Bill Cosby Accuser On Overturned Conviction: ‘It's A Gut Punch’ 1

Bill Cosby Accuser On Overturned Conviction: ‘It’s A Gut Punch’


Bill Cosby’s release after the overturning of his conviction is called a ‘gut punch’ by Bill Cosby accuser Heidi Thomas. Thomas also shares the details of her allegations against Cosby. MSNBC Legal Analyst Kristen Gibbons Feden, a former prosecutor, also joins TheReidOut with her perspective on these developments.
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  1. I said it again. There’s special justice for the rich and famous. And there’s other justice for rest of us.

    1. Remember how we had Disorganized Sports (e.g., stickball) and we’d shout, “New Rule!”? Apparently at certain wealth levels, they can do that with the justice system.

    2. It’s actually just good lawyers. But Money does facilitate the acquisition of good lawyers. So your statement is half true. Good Lawyers should do more pro bono work though

    3. @william louie Elites ALWAYS have the advantage. It does NOT matter the field. AOC and Ted Cruz are more elite than I, when it comes to Congress. They got elected , I could never. People that are elite in their field become a magnet for money. Money loves Power.

    1. This case is a prime example, but you know what, criminals like Bill Cosby thinks that he’s gotten away with it, but God will make sure he won’t.

    1. @Mox There will always be cases of advocates overreaching their warrants, but remember, Cosby was found _guilty._ The court let him go to punish the prosecutor for breaking his exclusion deal.

      It’s similar to someone confessing to negligence that got people killed AFTER he said, “This is off the record.”

    2. @George Dunn tomato tometo the court that convicted him is the same court that released him. I think the doors are still open to anyone with solid and helpful evidence but if non then respect those that made the decision to let him go.

    3. @Mukiibi Dennis poTAYto, poTAHto . No, he was convicted in a trial court but released by a supreme court, unless by “court” you mean “entire judicial system,” in which case, what’s significant about that?

    4. @George Dunn Mob justice does no one any good. There was no evidence, her story didn’t hold up. Then the deal was struck. Then these others ( no evidence, investigation etc) start coming out with their stories in order to make him an example. A deadlocked jury. Then the DA and judge tried again. Mib justice.

      Yes, he was convicted. But now the PA Supreme Court was put in a difficult position. They didn’t budge and vacated the sentence. It’s over with.
      Just to add another thing. If some new info comes up, any attempt to retry him again will be a disaster as it will be definitely declared a witch hunt.

  2. His soul is damaged that’s for sure. Can’t lie to a higher power no matter how much he denies it.

    1. There is no higher power. So lets exert concerted effort in justice here and now instead of letting “oh well…justice will be served at some point in the next life…” apathy keep enabling these monsters to get away with crimes against humanity.

  3. The state of Pennsylvania needs to get their $#*+ together between their previous DA and the current DA. The Supreme court ruled there was an agreement before the criminal trial.

  4. If you think this is a “gut punch”, wait until Fox hires him. For what? Don’t know, don’t care, it’s Fox.

  5. Let’s get a clue here… The man references wet dreams on his first couple pages of his autobiography

  6. That’s bullsh*t! He got out because he’s a (hasbeen) celebrity! The court system is a joke , and certain criminals get away with murder by crooked humans, but God will get him, no matter what!

    1. Same as anyone doing something “extraordinary “ when vindicated by appeal..


      I know a dog who couldn’t walk and saw his old friend that left for school and he started jumping first time in years. It’s jubilation

      Bless your ignorance

    1. What do you mean grabber. Trump said women LET you grab them, which implies consent. Had he said you can force them to let you grab them, then I’d say it was and assault. If he said when he goes to a famous musician’s concert, they let you go backstage and hang out with them that doesn’t imply that he forces his way backstage against their wishes. It means they consent to it and are cool with it. Trump is one of the worse presidents of all time. But we shouldn’t lie on people to fit a narrative.

  7. Nature will always deliver to us, with no exceptions, what we have earned, either in this life time or a subsequent life time. And, there are no courts of appeal or pardons.

  8. Now I heard he could sue because of that District Attorney. This makes me sick. I hope it’s not true! He doesn’t deserve to be out after all he has done.

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