Wife jumps into soldier's arms after a year apart | Militarykind 1

Wife jumps into soldier’s arms after a year apart | Militarykind


Evelyn wasn't planning on running to her husband, but the moment she saw him nothing else mattered.
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These newlyweds had to deal with deployment and a pandemic, but when Sgt. Andres Arellano returned to his wife; it's like he never left.

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    1. @Beeg Ames well the military isn’t THAT important in present times since war is getting rarer by the month but they still helped us in the world wars and a handful of smaller ones, they deserve respect

  1. Looking for that fake feel good moment. It’s seriously pathetic. I see more yourcmilitary separates families. And wanna glorify the little time they come back together. Knowing he may get shipped off again. Wouldnt be shocked he is gone already. There more homeless and disabled veterans.

  2. All World soldier s and families are suffering with same. Why can’t we live together without fighting eachother as brotherhood

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