'They fought for us': Time is running out to rescue interpreters in Afghanistan 1

‘They fought for us’: Time is running out to rescue interpreters in Afghanistan


Afghan interpreters and the Canadian veterans they helped say time is running out as the Taliban advances. John Vennavally-Rao reports.

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  1. Just how slow can the Feds go? This takes the cake. I had hopes for the Liberals when they got in and nothing but disappointments since near day one. yep, 1 screw up after another. I was no fan of Harper and his Cronies either.

    1. It took you 6 years to finally realize this?? How many scandals have we gone through since 2015??
      Apparently Trudeau’s on his fourth ethics investigation!!

  2. Canada followed the USA in such military actions and now it is time to face the consequences.

  3. Canada doesn’t care about these Afghans, or any afghans. The point of the war was to funnel enormous amounts of tax dollars into already extremely wealthy defense and security contractors, and thus, the war was a huge success. That’s why paying any amount of money to “help” Afghanis would actually be the exact opposite of the point of the war. Sorry Afghanistan, but this is the business of war, and Canada isn’t doing this for charity, we’re doing it for profit.

  4. No, Canada is our home, not a home for foreigners who hate who are and think they can shape our home in an image that suits them. No, they made their bed, now they can sleep in it, same as the government. Maybe they need a bit of egg on their faces for pursuing unclear goals, through military adventurism.

  5. I agree with the vets. Trudeau needs to wake up and do the right thing sooner rather then later.

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