1. Give HUGE props to this guy for being so open about his failings as a compassionate being. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Totally with you there. It feels really hard to see many over in America that actually are willing to learn from their mistakes and change their mind. Usually with age comes wisdom but that isn’t always the case with many people as people can just become more and more stubborn with age.

  2. Encourage people to have kids but you cant force people to have kids. Kids without loving parents will create more criminals for society.

    1. @Tyler417 The Supreme Court reversing Roe V Wade does NOT ban abortion. It merely states that it is not a right as defined in the constitution. It will return the issue to each state and to the PEOPLE of those states. Elect politicians that support your views and have them create laws that reflect this. It is not the job of the Supreme Court (or any court) to legislate from the bench. They interpret law – not create it. What bothers me the most is that even the high court is so political and everybody can tell how each Justice will interpret law based mainly on which president put them on the court.

    1. Yes, this was a political calculation on just about everyone’s part from the beginning.

    2. Get the money out of politics. That’s the long game and the end game. Get rid of citizens united.

  3. It’s never easy to admit error. Props to Schaeffer. It’s sad that he was so instrumental in spawning a movement that most evangelicals didn’t give a second thought to at the time. Some even expressed that it was personal business (imagine that) and not something the church should be involved with.

    1. Yes, and the reason for jumping on this is because they knew the anti integration protests were a bad look for the party, and that’s what had been galvanising the evangelical right. They had to give them something they could be holier than thou about.

    2. It’s absolutely necessary to admit and understand. Otherwise, we are all insane and fail to grow.

    3. It is never easy for many however there are also many that have learned admitting that during a life worth living we learn, grow and change our minds because our minds are open to learn not stuck and dug in rationalizing or thoughts. Being able to listen and learn is truly a freedom and can come naturally easy. It often depends on how we have been taught. I am happy for this man to finally wake up to listen and learn about other peoples perspectives.

  4. The law should only apply to the religious people who want to believe it. Their sharia-like religious beliefs should not affect others.

  5. Right on Frankie! You’ve been on point for decades about where the ‘Christian’ right is taking us, i.e. to theocracy or as the Dominionists term it, theogony. Liberal tolerance for extreme right opinion has led us here, and intense lobbying paid for by the wealthiest families in America. We are SO Fucked

    1. “Liberal tolerance led us here” Gaslighting in its purest form. Though I agree we are fucked.

    2. Some people inherently know what’s right or wrong. Just because you are morally bankrupt doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

    3. @Jack Links I don’t think you know what morals are, and this country was founded on the principle of freedom OF and FROM religion. You don’t get to impose your religious beliefs on other people, and that’s anti-Christian and anti-Biblical anyway. You wouldn’t want Muslims imposing sharia law on you and it’s not acceptable to impose it on others.

  6. OMG this is like someone having a life review after dying and having to CRINGE at aspects of what he was.
    Stay strong guy.

    1. he is very interesting.
      i’ve followed him for years now, after i awoke from his fathers spell.
      his father also had somewhat of a change of heart.
      Frank himself walked away from a lot of money.
      this was a good interview and i’m happy to see him on such an esteemed show, but one that is even more in-depth is Fresh Air and its free to download.

  7. Classic. Using children (even children who haven’t even been born yet) to pull on people’s heartstrings for money.

  8. Kudos to this man for having a change of heart, and taking responsibility for the outcome.

    1. And what is he going to do now to reverse the damage he caused? I’m not impressed to say the least.

    2. @Tim Robison If you’re going to insult somebody, you should at least make the effort to spell it correctly. Of course, you don’t know how or even what it means, you just heard your favorite Fox host mention it and thought you’d sound cool using it on somebody.

  9. Possibly the best interview I’ve ever seen on CNN. They actually let him talk, and boy did he. Everything he said is so true and revealing.

  10. One of the best interviews I have ever heard.
    Trust the woman. If you dont want an abortion, don’t get an abortion! But you DO NOT have the right to make that choice for every woman. Abortion is the BEST choice for some women and needs to be safe, legal, and accessible.

    1. @Mathew Thomas / Why such a regressive and uncaring attitude ? What is gained is selfish negativism and spite !

  11. Yes huge props for Frank. He realizes that his activism is being used for the wrong reasons. He hit the nail on the head when he said that the state of America would be like those of the repressive states in Europe. Yes we do understand that there has to be limits to when an abortion is performed. Killing a nearly full term baby would be wrong. That would be the moral majorities argument to eliminate abortion rights all together. But to use it in all circumstances is backwards thinking.

    1. @faith nelson a baby can be terminated at late stage, if it is a choice between mother and baby. It is very rare, this does not stop the right proclaim it is fact, but it is possible that a decision could be made that allows an unborn viable baby to die because it saves the mother.

    2. @Don NewtonIt’s pretty hilarious that you said conservatism is backwards thinking then, to reinforce your argument, quoted the then leader of the Conservative party (who also openly detested abortion) to back your claim. But those 12 people seem to think you’ve done a stellar job so that’s what counts.😂

    3. “Killing a nearly full term baby would be wrong.” That just does not happen! That is not what abortion is about.

    4. @Martijn Hover I wish people would read my post. I emphasized that killing a nearly full term baby is wrong. That is just a talking point by the GOP to say if abortion remains legal that could happen.

  12. Wow, what an enormous thing to bear. I appreciate his self awareness and the growth that brought him to where he is now. I’m glad he’s speaking on this


  14. Schaeffer is absolutely right. This isn’t just about banning abortion. It’s about instating theocracy and fascism in America.

    1. @Brian Kurtz
      Brian you are making this comment in a thread that’s attached to someone who is part of it is confessing that it is indeed facism and a theocracy.

  15. I went to those seminars in the late 70s and saw Francis and Frank in person several times. They used the same techniques as cult recruitment. And it worked…until I saw the hate-based, brainwashing, power-hungry roots of the movement that was not about life but about the oppression of women, the poor, and minorities in order to preserve their dominance in society. It was about money and power. And it still is. Why has this issue gained so much momentum right now? Because fascism is on the rise in order to preserve outdated power structures and oppress people’s rights – outlawing abortion will take us back to the middle ages and that’s just how they want it.

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