IBM CEO on India’s Covid crisis, AI, and cybersecurity

Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, discusses what the company is doing to help the Covid crisis in India. He also talks about investment in artificial intelligence as we transition out of the pandemic and weighs in on the need for private and public partnerships to improve cybersecurity. #CNN #News #Business


    1. India’s crisis is. vaccine. deaths. end. of. story. Don’t be fooled by all the lies on the prop. a. ganda. machines…. msm. 40K in the us alone.

    2. @J. Karpinski Sure let’s listen to the YouTube QAShaman instead of real doctors and scientists 😂🤡

    3. @Maximilien Robespierre the paid shills are here taking over the comment sections again.. .with their support of the deadly vaccines.

  1. Cybersecurity is easy, stop letting 15 year old Russians “hack you” and by Russians I mean the CIA, Chinese Intelligence Agency 🤪

  2. Why did IBM remove its Twitter presence with only the following statement: goodbye Twitter

    Seemed kinda odd 🤔

  3. 美国集中精力防备中共政府海外邪恶势力,重拳打击中共政府海外狡猾布局计划。

  4. Skyborg vanguard…
    Ai controlled fight planes as weapons…
    How long till they are hacked and malfunction???
    Who will be responsible for the deaths they cause ?

  5. Just Search on Google 🤷‍♀️

    Dead bodies in River Ganga.
    So many People are dying. 😭

  6. Indian Prime Minister is Building himself
    a Taj Mahal like Palace. 🕌

    Meanwhile Bodies of Patients are
    dumped into River Ganga. 😤

  7. I when on Foxnews YouTube channel. You see Nothing about India in their videos. Just search their YouTube channel

  8. I said long ago that there are more than 2,000 viruses in China’s laboratories. Can the United States develop 2,000 vaccines?

  9. Procrastination,that bane of human life ,does not become an affliction to the person if system . His job are broken down into small , easily -handled units, so that they are not so burdensome as to invite him to put them off .

    “Want Gold grown “on TV giving to collector is all the other words of all (………………..02)

  10. Endicott, NY, the former home of IBM, would like to thank you for sending all our jobs to India and decimating our town.

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