1. Whenever Sununu retires from politics, there’s gotta be a beautiful used car lot somewhere just waiting for him.

    1. He has an engineering degree from MIT and comes from a wealthy family. He can do whatever he wants to including just hiking around the state.

    2. Say what you want, Sununu has been NH Gov for 4 terms, and while Governor the state of NH has always ranked in the top 5 states with best quality of life. U.S. News & World Report considers a wide range of factors, including healthcare, education, economy, infrastructure, opportunity, fiscal stability, crime and corrections, and the natural environment. NH ranks #4 best state in 2023. I’m not a republican, but facts matter, and Sununu has been a good Governor who’s not a lunatic extremist like most of the GOP that typical don’t even rank in top 20 states on quality of life metrix, ya know the things most people claim to care about in their own lives.

  2. „Don‘t worry. Trump won‘t win the nomination.“
    „Ok? Who‘s running against him?“

    1. Chris Christie is going to run at the very last minute just to get on stage and mock and insult the living hell out of Donald Trump… Christie will make fun of his own weight to get that out of the way.. And then hes going to roast Donald Trump like a Comedy Central special… It will be his only intention… Donald Trump’s going to go from looking like Russell Crowe to joakin Phoenix…

    1. @Elizabeth Stanley like the wall he built. Hahahahaha!!! 😂😂😂

    2. ​@Hojicha is far superior to chai tea and that healtcare program he was braging about…

    3. @Im sorry Seeing how I have no other choice… I’ll cope. I won’t stay quiet while I do though.

    4. @masterchinese28 That would likely be Buttigeig on the dem side, but too much of America is still ‘hur dur gay man bad!’ for any discussion of solid policy not to end up getting shouted over.

  3. My husband and I lived on the ME/NH border for a couple years. We were stationed in New England for 10 years. It was a wonderful place to live. We retired home to Texas and the Texas of today is not the Texas I grew up in. The Governor of New Hampshire in this interview is out of touch with voters in other parts of the country.

  4. I seem to remember a lot of people being pretty confident he wouldn’t win the first time. If he gets the GOP nomination again, it is going to be a miserable election season.

    1. He lost the popular vote every time. That is not a winner. That is old-school Gerrymandering; that which resides from the days of segregation and suppression.

    2. What election in America isn’t a miserable affair? It seems to me like many Americans vote for party and identity politics over actual values. Election in America is not even about trying to find common grounds or shared values. It’s about how one side can try to own the other.

  5. He is one of the few republicans who is a good candidate and also acceptable to independents and May be democrats. But will he end up like Lindsey Graham once Trump wins the nomination.

    1. I was only thinking: “what is this man on?”. He is usually sane, but this was unhinged.

  6. _”Trump won’t win the nomination”_ is the convenient answer Republicans give right now to avoid answering the question of would they support Donnie if he was the nominee. This is to hide the fact that once Donnie does become the nominee, they’ll fall in line just like they always have, with a few exceptions. Sad.

    1. He also predicted the candidate that he supported would win against Don Bouldac in republican NH senate primary and we all know how that went.

  7. “…with his message and his candidates we got crushed. Why would we want to relive that misery?” and yet they will march in lock step over the cliff right behind him.

  8. I hope deplorable don does win that primary so we can say NO to him AGAIN in the general election.

  9. He also predicted the candidate that he supported would win against Don Bouldac in republican NH senate primary and we all know how that went.

  10. Isn’t there something in the Constitution to prevent one person from putting the country through all of this?

  11. Whenever a Republican politician tells you something, you need to ask yourself two questions. 1) Is he likely to be in touch with reality ? 2) Would he be honest with you if he was?

  12. Didn’t he say the same thing in 2016?
    Don’t tell me; he thinks the nominee will be some guy named Sununu, right?

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