1. Commish: Submit it in writing.

    Miller: We’ve already done so TWICE and you’ve had them for days.

    Commish: You’re making me look bad, get out.

    1. @Gilles Gilbert No what Miller did was completely allowed and should be in the court of law to invite more witnesses to expose the truth to canadians when more evidnece is shown of government arrogance. Liberal commissioner did not want that from his favorite Trudeau party so he shortly kicked him out.

    2. @Gregg Chambers Wrong. That is not accurate. Miller did submit requests in writing to him and they never took action on it and avoided it. Nothing is “conservative” anything. Thus is classic Liberal denialism from admitting the truth and being scared being exposed after Lieberals truly getting their butts.

    3. @Meridian Line It IS a court. So called “inquiry” is a court. Why the lawyers, law proceedings and the judge if it is not? You need to know your laws TruAnon.

    1. @Kevin La Chapelle Nope. He never submitted it. If he did there would be a record of the submission. There is no such record. He lied.

    1. @Scott McFarlane Sure is strange how the “trust the science” crowd loves to pull made-up statistics out of their arse to justify extremely concerning social divisions.

  2. “His request to have an additional witness added was denied because it wasn’t in writing”
    Literally the next clip, the lawyer says
    “I’ve had it in writing for days”

    1. @King Starscream LOL I love the “i haven’t been paying attention to anything but I’m going to make a passing judgement on a quick clip possibly taken out of context”

    2. @Bob McRae Exactly. They would bring in bouncy castles as evidence and make a star witness out of Ryan the convoy drunkard.

    1. @Fartcruncher Everything is wrong that you are stupid to believe the nonsense out of their mouths when evidence says otherwise. You just scared your favourite dictator party and the manipulative liberal “commissioner” exposing the truth to the world.

    1. He was referring to other requests he made in writing, not the request for the witness. His point was that he is waiting too long for other written applications to be addressed, and he therefore argues that he should have been allowed to request the witness verbally. I understand his frustration, but the fact remains that he was refusing to follow the procedure for requesting a witness. I think he did successfully make his point, though, and I hope his written requests are addressed soon.

  3. I understand his frustration! over 30 days of watching politicians, police, rcmp and csis dance around his questions without giving any answers!

    1. Except they did.

      He is on a fishing expedition looking for a way to embarrass the government by looking for an employee going “those idiots” or similar and hoping to derail the entire process. He is going out of his way to stretch rules and laws and getting in trouble for it. He is only doing it this way because the commission isn’t a court room and his antics would likely get his license pull.

    1. obviously someone who has a hell of a lot more training and experience in legal proceedings such as this one than you…

  4. He did submit two applications.. there trying to bury him in litigation so the truth cant come out in time .

    1. the two applications he submitted were not for this witness he wanted to verbally make a motion to call. move on with your half facts.

  5. Ha was kicked out because he already submitted two written documents to the judge for ruling and received no decision after several days. Now the judge was asking him to submit another. The judge is playing games.

    1. No. He was kicked out because he overstepped his authority. He apologized for it when he was admitted back in. But go, tell your tales of fascism and government mind-control conspiracy . . .

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