Why The NYC Botched Election Disproves Voter Fraud Myths 1

Why The NYC Botched Election Disproves Voter Fraud Myths


“Any systematic election irregularities—whether incompetence or fraud—will out itself. You cannot pull it off without getting caught,” says Chris Hayes, discussing two tainted elections that dispel voter fraud myths. 
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  1. Can’t prove what doesn’t exist! FULLSTOP!!! Massive voter fraud and voter fraud are NOT the same! Keep trying Republicans…….

    1. @Logan M congratulations. In every thread, there is always an uneducated low IQ person that hasn’t got a clue but feels the need to comment. Seems you’re it in this thread.

  2. Sounds like we should be investigating the sworn affidavits that people gave to courts under penalty of up to 10 years in prison just to make sure since they witnessed voter fraud.

    1. @tami king Perhaps you could sell them to Rudy so he could advertise them to the right wing press and then he could pop like a cheap balloon when the judge asks if he was alleging any fraud.

    2. None of Giuliani’s paid witnesses ever appeared in court, never mind swore anything under oath.

      Which you were fully aware of.
      But chose to lie about, anyway.

    3. @Hunter Roberts most of the court cases (not by T’s group) weren’t allowed to move to discover stage where evidence could be presented

    4. @Edge-of-Sanity Yes becuise the court said their case had no MERIT do you know what that means? it’s a legal way of saying you got nothing but BS.

    5. @tami king lol, I know right. they think just because you have an affidavit it means they have FACTS, but they NEVER did have facts it was all lies.

  3. I said months ago that no technology exists today that would allow massive voter fraud to take place on the scale that Donald Trump was claiming, because it’s literally impossible to hide that many votes without the cover-up being exposed!

    1. @adam therolf And why wouldn’t the actual winner get it? Shouldn’t that come before any order of succession? You don’t really think the American people will allow you to install your own stooge after being caught stealing an election, do you? This ain’t the kind of thing Democrats want to push their luck on. I wouldn’t predict that going well.

    2. @Shirlee Hicks “And why wouldn’t the actual winner get it?” Because Trump didn’t won moron, Biden won, Trump lost, get over it already.

    3. @Nepgear Don’t jump into a conversation you aren’t following along with. It only makes you look stupid.

  4. Republicans bleat on about voter fraud while ignoring the fact that the biggest act of voter fraud in recent memory was perpetrated by a North Carolinian REPUBLICAN!!!

    1. @Geeky American Otaku
      *_Criminal Indictments by Administration_*
      Donald Trump — 215
      Richard Nixon — 76
      Ronald Reagan — 26
      George W. Bush — 16
      Bill Clinton — 2
      Jimmy Carter — 1
      Barack Obama — 0

    2. @Mr. Buchstansangur

      They said exactly that as anyone who was listening carefully would know.

      The Cyber Ninjas have found thousands of fake ballots, as the preliminary report will show.

      Those ballots might have bamboo in them if they were, as is likely, purchased from China, since — and maybe you don’t know this — you can make paper from bamboo, and China has a lot of bamboo.

      When this fraud is exposed emphatically (already 55% of Americans believe fraud affected the results of the election (Rasmusson)), will you have the intellectual honesty to acknowledge the truth?

      Or does the $oros/CCP conditioning run too deep in you?

    3. @Gugenheimer Soros. Jesus wept, you people are hilarious.

      Release the kraken! Any day now, eh?

  5. When fraud or irregularities don’t occur GOP and others just won’t believe it – – when they lose, of course. When an actual problem occurred and it was acknowledged and dealt with, GOP and those other wackos will never let it go.

    1. @Logan M next election volunteer to work the polls and learn how it’s done. If there is changes in how the voting and mail-in ballots are handled I would like to know what and how.

    2. Have you looked at a single piece of evidence that supports the claim that the Nov 3 elections were fraudulent?

      I ask to see if I should take your post(s) seriously or not.


    3. That’s not true. It’s the democrats who refuse to look at hidden camera evidence or actual admissions from the corrupt.

    4. @Joey Cottone

      Any Democrat who actually looks at the evidence accepts that there was election fraud.

      That’s why the percentage of US adults who believe election fraud affected the Nov 3 election is now at 55% and climbing.

    1. @terry stolte that’s what responsible journalist who report REAL news do…it’s called ethical journalism

    2. @Cj Shannon that’s truly amazing that you believe the lame stream media you listen to has any ethics even remotely.

  6. In the vast majority of voter fraud cases, it is the Republicans who have committed the fraud

    1. It’s actually the truth, republicans committed fraud against the election by trying to vote twice under 2 addresses and by a man’s murdered wife. Backward south-sympathizing diabetic murderous freaks.. Even the fraud they commit comes with a co-morbidity.

  7. Anything that seems to disprove the conspiracy is just taken as proof of how good the conspiracy is. You can not reason people out of a position that they didn’t reason themselves into.

    1. People have lost their minds. I’ve talked to Trumpers and they want proof there was no voter fraud! You can’t prove a negative…. You cannot prove something did not occur. The proof is the sanity and reasonableness that’s been returned to the White House.

  8. They didn’t notice that the only election they were worried about was trump’s. They are truly damaged! Never hit the 50% mark in polls. Hope fox news OAN news max gets what coming!

    1. No, what we noticed was Republican overseers being forced to leave windows having cardboard and plywood put over them so no one could see him except there was video footage of trunks and suitcases and big boxes and Van loads of ballots coming in after overseers were forced to leave but I guess none of that really exist does it??

      Always no more time I don’t have the time the patience or the crayons to explain this to you

    2. @Jody Carter Trump supporters were in the right Jan 6th. The election was stolen like a communist country

    3. @Logan M No it wasn’t, you can’t provide any evidence that it was stolen, so just shut up.

    4. @Jody Carter One question. Did the final tally match that state’s registered number of voters? If what you are saying is true, you should have more ballots than voters. I’m sure every state matches that. You sure you want to go there?

  9. *”big enough to matter means big enough to get caught..”*
    YEP. That’s why Republicans are giving State Congress bodies the authority to throw out votes from Districts where it “appears” there was fraud. They don’t need to rig the election by changing the vote count. They can just throw out the votes that they don’t like. It works for Putin.

    1. Win a key county, win the state. Win a few key swing states you win the election.

      It doesn’t have to be mass fraud.

    2. The GoP don’t care about appearance, they just want to be able to make the claim of fraud and install their own lackey.

  10. Is that why GIULIANI was in power so long…or how he got to represent DJT in a crooked election?

    1. You mean like his three-term successor, or two-termer after that?

      (Both of which I could have sworn babbled on the Dem stage two years ago and lasted a total of five minutes, but sure Rudy set the whole thing up)

  11. Would you like Australia to come run your elections? We’ve been using preferential (rank choice) voting for a century with no issues.

    1. So what is your opinion of it? Do you prefer ranked choice or a straight ballot? I was just curious

    2. @Josiah Brush actually you really have to go out of your way to find a carnivore big enough to eat you in Australia – sharks and salt water crocs is it. It’s America that has a plethora of land based carnivores to chase you down and eat you plus the sharks and crocodilians.

    3. @Susan Hewitt preferential voting (as we call it) all the way. The senate voting is even more democratic – proportional representation – the percentage of votes roughly translates to the percentage of seats a party gets. In both regards we have a number of small parties and independents represented in our Parliaments to better reflect the population.

    4. @Vona Kenyon throw in a chipmunk on a leash and a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass and it’s a deal!

  12. The Jewish space laser are screwing up the transmissions from the Italian satellites which are changing the votes in Hugo Chavez’s Dominion voting machines.

    1. @Douglas Lowe lets start some less stale rumors. Biden plans to move Guantanamo to mine moon rocks. Pass it on.

    1. That hit the nail on the head! Always remember, they are morons, it’s a permanent advantage for the Dems… if they are savvy enough to exploit it, that is!

    1. What really intrigues me – is (referring to 1984) which political party closely resembles INGSOC? Which side of politics is pushing Newspeak? Which side of politics is promoting the creation of the ThinkPol or the “Thought Police” ??? Who is increasingly saying: “You can’t say that, you can’t think that, you can’t own that, you can’t do that” and demanding conformity ??

      I already have a very good idea. What do you think?

    2. @B61
      What you’re trying to elude to is pure ignorance. Both sides are 100% guilty of this.

    1. ​@Jelena Valášková Oh stop embarrassing yourself. The machine fraud has been already proven by statistical data. The exact correlaction between registrations and ballots by age groups can be done only by machines. They used 2010 census so they screwed up and registered more voters than living people in certain counties for certain age groups. This anomaly has been reported even by judicialwatch b4 the election. It was all done on county levels. In some counties there are even more voters than living people for certain age groups. All of this is 100% proof and it’s been done all over the states. Anyone can check it is true just by downloading the publicly accessible data and little excell work.

    2. @B61 The 2020 election has been recounted several times. The “audits” conducted by the “Cyber Ninjas” is a joke. They are looking for water marks and bamboo. They aren’t finding anything because there is nothing to find.

    3. @B61 The only distractions are coming from ex45. He is the one who is attempting to steal the election from the true winner- President Biden.

    4. @B61 What distractions by the Democrats and the media? Name one.
      The simple matter of fact is this: Trump lost a free, fair, and secure election despite his attempts to steal it from President Biden.

  13. ok… but they identified there was an error, identified what the error was, corrected the error and released a communique in a timely manner. KEEP AN EYE ON ARIZONA

  14. An honest mistake, admitted and corrected, is not a scandal.

    Trying to hide that mistake, like a cat trying to cover a mess on a Linoleum floor, IS a scandal.

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