1. People like this man never learn until something horrible happens to them and by then its too late then we can say too bad too sad

    1. @tom williams but is that a core principal or just them twisting the ideology into right wing capitalist dogma? That’s always been my view of Rand, he’ll find any way to align his libertarianism into shilling for corporations with the rest of the right wing.

    2. @mc365mc
      As near as I can tell, they think everything should be privatized.
      No public schools even. They’re emoting the term “government schools” in an attempt to debase them.
      It’s pretty much survival of the fittest, “hooray for me and f*ck you”
      As near as I can tell anyway.
      I have yet to hear anyone describe their philosophy and not have it riddled with gaping holes when it comes to how society was supposed to function day to day.
      It is incoherent.

    3. @tom williams I think that is rationalized by their core principal of wantin the smallest Govt possible and lowest taxes possible. They belive the Govts only job is to protect the people from foreign attack and crime.

    4. @mc365mc
      I’ll pass.
      In point of fact, government workers help stabilize the neighborhoods they live in by supplying a steady stream of spending in the local economy, the most effective means of stimulating growth.
      In addition to doing their jobs.

    5. @mc365mc that’s what l am saying,
      Sarcastic Comments and finally we hear the right answer..way to go mc

    1. Rand Paul being the competent and consistent one, unlike Dr. Fraudi who flip flops and lies constantly.

    2. @Francis Peter Hi Francis Peter, There was no Russian conspiracy with the Trump administration. That was a lie CNN reported on to create civil unrest.

    3. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Hi FactsarenotdirtyFwords, Project Veritas is not as bad as CNN when it comes to conspiracies.

    4. @George Mallory
      It ain’t cachet, it’s gullible, poorly educated, low-information voters.
      If Rand Paul moved to my state, he’d likely fall short of signatures to even get on the primary ballot.
      I’m proud to live in the only state that Nixon lost in 1972.

      1. Trump knew it was a deadly virus.
      2. After all of the… “it’s nothing”, “it’ll pass”, “it’s like the flu”, “it’ll get 15 then it will disappear”, “Democratic hoax”, etc… he said… in a recording that it was much more deadly than the flu!

    2. @Paul 4 yep the great Dr Fauci had nothing to do with it?? Keep your head in the sand just like your hero Brianna and CNN want u too

      Says a guy that probably thinks Trump won the election while never polling over 50% in 4 years?
      You see… I remember Fauci going on various websites telling people what was happening.
      I remember Trump telling everybody that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed… then Fauci going on right after and saying it was!
      I remember it well. PERFECTLY!
      So… while that was him up there speaking… I don’t know wtf you were watching?

  2. You can just imagine why a neighbour was driven to punch this pugnacious senator in the face.

    1. @Bryan Uecker Fauci is an Epstein Island
      vacationer. He parties with Hunter Biden
      & Prince Andrew. When they arrive, first
      thing is they take off their pants!
      “Dr Fauci reporting for duty, Sir!”

    2. @FreshLobster Hi FreshLobster, thanks for the information. It’s disturbing knowing that the left and CNN were more interested in taking down the previous administration rather than finding out the truth. It appears like they are intentionally destroying our country…. What a shame.

    3. @Pat Mahinie There was a good book about Covid origins a year ago from the head of the center for biological studies in Italy. It’s called “Chimera”.

    1. I doubt fauci has retained his credentials, he’s not actually treated a patient in over 30 years. Too busy being a bureaucrat.

  3. I wish Paul would pick more fights with his neighbors. Oh wait. That didn’t end well for him the last time.

  4. *_Rand Paul:_*_ “The fraud happened. The election in many ways was stolen.”_

    ^ Dominion and Smartmatic should go after this guy too, get a good chunk of change out of him too! He deserves it.

  5. Paul is missing a lung; its why he does not wear a mask. Brown, who you showed a clip of got pulled aside just after that and then withdrew his comments. You skipped that part.

  6. I wish I had had a mask many times in life. People working in offices many times are careless with their own health and thus, careless with yours. In addition, they refuse to keep their distance when sick. People continued this behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic as well. It’s truly revolting how selfish people can be.

    1. Not being obese is better protection than a mask. 100% fact. Why don’t we push that onto people instead?

  7. It’s amazing to me that anybody can give Dr fauci a hard time. I hope we build a monument for this dude someday. He’s done so much for all of us

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