Biden Plans To Use Infrastructure Jobs To Combat Climate Change | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Biden Plans To Use Infrastructure Jobs To Combat Climate Change | The Last Word | MSNBC


Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts tells Lawrence O’Donnell that President Joe Biden is “right on message” tying jobs to climate change. “The kind of climate bill that Joe Biden is proposing is going to be the greatest, blue-collar job creation engine in our country in two generations.”
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  1. Well Joe Biden delivered a speech filled with policy goodies. Republicans, on the other hand, are complaining about red meat consumption.

    1. In actuality, cattle are the highest contributing factor to global warming in the farming industry. Cattle are ruminants and their digestive system produces large amounts of methane gas. They excrete this into the atmosphere by essentially burping.

    1. How is Foxxconn doing? I hear that they will be able to figure out what to do with all the tax money in a few years.

  2. The GOP are always crying babies about small government spending under a democratic president.
    Joe Biden had been in Congress for 40 years plus, he has the experienced to know what this country needs, he knows the GOP are not going to do anything rather than crying about small government spending.

    1. @Greg Greg spreading it out over years on increases the amount of interest you have to pay. As far as tax for the wealthy that’s up to the politicians to change the tax laws especially pertaining to the internet. That’s been the main way of getting wealthy and paying less taxes with less retail stores and shipping straight to the customers.

    2. @Scott Loveless err no you build over 8 years it doesn’t all happen at once.
      There’s a provision to increase audits on the wealthy estimates are about 1.3 trillion recovered

    3. @Greg Greg so we recover 1.3 trillion in 8 years out of the 10 trillion plus interest that has been proposed in a little over 3 months? How much is is he going to propose in the 3 3/4 years he has left in office? Also you don’t agree we should change the internet loophole taxes to make up the tax money we have been losing the last 30 years? Please send a link where you getting the information that this a good deal for U.S. taxpayers because the government sites I use aren’t very sympathetic to your cause.

    4. @Scott Loveless no 1.3 trillion per annum
      The Yelland proposal is a base global tax rate and there’s proposals to strip away tax breaks which will finally stop profit shifting from outdated global trade rules

    5. @Greg Greg that’s just 1.3 trillion per annum for just the infrastructure. Much of which isn’t even infrastructure and the only way the administration says its paid back is raising the corporate tax rate and the tax rate on people making over $300,000 per year. That money will be passed on to consumers because the rich never pay their share. That’s not even including the other 8 trillion so it doesn’t even make sense with just infrastructure. How does anyone think this administration is doing a good job in anyway? Not to mention the the price of fuel, food, lumber, precious metals and who knows what else just in the last few months. Even Obama thinks this is a terrible idea and the more I research the worse it gets. Do you really think this is good in any way and if so why?

  3. Identify wicked husbandmen…
    Any leader doing anything in which less that 50% of the people agree with.
    The people are never wrong.

  4. A message that was propogated by M. Scott Peck in his book, The Road Less Traveled. God bless America for finally catching up!

  5. Focus on new jobs and climate change, instead of “American carnage” like the previous occupant of the White House did. Tell the American people not to sit back and lock their doors in fear of illegal caravans, but to get out and create a new, cleaner world.

    1. The country’s 30 trillion dollars in debt. The balance isn’t going to come from spending cuts.

    2. @Christian Allinson Fischer It’s also not going to come down by adding trillions more to it with the same policies that failed under Obama.

  6. What I’m not happy about Biden is that he is a typical conservative status quo old politician. He doesn’t like progressive policies, just the same old same old undemocratic “normal” policies. Everyone else in Congress and Trump are no different. He’s forgetting and breaking promises like the past presidents. Independent and third parties need to be in the government now so we can really move forward and be a true democratic republic.

  7. Markey said there will be lots of jobs for electricians, plumbers, carpenters with this bill. I don’t know about other parts of the country, but here in rural New England these folks are already in high demand. We don’t have enough of them. Perhaps this bill will support the creation of more such skilled workers?

  8. Infrastructure jobs THE GREEN NEW DEAL! NEVER HAPPENING. America rejected the Green Née Deal by voting for Donald Trump on Nov 4th. POOR CHEATING JOE WILL GET NOTHING DONE!

  9. Let’s spend eleventy kabillion dollars and make the public more dependent on us. Yay daddy government!

  10. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so that we all make it to heaven

    Like so more people can see this

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