Wildfires in B.C. showing no signs of slowing down 1

Wildfires in B.C. showing no signs of slowing down


B.C.'s wildfire situation is showing no signs of slowing down and it's having an impact on industries throughout the province.

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    1. In Canada we have GeoEngineering/Weather Modification. The public knows them as chemtrails. Chem trails stopped in the BC Interior from June 19 to July 1st in an attempt to allow the heat to run up. Also their were no rain campaigns in all of June.

  1. Even after things open up, globally we NEED to stop travelling so often, and cummuting to work should be optional. We can clearly do a lot of work from home, and it’ll be healthier for the environment as well as our own sanity.

    1. Sadly a lot a fires are started by dry lighting, so there isn’t even something to blame but the weather in lots of cases and making them unavoidable
      Last years campfire was caused by something breaking in the electrical grid. Also hard to avoid from happening as everything breaks sometimes, but the chance of this happening can be brought down with proper maintanance, so its a little less hopeless

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