Will 'America's Crazy Uncle' Rudy Giuliani Flip On Trump? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Will ‘America’s Crazy Uncle’ Rudy Giuliani Flip On Trump? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The Feds have raided the apartment and office of Rudy Giuliani which raises questions about whether, 'America's mayor now America's crazy uncle' as MSNBC Legal Analyst Neal Katyal called him will flip on Trump.
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    1. @S. Z. Epstein was banned from there by Trump. He more likely ran it from Clintons home as they were visitors to his island.

    2. maybe just a check for ricin at jefferys epsteins home and the russian colusion will be clear They creamated Jeffery faster then Sicknick well both were at record speed .its amazing how fast Donald trump can burn a body Iguess all those girls were lucky that they were just 12 years old too weak to fight with a big fat trump.

    3. @Lanwarder This is a story about the Iron Fist Gulag Administration targeting a person to find a crime. Not discovering a crime FIRST and then attaching a person to that crime. Meanwhile Biden is on Audio as bribing the PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE IF THEY DON’T FIRE THE PROSECUTOR. How on earth did he ever get away with that? The endless Dem Double Standard strikes yet again.

  1. The Germans used to say “we didn’t know” what the Nazis were doing , the political propaganda actors will say “we were just doing our job , they paid us to lie”

    1. @D Bryan in Biden’s speech he said we the people are the government , the Declaration of Independence does not say that , it say the government will be formed among men by their consent , big difference , #1 God #2 Men #3 government , that’s the hierarchy in the Declaration of Independence ! Not we the people are the government , that’s a transformation statement we have to aggressively fight and defeat .

  2. Funny that the man who showed the FBI how to catch and arrest the mafia and was a key part of dismantling the mob in NY is now the enemy of the FBI and why is Hunter still walking around

    1. @Greg Keener
      You know that Biden was elected for the sole purpose of getting Trump out, don’t you?

    2. @XxTm72xX
      We live in a republic which elects it’s leaders by democracy.
      Democracy means you vote.

    3. @XxTm72xX
      Just because the charges haven’t been brought yet doesn’t mean there will be no charges.
      The Mueller report has all kinds of juicy stuff in there which can be used against private citizen Trump. Mueller himself said the findings in his investigation couldn’t be used against a sitting president.
      Raiding Giuliani is the first step up the ladder.
      With no chance for immunity, presidential pardon, no AG Barr to keep the investigation at a distance, Rudy is going to be in a very tight spot. He may very well throw Trump under the bus.

  3. It gives a great feeling to know that all of these SOB’s will have to face the one and only GOD and will have to explain why they were such LOWLIFES.

    1. yes, because they caused the deadliest, mostest violentest insurrectionism in american history. well besides the civil war that is, according to uncle joseph. these traitors must pay! Muwahahahahahaaaaaaa!

  4. It’s insane how rich people are indignant at the police behavior when it comes to them but incredulous when it comes to the grievances of the poverty stricken or minorities against police behavior.

    1. @Wizardof87 1987 I have some ankle chains, and studded collars. Never been used but hey, there’s always a first time.

    2. So far handcuffs are all around for the news but politicans playing you guys will always get away.

    3. I love the comment:
      “Donald Trump is lawless — but he’s ALSO kind’a incompetent…”

  5. So, let me get this straight: SDNY are “bullies” but they handled Nosferatu “very professionally.” Gotcha. Makes perfect sense.

  6. Reminds me how Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend must have felt when their doors were busted open, only they weren’t treated very professionally.

    1. to be fair, rudy’s boyfriend didnt start shooting up the place when they got there. But yeah, i guess i can see the point there (scratching head)

    2. U should defend your views. Apparently not. Msm spoonfed sjw soldya. Cause theres no cause for the military lol.

    3. Nice FAIL at comparing two completely different people, enforcement, racism, … basically the entire situation.

  7. I heard there was speculation that the Rudy raids get the investigation a step closer to Trump.

    So the circle tightens! Thought that only happened to Ms Lindsey after visiting Mor a Lardo

  8. At first I thought Tucker was startled by what Rudy was saying, but then I realised it’s merely his standard “deer in the headlights” expression.

    1. I think, perhaps, he’s still a little shell-shocked from the Gaetz interview?
      Makes me wonder if he has his finger on the mute button.

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