1. *_FUN FACT:_* _The state of Hawaii gets bigger every year by land and the state of New York gets smaller every year by land and population._

    1. @Hawi Jack I thought people who live Hawai’i were having to move away because they could no longer to live on the islands. Then there is the Navy poisoning the water on Red Hill. 🙁

  2. I love how Don Lemon thinks he’s the smartest person in the room. It’s hilarious to watch. For anybody to take him seriously as a journalist is a joke.

    1. Lemon didn’t have to pretend with that other poser on stage with him. Come to think of it, you’re not exactly looking like Einstein, bruh.

    1. “Railing” in Merriam dictionary =  a barrier consisting of a rail and supports. It’s not a verb so idk what you’re talking about. Just like you dunno what that guy is doing. All you’re really doing is thinking about it.

    2. @Alyson onOahu I see. Right that’s not what’s going on. And other’s may not want to understand it with the intelligence they have.
      Mahalo 🤙🏾

  3. Cannot get this kind of coverage in Hawaii,. The News stations here are so Honolulu and Maui centric, they do not know that the Big Island and culture exist, on the Island of Hawaii.

  4. Yes…yes….and yes.
    Hawaii is a Hawaiian place.
    EVERY visitor should be aware of the culture and history and plight of the Hawaiian people.
    I live here in ocean view on the slopes of Mauna Loa…..this is an exciting, not a fearful event. I can see the red glow at night from my house.
    Feeling earthquakes every day and night.
    Fantastic to see and feel this fabulous island.

  5. Better leave primordial powers of the earth alone and there incarnates, a warning these two powers opposites out of balance causes major world wide unrest. It’s better to value the powers that have been before Anyone ever named it before your memory may be the same. My Mother actually left there with me when she saw her. Just saying that’s Pele Oceanus wife. Playing with major forces of fire and water, isn’t advisable, they break and we all break. Respect what you don’t know, some of us see the disrespectful comments as a majorly anti life. That’s Kahuna territory and their primordials.

  6. Animism isn’t a prerequisite to respecting the environment. It’s far more exciting to understand what’s actually happening than to pretend it’s something it’s not. Ethnocentrism is counterproductive to our Species.

  7. O Pele lā ko’u akua! Yes we get exited and welcome our Tutu wahine everytime she decides to dance and show us her beauty! I hope one day the USA will leave and let us exist as a kingdom again, the USA has contaminated the water on Oahu, and disrespected our islands our culture and treated us like second class citizens in our own Homeland so many times that we lost track. We never wanted to be a part of the USA. We used to be able to sustain ourselves and the land was well taken care of. Now the islands depend upon the USA to supply almost everything. It’s sad. There was never a benefit to Hawaiian people.

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