Ex-Trump Org. Exec On Weisselberg: Can’t Imagine Him Going To Jail For Trump 1

Ex-Trump Org. Exec On Weisselberg: Can’t Imagine Him Going To Jail For Trump

Donald Trump, Allen Weisselberg, and the Trump Organization inner workings at the time of her employment are discussed by former Trump Org. Executive Vice President Barbara Res who tells Joy Reid that in her view, Allen Weisselberg would not be willing to go to jail for the former president.
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    1. @My Pillow Guy You forgot about that spankin’ Gaetz had. I knew he was a freak, but to do that in public???

    2. @Incontinentia Buttocks yes I would admit that we are worried and very disappointed in Trump. He has to get something done and fast because his supporters are really tired of all the talk but no results to show for it after so long

  1. Drumpfdy: Just cos I’ve been boasting about being a tax cheat all my life, that’s no reason to claim I’d have any knowledge of my tax filings
    Judge: You’ll speak when spoken to and only then. Do you understand my Drumpf?
    Drumpfdy: No, it’s all a political witch hunt…blah, blah, blah

    1. Perfectly envisioned!! Boy ain’t got got no heart!! He’s the type of person that likes to throw the rock and then hide his hand or when everything else fails, “Witch hunt, witch hunt!! Trump and his followers are like that old saying, the blind leading the blind!! The brainwasher leading the gullible!!

    1. @D1 T Do you know who will NEVER be Governor of NY? I’ll give ya a hint…he’s got red hair and he’s as stupid as his daddy.

  2. I don’t pay taxes because I’m smart. I remember that. He was never smart. He got a whole lot dumber with age.

  3. Seriously, who would have believed a guy who ran a scam “university” & “Charity” would be a crook?

    1. @3LD a dating site…Google it…it was a REAL thing…I think it’s where he met started his love affair with ‘hamberders’

    2. @Dawn L. How Trump thought setting up a site where his supporters would date Outside their family would work, is beyond me. These people like to keep things like that in the family, even Ivanka knows that.

    3. @Moon Shoes : Trump settled with the veterans he ripped off with 10 million dollars in exchange for the criminal case being dropped. Stealing from charities is a criminal offence. That was while he came into office too. Are you actually saying you don’t think Donny is a criminal? Seriously? . . .

    1. @neb If it was just a tiny minor crime, then why did Dumpty try to overthrow an election, encourage people to stomp through the Capitol, and try soooooo desperately to remain president? Obviously, there is much more. Think about it.

    2. @LLL I wasn’t sure whether ‘Anna” was genuinely a little obtuse, or whether ‘she’ was trolling. I gave her the benefit of the doubt.
      Btw, not American, but humour is generally universal enough.

    3. @LLL No I don’t get the Allen joke! Jorgensen is my married name and I am just as proud of my married name as I am, my maiden name. I can trace my family back so far 19 generations on my father’s side and my mother’s side so far 17 generations because she has a lot of indigenous people on her side. My husband’s family came here on his dad’s side 4 generations and all of his dad’s side fought for this country in four wars or conflicts. They were very proud to fight for their new home. Yes my family goes back a very long time. I still don’t get the joke about the name of Allen. But I thought you would at least stay on topic. I’ve had enough of this discussion.

    4. @jaygee no idea huh? Did you see the charges? Do you believe now its all been a witchunt? I missed one though, he may have used funds to pay for his daughters tuition. Omg they had a whole year! And found NOTHING on Trump.

  4. Weisselberg isn’t going to last a day in prison, 5 minutes in he’ll call his lawyers and cry by saying call the DA and make a deal.

    1. It’ll be too late because Dump is gonna be in the cell next to him. Allen wants to play tough guy so let him!

  5. Trump is a control freak, no one did anything without him knowing, we all know he would fire you if you did..

    1. “anything” ??? Funny thing, that which happens at the level of bus drivers, doesn’t deserve his attention. But, if it feeds status, he would surly micromanage it.

  6. Quote ” I have brilliantly managed to pay less tax”.Therefore he is fully aware of Weisselberg’ s action

    1. Does the tax law allow him to pay less tax? If I was TRUMP I would charge the tax auditors for passing a clean bill of health for my action.

    2. @geff mburu WHAT Auditors could he fire? The only auditors that ever looked at his stuff were working for the government and he didn’t like it at all.

      He’s got something like 50 employees and is very secretive. He never took the company public because he NEVER wanted any auditors looking around. To get listed on an exchange there are tons of audited information you have to file. Then once you are listed you have quarterly reports. Then there is that pesky annual statement which MUST be audited by one of only a handful of accounting firms.

      No reputable accounting firm would EVER sign off on his crap.

    3. @geff mburu : I love the child like total lack of scepticism that trump’s Qult has. Do you REALLY, “think,” they would so much as unzip their fly unless they were 100% CERTAIN that someone was going to get f’ked? Wake up!

    1. @Diego Fonseca trials? It’s not a trial it’s a Democrat panel to suppress the truth..

    2. @Damian Allen Well, he hid his tax returns for 5 years comrade…and they closed his scammy university and his crooked foundation…so it seems that he really exacerbates those “Democrat” trials with his own con-artist behaviour Boris XD!

    3. Buffy Smith that’s what I’m talking about because he was the president of his own company. How he’s going to not know what’s happening with the finance or anything else within his company?

  7. If Trump was honest about his affairs especially taxes he would made them public in his first year as a president. The reason he covered up because he broke the law, he knows it we all know it. The truth is coming out.

    1. I guess it was ok for Obama getting away with lieing about his birth certificate being fraudulent. I personally heard his black grandmother in Kenya state that she was at the hospital in Kenya where and when he was being born. Funny thing happened. She all of a sudden died shortly after she made that statement??????

    1. @Gooner N4 Trolls love to babble on how THEY know better, u must be a USA hater…assume all you want! You know nothing!

    2. @Patty Morton Nothing to do with assumptions. Just simple observation. I dont hate any country, only the words and actions of the hypocrites that inhabit them. Your problem is you only recognise your pain and discomfort and no one else’s. Hence my mistrust of the today’s self appointed God lovers. It’s quite simple.

    3. @Gooner N4 Observed Wrong…Assuming still like a democrat….NO REALITY. Goobers coming from your typing.

    4. @Patty Morton That was desperate but typical. I’m bored now so please continue by yourself. I ASSUME you’ve done that before. lol

  8. Donald was obsessed with people profiting off of him. He would never let anyone have something of value without asking for something in return.

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