for someone that thinks through problems clearly, takes advice from professionals, and listens to their constituents.

  2. If you want to fight crime you go where the crime is no matter who is committing the crimes. The public needs to be protected not a political tool for votes..

    1. @Leslie Ross You didn’t answer my question. How can this be “vote peddling” when we’re not near an election?

      Further more, how can it be “vote peddling” when it’s something that BOTH sides of the aisle were asking for?

      Seriously, conservatives will cry about anything when they’re not in power. It really is pretty sad.

    1. I know murderers who confessed in recorded interrogations and they let them walk free from the trial. Meanwhile, I’ve been harassed by RCMP and denied licensing for years despite zero criminal history because of their feelings. The whole system is beyond broken.

    2. @Vovin Oh yeah? Name names. I’m sure if they were confessed murderers they’d have some public record. But sure. You getting pulled over for speeding is “harassment by the RCMP”. You’re such a victim.

  3. If the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is thar respected in this country, Bill C11 should never passed… give me a break!!

    1. Oh yes, sorry I forgot how flip flop double standard Liberal government is with their values… I shouldn’t bring that to the table…

  4. Even if not enough – just get it passed asap and we’ll add more later! Laws can be built incrementally, you don’t need cover everything every time….

  5. There needs to be a threat assessment for any ‘youth’ related offenses, because there are freaking psychopaths among children who knows about these and exploits it, or you have crime syndicate exploiting the loopholes to enlist children to murder or commit crimes knowing they get out later on.

    1. What you’re saying, started happening after the young offenders act many years ago if I recall.

  6. I don’t know. Perhaps they will take persistent problems out in the back and make them permanently disappear? 😂

  7. Does this not mean that the law does not apply equally to everyone when accused of certain crimes? You can be a repeat offender and innocent of a crime you have been accused of.

  8. 15years ago I took my law class to a local court. One of the accused, a drug dealer, with a record of fifteen arrests related to drug offences was indeed let go again. Plus he had ties to a Vancouver gang… w T F? Catch and release is exactly what happened. I was shocked. The police of course throw their hands in the air in disgust.

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