1. @JB Trump made us energy independent, Biden has forced us to be dependent on other countries again. Which of those situations screams working for/with other countries? Hint: it isn’t the situation in which we are independent

    2. Home minister of India Amit Shah every week sex with her granddaughter. All words encourage by local shopkeeper association where I Iive.

  1. This is exactly why he refused to release his taxes. He knew he would be exposed as a lifelong tax cheat!😅

    1. @PermanentHigh well your name says it all. Your ignorance is almost as bad as trumps. As head of a company the buck stops with you. They could not do what they did for so long and trump not know. I sure hope you are not In charge of anything. If you truly think trump was not aware of what was happening I have a bridge to sell you.

    2. @Denise Brown honey do you truly think all those years even back when every company was being busted in tax fraud but he wasn’t this man is smarter than most and the fact that what they just said every company does that’s not tax fraud and they know it that’s why no one was arrested idiot

    3. @Shaun W who said who’s losing his buisness did you not hear the absurdity charges things that every company does why do you think he’ll only pay a fine because they all know that they are doing fraud

  2. Wait so the Trump family business is charged with multiple felonys and not a single Trump family member is charged with anything? Only in America is justice so blind if you have eough money.

    1. @Candle Bright I guess Canada is ok. I like hockey and we just got an expansion team that just won 7 straight. Yea, ok. Canada is pretty cool.

    2. Yeah, it’s a joke.
      Actually it’s just part of the media circus that sells advertising.
      Because, at the end of the day it’s all about money.
      99% of the WORLD want this guy thrown in jail till he dies.
      But ultimately he will be hit with a fine the equivalent of a parking ticket, and the people who COULD and SHOULD have ensured he went to jail and was made accountable for his crimes will pat themselves on the back and tell everyone what a great job they did.
      And nothing will change.
      This rampant, bastardised version of capitalism in America has allowed some weak, morally corrupt men to become some of the most vile people the world has ever seen, and has allowed people to BLATANTLY pursue their own goals without consequence for so long it has become the norm, to the point where the US is an R rated caricature of itself.
      What a fucking cesspool.

  3. Trump Tonight: “The Trump Organization? Not really familiar with it actually, I have my name on lots of businesses I’m not intimately involved with, HUNTER, LAPTOP, HILLARY, FAKE NEWS!!!”

    …C’mom, you KNOW it’s coming.😂

    1. @John Winter I understand your sentiments, but you are being biased. Because if President Trumps son had such issues you’d be salivating at the chance to investigate him and bring President Trump into it. You can say no, but nobody would believe you. Just look at how many times it’s been tried. Hunter Biden should be investigated. AND so should presidents Trump and every other president/politician.

    2. It’s 1.6million over 15 years. They actually wasted tax dollars on this case and won’t recoup what they lost….

    3. @John Winter hunter is in politics. His father is the president…. And he deals with foreign countries and his father is in the dealings as well with insider information and obviously a military to protect him. Open your eyes

    1. It’s 1.3 million dollars over thirteen years. They spent ten times that trying to prove they were guilty of something much bigger. This is as if a normal person wrote off a couch and got found out.

    1. Home minister of India Amit Shah every week sex with her granddaughter. All words encourage by local shopkeeper association where I Iive.

    2. @Studenheim What stories? Publishing private photos obtained from a laptop? To achieve what, by the way. And were they the photos of the candidate running? No, it was of his son? How should that be part of a strategy for an election? Please rest the issue, it is a nonstarter.

    1. Home minister of India Amit Shah every week sex with her granddaughter. All words encourage by local shopkeeper association where I Iive.

  4. What happened to the $250million ‘or more’ up to $1billion that Letitia James was seeking for compensation to New York? It was my understanding that the meager $1.3million was the exclusive penalty to Alan Weisselberg. James also mentioned her intention to turn over evidence to the IRS and other government entities.

    1. @RandomPlayIist 😂😂 they got nothing on him! The guy who they charged was facing 15years and they offered him a significant lowered sentence if he spelt all beans, he did, but guess what it had nothing to do with Boss Trump! He walks free again! 😂,
      Yall have tried and failed, For 5years and you’ve got know where, Remember when Muller investigations that found him not guilty 😂😂

    2. @Johnny Dropkicks nope i dont want to learn grammar no implement it in a Youtube comment to satisfy some 🤡🤡 that works at walmart, trying to police the internet about Grammar! Nope, i decline😂😂

    3. @RandomPlayIist It has been “just the start” for six years now. $1.3 million is chump change. Every few months the media comes with a story suggesting any minute Trump will be hauled off to jail and it never happens. How long can they string you along?

  5. If they hold Trump accountable they will have to start holding all company owners accountable and that just goes against the grain of the fabric that is white collar corruption.

    1. @you said The Reichstag Fire Decree permitted the regime to arrest and incarcerate political opponents without specific charge, dissolve political organizations, and to suppress publications. It also gave the central government the authority to overrule state and local laws and overthrow state and local governments.

    2. You do realize that 1.3 million over 13 yrs…. It’s just 100k a year in fines. To a company worth over a billion dollars … you surely must see how small that is???? That’s as if you wrote off Starbucks for a week …. And had to pay a fine on it.

    3. uh? trump the one who led the attack on the capitol result 5 deaths. release war crime people and took files. but how u know how he order the attack? wouldnt his fans not show up if thats the case and steal stuff? they wouldnt had been ordered by trump and they wouldnt attack police officers. and lots of them wouldnt be arrested. so trump should be in life jail if anything

    4. @Pepe the Frog I bet that’s what you tell yourself to justify the corruption you use in your own life to get ahead. Consumer goods and society don’t collapse without corruption. That is the mindset of someone who is too pathetic to exist without cheating the system.

  6. crime does pay , in fact its incorporated into government in the form of lobbyists and politicians in general ..real life super villians… that need some heavy handed vigilante justice

  7. In the USA, if you have money, lots of it, you don’t go to jail. Meanwhile mom and pop struggling to make ends meet, make a little mistake and lose the farm, the house and…. I think people need to wake up.

    1. @Six Seven AgBusiness here ~You have a lot of money invested in a farm. The earnings from a farm amount to $1.85 per hour. Farmers fill the grain sacks, middle-men buy the Cadillacs.

    1. That RiCO will end up exposing your girlfriend Hillary, Hunter, Bernie, and all the big wallstreet CEOs and will crush the markets, dont u know that all these people at some point all worked with each other b4 they turned on each other, how u think these allegations come out, always on election period??

  8. “The former president has no personal legal liability in this case.”
    You can count this as a win all you want but it’s really just a sick joke on all of us. Zero accountability.

  9. He was not charged because he doesnt know this people ,never talked to them,heard they are all good people but he never met them.
    Heard about the company ,know the name but never had contact to this people😁👍

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