Why Republicans won’t stop pushing the ‘Big Lie’

Republican elected officials are still covering for Trump by repeating the lie that the election was stolen from him. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains why these Republicans — who know that the election was not in fact stolen — are continuing to go along with this, and what it says about the current affairs of the GOP.


Texas GOP Rep. Kevin Brady announces retirement

Chris Wallace Confronts GOP Rep: ‘Is It a Lie the Election Was Stolen?’

Why are mainstream news outlets giving a platform to Republicans who lie about the 2020 election?

William Barr says there is no evidence of widespread fraud in presidential election

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Producer: Paul Dwyer
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  1. Do you think Republicans are hurting their chances in the next election by continuing to lie about 2020? – Chris

    1. The Republican party are in the political wilderness and look set to stay there for years. They oppose everything that Biden is doing even when it is popular with their own supporters and he gets it done anyway, which makes them look powerless and irrelevant. They will not return to power until they completely break ties with Trump and rid the party of people like Gaetz, MTG, Boebert, McConnell, Graham, McCarthy, Cruz et al. They are going to have to work hard to earn back the trust of voters to stand any chance of winning an election but right now they are still on the way down and talk of redemption is very premature.

    2. @BlackCop PerMaran I repeat… I’ll see your Russia hoax and raise you a BIRTHER CONSPIRACY. 😏

  2. It stuns me that they back trump with all these lawsuits pending, does this mean they don’t think he will be found guilty in any of these?

    1. @Alicia Martinez And what about Biden’s 22,000 unaccompanied children and hundreds flowing into America illegally every day?
      I don’t have to answer for Trump, he’s gone now.
      You have to answer for Biden.
      You’re kinda sad he won and I can tell.

    2. Remember that 3 year witch hunt that got started through lies. 🤔

      Keep trusting those democrats though.

  3. “Stop the steal” was a third-rate freak-show featuring Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Peter Navarro and Kay-Lie McEnemy in the starring roles.

    1. @watchin’ it that’s such an inaccurately repeated CNN lie, they weren’t all Trump appointed. The ones in my home state of California for example absolutely were not “Trump appointed” and didn’t even examine the evidence that was presented to them. (Trump appointed in San Francisco?😁)
      Evidence such as actually creating their own write in ballots which 99% went to Biden and I know that’s bullshit because for the first time since Regan my home city went about 40/60 in favor of Biden which is unheard in such a blue city like mine. Just another indicator that the obvious fix was in, it is literally textbook definition voter fraud to create your own ballots then STILL count them as legitimate and added to the already tainted tally.

    2. @watchin’ it you seem like a reasonable person, what was so bad about Palin? I mean besides running against a first term junior Senator with 0 experience?

    3. @Joe Bloe you’re seriously blaming Democrats for all that?

      First off, gas prices have little to zero to do with who happens to be president. It’s based on global markets.

      The rest of your rant is gibberish nonsense that I defy you to prove a causal connection.

    4. @jane y I love how brainwashed conspiracy nuts scream “wake up” to everyone else, like a crazy person ranting on a street corner. You really aren’t in a position to demand other people wake up when you’ve been so easily duped by fact-less political gamesmanship. Have more pride in yourself.

  4. It’s all they have right now. They have not had a policy position besides NO for the last 13 years.

    1. @Rolls Royce Network dont pull that card now! you did that bs for the whole trump administration but now a democrat is in office you turn a blind eye to it

    2. @JJS 1990 I would hope your family cares if you do. You can dodge a bullet on the wave but not the variants.

    1. @adam adam remember back to debates leading up to the 2016 election, demented donny kept repeating that the election was rigged, after being pressed several times by mediators if he would accept the results, after a long pause he replied ” yes.. if i win”. This lie has been snowballing for years. The really crazy part is how come his cultists can’t see his ridiculous pattern of lying.

    1. @Scott Barry Anderson Yeah, really. They do. They are so bad at paying their bills no American bank would loan them money. So both borrowed heavily from Deutsche Bank, which is heavily subsidized by Russian laundered money. Look it up.

    2. @Charlie Lauffer Sooner or later Putin and the oligarchs/mobsters are going to tire of these fools and their inability to get the job done and there is going to be a sudden rash of defenestrations. The American news media will of course report it as Republican law makers stumbling out open third floor windows or some such.

  5. I honestly believe that “Stop The Steal” will be forever known as the slogan of the ignorant…

    1. @Andiamo66 Andiamo Guess the fake news would create echo chambers of propaganda that promote authoritarianism in the United States. Think I’ll keep my appointments, but thanks for the concern.

    2. @B. Mergler Allow me to educate you on everything that CNN has tried to convince you of and got wrong. The Brett Kavanaugh hearings, the Covington Kid story, The Fake Russian collusion, The Fake Impeachment, The Fake Ukraine story, The Fake Impeachment again, Juicy Smollet, Skanky Daniel’s and her great lawyer Michael Avenetti where is that moron now lol The race car driver and the fake noose and the list goes on and on so Yes keep up with your brainwashing appointments they truly need people like you.

    3. @Andiamo66 Andiamo Thank you. I am enlightened with the spirit the grift. Trump is the second son of God, and all who oppose Him are radical leftist sheeple. All hail Donald. All hail Donald.

    4. @B. Mergler My Pleasure. Most of you Snowflakes will continue to follow the Fake News because Truth is not your strong point. You can chalk it up to the fact that you didn’t know any better.

    1. @John Doe, might wanna learn how to spell “common sense” before you claim to have any.

      Just sayin’.

    2. @Clementine C The Left are silencers! The billionaires you all demonize as the controlling oligarchs are on the Left. Its sad that people like you are so stupid you can’t see what’s happening in front of your own eyes.

    3. @Seng-Shi Deng The Left are an empire of lies. Its all they do but you are among their sheeple.
      It’s easier to fool someone than to convince someone they’ve been fooled….

  6. Grew up in Sunday school being warned about this man my whole adolescence then those same people who taught me end up being the ones worshiping him. Life is pure irony.

    1. @seohuyllakcuf, This post is flagged as false. Our fact checking methods are not “false and misleading”. Comments are checked against a minimum of three verified firsthand reporting, publicly available documents, and original source data from independent parties.

    2. @dan dansen
      Why do people bring up what a Republican says? As if that changes everything?

    3. I guess what a republican, or anybody for that matter, says only matters if they back up your warped view of the world, huh? Anybody not believing in the big lie is not be trusted, right?
      Fine, stay ignorant, Q-boy.
      Take care and good luck – I think you’ll need it.

  7. It’s like religion… They’re going to keep saying it until it’s “true”, and you’re too afraid to call B.S.

    1. @Jacob Calham I’m not spewing anything. You sure talk a lot about the existence of evidence yet always fail to provide any. I’m sure I would have seen it by now if it existed. As for fairness, there was plenty of time for Trump’s team to challenge how the election went and his team failed to make its case. Various states did recounts and audits per their rules. Trump had the time to challenge things he didn’t like earlier, or use the power of his office to ensure the election was secure — after all, he’d been claiming it was rigged for months, and back in 2016 as well.

      In fact, after THAT election, Trump blew taxpayer dollars on a year-long commission to find “millions of votes” that Trump had claimed were fraudulent, but he shut that investigation down in 2018 with ZERO results. He did the same thing with his supposed private investigators seeking dirt on Obama’s birth in Hawaii.

      Do you notice how you’re getting played? It only took the townsfolk 2 times for the fabled boy to cry wolf before they stopped believing him. Now Trump has cried fraud at least three — no four times since we should include the Durham Report, and yet you keep looking for that smoking gun that Trump promises you. Sorry you keep getting burnt. Maybe you should stop eating up Lyin’ Crooked Donald’s BS.

    2. i don’t subscribe to the beliefs of others projected at my person. Firm boundary. I make up my own mind about my experience through this life.

    3. @D.A. Oh I don’t need to provide any evidence, do you understand what I am saying? It’s not that complicated. No one is qualified to declare that the election was definitely fair, just because you haven’t yet seen anything to convince you otherwise. You may think there is an absence of evidence, but that is not proof of the absence of a crime. Take a minute, and try to understand the gaping flaw in your own logic before you type another half-baked reply. Or please tell me what you believe is wrong with my logic so I can correct it.

      If you want to assume that the election was fair unless or until we know otherwise, that would be completely reasonable. But if you claim to know the election was fair you are claiming to know something you don’t know, and that’s the only “big lie” being told around here because no one knows. The election fairness question is what Donald Rumsfeld would call a known unknown. But you dishonestly, or ignorantly, talk as if it were a known known.

      How do you think I am being played? I have not made any claim that the election was stolen, I have not claimed, as you have, that it was fair either, so don’t stereotype me. I am purely on the side of logic and reason.

    4. @Jacob Calham Good luck in your long wait for evidence to satisfy your strict standard of what is and isn’t a fair election, and your made-up metrics to gauge it.
      Funny you think YouTube is the place for tedious discussions requiring levels of “logic” that can only be verified through omniscience.
      Forget that the state election boards in charge said it was fair. Forget that Trump’s own AG said there wasn’t fraud of the magnitude needed to have changed the results. Forget that there continues to be no evidence to help change the results in any meaningful way, nor will there ever be. Forget Law and Order. Just play your silly games to try and spin some doubt into an election that was decided in a LANDSLIDE months ago.
      Trump LOST like he loses everything. And since he’s such an awful human being and was such a shitty President, the vast majority of humans will tell you that THAT is a fair result.

    5. @eekamoose The truth is the motivation GOP. They want to see the truth for themselves. And if — a very big if that they are wrong then the whole world can all laugh right? why laugh in the dark? Don’t you want to know the truth? Ask yourself this question if, in fact, Mr. Biden won outright then nothing can change that right?

  8. We seem to have gone from the information age to the misinformation age in very short order. How it plays out is: the Truth wins, the Liar loses… ultimately.

    1. @Bystander hardly. Please define how I’m “rrrrrracist” and sexist. Lol I have a very diverse group of friends.
      I’m like rubber you’re like glue. The racist is likely in your mirror’s reflection.
      As mentioned in one of my other comments, I’m a paraplegic with waaaay thicker skin than you and I’m impervious to your insults. Try again amateur. Lol

    2. The Truth will win when T***p no longer requires the services of Oxygen. He is unique and cannot be successfully copied (Thank God!). He isn’t a political leader because he has no political policy that is definable. His policies are whatever he makes up that day. There is another group of ideologues who have this exact form of organization. A cult. T***p is a cult leader and as such he has followers. Additionally, there is no structural hierarchy. No, Second or Third in command to pass the crown to. When he goes, T***pism goes with him.

    1. I thought the Big Lie was “Russian collusion”.
      Or was it Jussie Smollet’s MAGA attack?
      Oh wait. The Covington Boys intimidation.
      No! Maybe it was the Wikileaks story! 😂😂😂🤣
      Enjoy your FAKE NEWS!

    2. Donations oh like people’s money who donated to Black Lives Matter leader bought 4 million dollar mansions and none of it to Black community sure dude yea ok.

  9. I like that they keep saying that some states (where blacks turned out in record #’s) had irregularities. But the same can’t be said about the same states in which they won on the rest of the ticket. 🤔🤔

  10. “Big Lie” – recent addition to Newspeak dictionary being used to train rat neural nets

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