Why Tennessee lawmaker brought an infant-sized coffin to state capitol

Rep. Justin Jones, one of two newly-reinstated Democrats in the Tennessee House of Representatives after being expelled for protesting against gun violence on the House floor, shares why he carried a fake, infant-sized coffin into the state capitol upon his return. Fellow state lawmakers Reps. Justin Pearson and Gloria Johnson join the discussion on gun reform. #CNN #News


  1. Y’know, if we actually reformed our system to NOT allow lobbyists, we wouldn’t have half the problems that we do regarding sensible legislation. Take all donations of the campaign table.

  2. These 3 and other TN moderates thank you for keeping us sane. Grateful u helped the clergy bring in the casket. They dont want to bury babies due to gun stupidity. Persist. We need your voice.

    1. @MMarie I care a lot about school safety. They do not. They didn’t pass a bill that would have helped that.

    2. @SMS2884 Because they’re too busy engaging in juvenile and idiotic behavior and theatre to vote for a bill that might actually help kids. They’re disgusting

  3. Present Biden says American people think owning assault weapons is bizarre. Rest of the world think owning any firearm is insane! It’s watered down even from the left wing sitting president ffs. America will never change, it’s already far, far too late for you. May as well pay my respects to the gun violence victims of the next hour, day and year, may the 1000’s rest in peace.

  4. Im suprrised they didnt mention that Tennessee Republicans passed a bill just last week to protect gun manufacturers and gun shops from being sued.

    1. @Herbert  Without a free press you don’t have a democracy Herbert. Maybe you should read a book, or at least read the 1st amendment before you read the 2nd.

  5. I love that this attack on life and democracy in Tennessee has given this trio a national platform.

  6. Sometimes a hard, cold slap in the face of reality is needed. Bringing that small child’s coffin into the chamber was just that. Made my heart hurt. How could it not?

  7. I am so honored to be represented by Justin Jones! Walking with him from the courthouse to the Capitol when he was reinstated was a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life. The only time I’ve felt like I was taking part in history. Thank you Tennessee Three!

  8. Johnson, Pearson and Jones! Please ask for healthcare reform!! Something that lasts 2-4 years, so we can really see how healthcare as a right will transform America for the better!!

    1. Pause lobbying for a while too. And with gun reform don’t do what Australia did and give money for guns. That’s like paying money to give up rights for protection. Money should not be able to replace human rights like self defense, healthcare and the right to vote. Donations to politicians is what keeps our elected officials from being upwardly mobile statesmen.

  9. One can only hope.
    Luckily for me, I live in Australia, but I can’t imagine how it must be, to know that it is entirely possible, every time you leave your home (and not even then), that you might be a victim of random gun violence.
    Even the most basic checks on potential gun purchasers, would be a start. But the obscene gun laws that operate in so many states, are an open invitation to any nihilistic gun nut/potential mass shooter.
    As a lawmaker, I would be absolutely ashamed to have fallen in behind the NRA. But clearly, many lawmakers (most notably Republicans), have absolutely no shame whatsoever.

    1. I saw how Hear the Voice almost replace the Australian national anthem… And Farnham was a replacement lead singer for LRB. But as soon as those bagpipes hit… I’m a mess with the song and the message. But we have more guns than people. Not good.

    2. I’m Australian and most people I know in Australia are pro gun and want weaker gun laws. Thanks for playing.

  10. A number of years ago 2 men used 2 little girls walking down a country road as target practice, from their vehicle.. And it wasn’t just a ” Drive By Shooting”. It was actual TARGET PRACTICE and reported as such.. As a Canadian I wasn’t shocked. We watch you. I had children the same age , not that this matters- I can love all children and dont need to be a parent. We just don’t get you down there.😢

    1. ​@Fifi Woof yes thank God we do have those 2 things to help protect our freedom ! Unlike Canadians we don’t plan on giving our guns up !

  11. What I see are amazing people who care about kids. Not one of you bring forward your personal grievances. You are focused on children. Amazing humans. Please don’t stop.

    1. @Rod Johnson
      I’m sure you had to think extremely hard to come up with such a well-thought out and astute argument! Borderline genius! [sarc.]

  12. Not much inspires hope nowadays but these young men certainly do. They are first rate individuals and destined for greatness. I also applaud Representative Johnson for her efforts in standing up to this Republican insanity.

  13. Tactics? TACTICS?!? You bringing something better? Thank you for these courageous people and their “tactics” bringing attention to something that needs a long hard look 👀.

  14. Wnderful to watch these these amazing people fighting the good fight. They do care about children. .Appreciated. Thanks.

  15. These Justins are ROCK STARS. If more young people seeking fame through sports and music would instead do politics

    1. I try not to, but your point is so valid, I did, and I’m very sad and crying now. It’s ok people should be aware of what’s going on around them.

  16. I can’t fully describe the chills I got seeing them on the show here, knowing that change is coming. When I am an old lady, I want to look back at this time in sadness. What I do not want is to keep seeing mass shootings in our country.

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