GOP Governors Perform Trump Cosplay Instead Of Actually Governing 1

GOP Governors Perform Trump Cosplay Instead Of Actually Governing

Instead of actually governing, some Republicans are busy performing, hoping to rise in the party ranks. Just look at what Governors Kristi Noem of South Dakota and Greg Abbott of Texas are up to.
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  1. Since when did the National Guards become someone’s private army?.. No governor that was involved in this can ever be president.. They’ll “Wag the Dog” for publicity stunts.

    1. Ok, …so what’s the problem? The state citizens don’t burden the cost….and the national guard is used to help secure border chaos that BIDEN CAUSED.

    2. @R Smith I’m hiring the south Dakota national guard to cater my next party, since they’re for sale.

    1. they cant, its like a pimple they keep picking at…. first it will fester, then it will scar…. but it will never be gone, by their own doing.

    2. Ignore all things happening with Trump at your own peril. They have made him their God and willing to do whatever it takes to protect him. Screw you, me, and the country.

  2. ..why was it again that there’s 2 Dakotas being a State, each with less ppl than the 10 biggest cities in the country ?!?

    1. @Ray Prine Have you looked into the name I said at all?? If you haven’t done any research yourself and you only listen to the MSM, you are the sheep.

    2. @Harry Lippidardo everybody saw it on every network, sorry go back to your Kool aid drinking, Trump for Prison ,2021

    3. @Ray Prine Still haven’t looked into John Sullivan I see. Attack me not what I say.

    4. @Ray Prine lol…than you saw capitol police invited and escorted and verbally respected Americans right to enter the building and be heard…. when literally a minute later that Democrat assassinated unarmed Ashli Babbit

    1. @Jordi Carvajal omg omg the sky is burning! What can we do? Better vote democrats like they do in California, the model for climate change, that leads the country in per capita pollution and forest fires…

    1. @John Penley (Pointless to respond, of course, but) yes it is unfair. In the matter of electing the POTUS, Americans are *not equal* at the ballot box. Electoral system made sense in 1789 (a compromise to get the new nation of overwhelmingly uneducated/uninformed people unified, barely)… but not in the modern age. Americans should be equal at the polls in the modern age.

  3. Wonder if Hollywood would even want to bother with these clowns, recklessness and selfishness disregarding people’s lives

    1. Hollywood could cast them in the filming of the novel ‘1984’, or some psyco killer movie.

  4. Abbott is not anything but a bad example of what we expect from the governor of Texas. It’s not hard to imagine a bad president to have a governor who reflects him.

    1. It’s probably why Americans are fleeing Blue states to move to Texas and Florida.

    2. @BSING 2U oh no.. there’s a place for your parties corrupt leaders. GITMO has got pretty busy lately. Oh.. you haven’t heard? Little research would help you with this one

  5. It’s funny that there are so many absolutely unqualified people who are so ego driven that they run for an important public office when they have no qualifications or business being in that position. MTG is a good example. But they get voted in. SMH

    1. Like Kackle-ah, whose office is imploding under the weight of her entitled and defective personality

  6. wait a minute…. i live in texas, why do we need some other state’s national guard troops? we have our own

  7. Let them keep on doing what they are doing because they will eventually be a non party and be in the political wilderness for a very long time

    1. How dare she use peoples lives to accomplish her ambitions? The freaking national guard. Killed others, innocents. No, we don’t let them continue.

    1. The entire world is condemning Democrats Nszi ideology and war on the US Constitution and Democracy/Western culture countries

  8. We Texans of Mexican descent will never forget Craig Abbott been complicit in a fascist minded treatment of Mexican children at the southern border – HE WILL PAY THE PRICE!!!

    1. As if being frozen to death wasn’t a wake-up call for Texas. They need new leadership and they should also understand whose land they truly actually stand on

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