1. Yes. The more candidates the better for Trump. Keep the establishment divided so Big Nanny Ron can’t run it up and Trump’s fans can pull him through.

  2. Haley is auditioning for VP. She will gain name recognition with her candidacy for president. In debates, look for her to avoid any attacks on Trump and especially DeSantis so as not to offend them or their voters.

    1. We won’t see trump stocking her and trying to menace her – he won’t be there. He is headed to the gallows according to US Code

    2. @Star Light Adores her? Hmm … he doesn’t like her “complexion.” Sounds a little like she’s “not his type.”

    3. @Star Light he doesn’t adore her moron. Trump is not capable of adoration for anyone who isn’t a dictator or himself.

  3. A coward will never go after a bully all by herself, she waits until she sees the mob go after him and then she feels safe in doing so..

    1. Lol. She will be humiliated by Trump for his Maga Cult, because they enjoy seeing and hearing him degrading people. 🤡

    2. @suzanne peters
      Trump MUST be GOD 🇺🇸🕇🇺🇸 in human form who has come down from heaven to SAVE humanity

  4. Donald wants a remake of the 2016 GOP primary’s
    His MAGA 30 % will give him the win against the fractured majority

    1. MAGA is 30% of American voters and close to 60-65% in GOP. A lot of MAGA voters are also supporting other Trump like candidates but with less baggage

  5. He wants someone in the race so he has yet another definitive target for his anger. And we’ll have to keep listening to his vitriol…. Ugh!!!🤢

  6. Trump has no issue with Haley as he believes he will stomp her in the primaries but she might be useful as a VP.
    Also, if Trump loses the nomination he should absolutely run as an Independent.

  7. “Why (disgraced Donald Jail-duck TREA5QN) Trump wants Nikki Haley in the race” so let’s otherwise “Convince It Forward” with Laus DEO

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