1. That was a great way you put that your a 100% right i couldn’t have said it better my self👍👍

  1. I swear, I’m starting to feel like they’re going to try to come at him with a federal RICO case. He’s DEFINITELY done the dirt to be charged with a RICO

    1. @G Gotham Don’t brother. Trump Supporters will blame anyone to make it like their Idol is spotless.

  2. He thought the gifts were for him personally. This just underscores more than ever, him being president was always about him, not him being a servant of the people.

    1. Dont you think Trump has earned those gifts after all he has done in the service to his nation? No one has given more than him.

  3. What! Things have gone missing? Things of great Value have gone missing on the watch of a grifter and a con man. This can’t be. I refuse to believe it.

    1. I’m curious what ever happened to that stock pile of ventilators Jered k said “those are ours”. Oh really? Where’s the money from those millions of Hydroxy bleach pills? hummm… More to come.

    2. @Sean Embry what is wrong with that? This is how business is done. Trump was just being smart.

    3. @Gulliver the Gullible The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is what’s wrong with it, aside from being unethical, which we know bothers Dumpkin not at all, considering how many times he’s done it.

  4. That conman and grifter was in so much joy of those gifts, come on man.. The gifts are in Florida,so he can look at them daily.. lolll
    Once a conman always a conman..

  5. We elected a Grifter for President, he obviously is keeping all the gifts regardless of value. This is a total waste of time. Nothing will be given back or taken back.🤦‍♀️

    1. I couldn’t have said it better he’s a big time grifter your a 100% on that saying you. see right through trump like i do thank you👍👍

  6. Given this man’s demonstrated disregard for the office he held, it’s values, traditions, or history coupled with his extreme narcissism and lack of national historical knowledge, political, cultural or judicial. Wondering where the unreported gifts are doesn’t take much thought. But I’m guessing they were NOT in the same boxes as the classified documents?

    1. FOR WHAT? MILLIONS SPENT ON INVESTIGATIONS, COUNTLESS LAWYERS AND PROSECUTERS DEVOTING THEIR CAREERS TO HIS DEMISE … and not a single charge has been files. Time to start seriously considering that you’ve been lied to and manipulated into directing your hate towards the only representative who isn’t part of the political machine you’ve been complaining about your whole life

    1. Exactly or it should just stop being all together like really it doesn’t matter too much not to me I’m not tripping over a marble statue and I’m sure Trump could piss a marble statue it’s not like he’s worried about not being able to afford one I can guarantee it

  7. Imagine if he didn’t get any. And no one knew the blank piece of paper left in the Oval Office WAS the list?! Lmao.
    That’s obviously not the case, but it’s funny to think about.

  8. Come on, there is video of his staff taking things that were clearly not his out of the White House like they were at a yard sale on moving day.

  9. It is the funniest thing ever was when Trump “magnanimously” refused the president’s salary upon accepting the office. What that empty gesture apparently meant was that the salary amount represented “chicken feed” in comparison to the substantial rip-off Trump intended using the Presidential Office over the course of the 4 year term and beyond! Having the secret service escort him and his family over the years, building heliports in Marilago, having the military pay for stays at Trump’s properties, using the converted Post Office building in Washington to sell expensive rooms to foreign entourages, all the donations to various bogus causes, all the real estate investments/property development he allowed family, particularly the Kushners, to obtain Federal subsidies and discounts for, and all the foreign business “favors” the family received during those four years amount to perhaps the biggest bonanza of loot that anyone has ever been able to cheat the US government of in the history of this country! The presidential salary was a joke compared to the treasures Trump stole.

    1. @Pocket Hi there … one of the other things that we fellow citizens also worry about is how misfortunate/dangerous and sad it is that the Republican elites politicians are so disingenuous with they party members. You are ill informed with regards to facts, the complexity of policy and the political ramifications that we are experiencing now due to the prior administration.
      If indeed it were all the Democrats fault then the rest of the world would also not be experiencing (in some cases worse than we) the same as here in America. Unfortunately it is a global crisis with the notable exception of gun violence/mass shootings. There you are correct … that is uniquely United States of America‘s issue alone. I did not write anything disparaging in previous post just stated facts.
      One final … we are not at war.

  10. if this man was allowed to do what he pleases and not stopped , who knows what kinds of horror it would have brought ?
    it is evidently clear now he wasn’t there to served and improved livelihood but to grift and plunder ,

  11. It so empowering we have dignity and class back in the White House. The Biden’s are not con men and criminals like the trump family is.

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